Review: Tudor Pelagos aka the Dark Knight. Updated 6/20/14

Time to Blog Watches

The title says it all, here we have the beautiful Tudor Pelagos. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to do this watch justice. Never has the saying “less is more” become more apparent than with this watch I have sitting in front of me. It’s like a stealth bomber, with it’s killer lines. It’s hard to even start this review because I can’t stop staring at it. Where is my drool cup? The keyboard is getting soggy. This is such an understated, unique watch, that a traditional review would not be fair to this watch. It deserves an entirely different approach. Since this watch is a few years old, everything about this watch has already been reviewed multiple times. The Pelagos reminds of when you first saw Spider-Man in his black costume. No, not the cheese ball Tobey version, but the original comic book version. I remember thinking holy $hit! Spider-Man is…

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