Strap Review: The Strap Smith’s Time Traveler. 100 years in the making!

Company Info:



From the company website:

 I share your passion for watches and high quality leather watch straps. I work with the finest leathers from around the world for your custom watch band. They are all hand built and hand stitched with every attention to detail. I pride myself on customer service and will work with you to create your perfect strap. You’ll find a great selection to choose from and we can work together to come up with something different if you don’t see what you are looking for. I can build custom watch straps for Panerai, Bell&Ross, Rolex, IWC, Lum-Tec, U-BOAT, Breitling,Tag Heuer, Kobold, Helson, Tudor and many others. Once you find what you like, please follow the ordering process to reduce the number of emails. If you don’t see what you would like or can’t configure your custom watch band through the ordering page, please contact me at Thank you very much.

Strap Specifications:

Style: The Time Traveler

Stitching: Light Grey

Strap Color: Vintage Brown

Thickness: 4mm

Width: 22/22

Length: 135/80

Buckle: Stainless Steel




The Packaging:


The strap arrived in a cool custom pouch with ‘The Strap Smith embossed on the outside front. As soon as I opened the mailer envelope I was instantly hit with the amazing smell of leather, 100 year old leather to be exact. Hence the name of the strap, “The Time Traveler”. There is also a hand signed card from Rob included in the package, which I thought was a nice touch.

Onto to the strap.


I’m a huge fan of all things vintage, so when I first saw a posting of The Time Traveler on a watch forum, I instantly fell in love with it. I thought how flipping cool is it that this strap is made from 100 year old leather. Just think about all the history this leather has been through. This leather was just fresh when World War 1 started. That in itself is amazing. If this strap could talk, it would give one heck of a history lesson.


This strap is pure, hand made quality. Each stitch is done by hand which takes a total of 30-60 minutes to complete. Each stitch is done with such precision, that they are almost identical in size. That blew me away as soon as I held this strap in person. The brown and tan tones in this strap are simply beautiful and with this kind of leather, over time this strap is just going to continue to get more rich and beautiful. Yes, like the old cliche, it’s like wine, it gets better with age. And this bad boy is already 100 years old!


A picture of the embossed signature on the underside of the strap. Look how straight and uniform that stitching is.



I opted for the black rivets for this strap because it added a nice vintage feel to this strap. Honestly when I first saw this strap, it made me think of the old deep sea diving suits. You know the ones, with the huge metal helmut with the round hinged glass front.


Plus, I am partial to dive watches and I knew this was going to be on a dive watch at some point.





The Buckle is done in stainless steel with a nice brushed finish. I’m not a huge fan of polished stainless steel, so the brushed finish was a must for me. The buckle works flawlessly and fits perfectly into each hole.




The stay on the strap has nice detailing on it as well, with a nice ‘X’ stitch on the underside and black detailing on the topside that encircles the hole and slit. This is one of my personal favorite details of this strap.



Wrists shots (my wrist is 7 3/4″)




Overall impressions:


I can’t express enough how amazing this strap is and how dealing with Rob was. From start to finish it has been a great experience. Communication with Rob was great, he took my ideas/suggestions and listened to them, then he encorporated them into this strap. The strap feels great on the wrist, extremely comfortable, and will continue to get more comfortable as it is broken in. The detailing on the strap is exactly what I wanted, details that add to the vintage look and feel to the strap. The quality is top notch, this strap is made to last a lifetime and beyond. I love everything about this strap, and I can’t think of one thing about it that I would change.

Rob has a huge selection of straps on his website and you can customize your strap to make it personal. Honestly, this has been the best experience with getting a custom made strap that I have gone through. The strap surpassed my expectations by far. If your thinking about a custom made strap, don’t hesitate to contact Rob, you won’t be disappointed, extremely high quality workmanship, great product and excellent customer service.


Thanks for reading and be sure to check out




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