Review: Breitling Avenger Seawolf Stainless Steel Baton Dial Version

The Breitling Avenger Seawolf a technical masterpiece. With a depth rating of 3000m/10,000 ft and a solid stainless steel case, this watch is armed and ready for any adventure you have in store for it. Breitling is known for testing their watches to extreme levels. Each new watch takes a year from start to finish before going into full production. Each part is tested, examined and updated(if needed) to ensure that the watch will function as needed by its wearer. Breitling goes up and beyond the call of duty to ensure each of it’s watches are flawless before leaving it’s factory.

Technical information from Breitling.
Model: Avenger Seawolf Steel
Production Years: 2008-Current
Gender: Mens
Case Materials Available: Steel
Movement: Breitling 17
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Water Resistance: 3000m
Bezel: Unidirectional
Crown: Screwdown
Crystal: Sapphire
Diameter: 45.4mm
Thickness: 18.4mm
Weight: 160g head only
Bracelet: Professional II
Lug Width: 22mm
Reference Numbers: a17330

The Packaging:

click on image to enlarge


The watch comes in a plethora of boxes. The first box is a hardened cardboard box featuring the Breitling name. Sliding the cardboard box lid off reveals a high gloss, Bakelite box with the Breitling name and logo. It’s a beautifully done presentation/storage case with a hinged lid. Inside of the Bakelite box is a leather travel case which holds the watch that is attached to a pillow. The watch itself has a plastic bezel guard which protects the watch from scratches during shipment. The overall packaging is quite remarkable. Some would say it’s overkill and to save on costs a simple leather travel case and pillow would do the job, but I disagree. When purchasing a watch of this caliber, the presentation is just as important as the watch itself. You know when opening each section of the package, you know you are getting to something grand once you get to the watch itself.

The Case:


Its a solid stainless steel case constructed from high grade 316 steel, which is a strong material perfect for a sports style watch. The sides of the case and lugs are high polished steel that shine beautifully. The machining on the case is quite stunning and it’s easy to tell that a lot of work went into the design of this case. The top of the lugs are brushed steel that ties in nicely with the brushed links of the bracelet. The bezel is a unilateral ratcheting bezel with 120 total clicks in full rotation. The bezel is attached to the watch with tiny securing screws that are placed to coincide with each number on the bezel itself. This is an example how every detail of this watch was thoroughly thought out to the extreme. At the 12 position of the bezel is a lumed circle marker which is very important if using this watch as a dive watch when diving. It can be used to mark the start of your dive to mark how much oxygen is left in your tank or it can be used to mark a start/stop time from the beginning to the end of your trip. The numbers on the bezel represent the minute markers of the watch itself. These numbers can be used in coordination with the dial and the sun to be used as a compass. Which is an awesome and extremely useful feature of the watch if you are using it for outdoor adventures.

The screw down crown is very easy to grip thanks to the machining detail of the raised steel squares. The detailing is very precise on each of the tiny squares around the crown itself. The crown is signed with the famous Breitling “B”, which is also featured on the side of the bezel. Another example of the high detail and the creative designing of the Seawolf itself. The crown itself is protected by the raised crown guards that extend from the side of the case.


The case back is screwed down and contains a gasket which seals it to the case ensures waterproof tightness. The Breitling winged logo and year of establishment it features upon the case back beautifully engraved.


On the opposite side of the crown is an automatic helium release valve which keeps your watch case from blowing apart when diving with the watch. The valve itself sits flushed with the side of the case and is also polished steel matching the sides of the case.


The Dial:


WOW. This dial is a true stunner. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this dial before I received the watch. I was a huge fan of the stenciled style numerals on the other Seawolf versions. The baton markers features on this dial add to the elegant, yet toolish feel of the watch. The attached baton markers are slightly raised from the dial adding a 3 dimensional look. The batons are polished steel which tie in nicely with the polished case sides. The markers are at the 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11 positions on the dial, and the date window is at the 3 o’clock position. The date dial is white with black numerals which makes it very legible when reading the date. At the 6, 9 positions are lumed rectangles which adds to the readability of the watch when diving for quick references. The triangle at the 12 position is also a reference point which is also coated in lume and surrounded by polished steel. Above the 3 o’clock position is “Chronometre Officiellement Certifie Automatic 3000/10000ft. The nice detail to this is that the word “Automatic” is red and the other words are in white,which adds a nice contrast to the dial. The dial itself is Breitling’s volcano black which has a ever changing appearance to it depending on what angle and lighting is hitting it. Sometimes it appears matte black and and other times it looks majestic blue and glossy. It’s one of the most beautiful dials I have seen, not to mention beautifully balanced. The chapter ring is 1/100th seconds which makes it easy to break down timing measurements to a more accurate decimal documenting. The hands are polished steel with white lume on the mid shaft up to the tip and the second hand features a red square with a white lumed circle which ties in with the red automatic on the dial and the lumed circle on the bezel. The crystal is a 4mm thick domed sapphire crystal that has a double coating of anti-reflective substance. It makes viewing the dial ideal in different lighting situations and perfect when you are diving in the water.

The Bracelet:


The bracelet is the Prodiver 2. It’s a heavy stainless steel bracelet with a deployment style clasp. I’ve heard several complaints about the clasp. I think it’s a good clasp. It’s not anything special, but it serves it purpose well. If I had to complain about anything with the clasp is that the last clasp with the Breitling logo on it, feels light. Almost cheap. The bracelet doesn’t pull my arm hair like other bracelets I’ve owned in the past have. It’s solidly constructed. The links are brushed steel and the links are slanted/angled which adds a nice detail to the overall look of the bracelet. The watch is very comfortable to wear which attributed to the excellently constructed bracelet and the curved lugs which seem to perfectly hug the wrist. Don’t get me wrong, you know this watch is on your wrist because of the size and weight, but it does wear comfortably. It feels like you have $4000+ on your wrist.

Wrist Shots:

for refernce my wrists are 7 3/4″


Movement: Breitling’s Cal 17, built off an ETA 2824-2. C.O.S.C. certified movement. I’ve had my watch for about a week now and it’s been running +\- 1 seconds a day. I’ve only taking the watch off for showers. So it’s been running if every position my wrists goes through day and night.


In my opinion this is one of the nicest divers I have ever worn. It is very comfortable despite its size and weight. You can find this watch on the secondary market and at some Breitling boutiques. This model was recently discontinued when the Avenger Seawolf 2 came out. It retails for about $4000. It’s an amazing technical diver that can hold it’s own when it’s on any adventure. The solid construction and the excellent movement ensures longevity and strength to hold up against the adventures you have in store for it. Breitling has a long deep history spanning across many decades, established in 1884.  I have had the honor of trying out many Breitling models, few other companies even come close to the design and quality in my experience. I would love to review a Navitimer, which is on my top 10 favorite watches of all time.

thanks for reading, feedback, questions and comments are always appreciated.


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