Company: SevenFriday
Model: P1-1
Price: $1017.50


Stainless Steel case
Animation ring: eloxed aluminum pantone 428C, vertical brushed finishing
Interface: Silver / rhodium and black; finished alternatively circular, brushed, mat, diamond cut with 11 applied parts
Automatic movement: open balance wheel on Miyota 82S7
Customized with special disc for 24H indication and small second function
Special minute hand designed to be the extended arm of the mechanical movement
Size: 47 X 47,6 mm
Specially hardened and antireflective treated mineral glass

This was an extremely refreshing review that I had an absolute pleasure doing. It’s a huge departure from the watches I have reviewed in the past. Everyone here knows my love for tool and dive watches, I just can’t get enough. Always need my tool/dive watch fix. The SevenFriday P1-1 is the exact opposite of what my usual fix is. The P1-1 immediately caught my eye when I was online one night. It has such an industrial revolution feel and look to it which is why I was initially drawn to it. A sexy and gritty styling, but also giving off a very manly vibe.

The Packaging:

image image image image image image image

The packaging for this watch is completely amazing and very unique. I was blown away by the packaging actually when I opened up the shipping box, I didn’t expect to see what I saw. It’s the coolest packaging by far out of all the watches that I have experienced. The packaging also has that cool industrial vibe going on. I usually put my watch boxes in storage after I initially open them, but this box I would definitely keep out in open view. Once you slide the top of the box open and remove the foam, you get a nice view of the watch which sits in a cardboard tray along with the warranty card and operating instructions. The operating instruction are also very unique, they actually look like an old blue print which is printed on paper that’s just as unique.

The Case:

image image image

The square shaped case is a departure from the typical cases I usually am drawn to. It measures in at an impressive and attention grabbing 47.6mm x 47mm. I really like the P1-1 case design though, I don’t think a round case would do this watch any justice. The square shape is perfect for the design and feel to the watch. I don’t want to label this watch as a steam punk because I don’t really think it is, but it definitely has a retro, edgy look and feel. The sides of the case are brushed steel and around the dial it’s high polished steel. I like the case back on the P1-1 a lot, simple yet there’s nice details. Such as the small picture engravings that indicate the case size, the strap size, the water resistance and the movement, each with corresponding pictures and measurements. The SevenFriday name and logo are also on the caseback which I really like the press logo. The crown design ties in nicely with the dial as it features a engraved gear which nickel matches the ornamented gear style hands. The crystal is a hardened, anti reflective treated mineral crystal. This is my only complaint about this watch, I wish it was sapphire crystal. I think this should be automatic addition to any watch over the $500 mark. The SevenFriday name, along with automatic release, and industrial series are clearly printed on the dial, all balanced and not too big. Another nice attention to detail on the case is how each layer of the case has different finishing, brushed around the crystal,then polished and then brushed again, this adds great depth to the top down look of the watch.

The Dial:

image image image

The dial is one of my favorite parts on this watch because it is quite beautiful and it is what draws the eyes into it.  The attention to detail on this watch can be seen throughout and the dial does not disappoint. At first glance, telling time looks like it will take a college degree to figure out, but after some short, quality bonding time with the watch it becomes quite easy. The largest hand on top is the minutes hand, the short bronze-colored hand is the hours hand, the circular disk at the 9 o’clock position is a GMT style 24-hour indicator, and lastly, the circular disk at the 5 o’clock position is the running seconds tracker, all tie in nicely together and complement one another. I really like the screws that are on the dial that are holding the arrow indicators, matching the screws on the case back, all in which add to the overall industrial styling of this watch. The open heart area at the 7 o’clock position gives you a nice peak into the heart and soul of this watch. This watch has tons of character and soul.

The Strap:

image image image

The strap is a straight forward padded black leather strap with a tang style buckle, which is signed underneath with SevenFriday. The strap attaches to the case via an integrated lungless case on the back side of the case itself. The strap is comfortable on the wrist and it measures at 28mm at the case and tappers to 24mm at the buckle. I would like to see a nice custom, distressed leather strap on this watch, I think with would really add to the overall look to this case.

Overall impressions:

I love this watch. Its a piece of industrial artwork, both unique and edgy. There is only one thing that I would change is the crystal which would be a no brainer for me to have a sapphire crystal as opposed to the hardened mineral crystal. Not that I would use this watch as my choice for an outdoors/sports watch, but you know accidental bumps do happen when wearing a watch.
I would recommend this watch to people who are looking for that weekend watch, a watch that can be dressed up or dressed down for going out. It grabs your attention and surely gets noticed when on the wrist. I’ve become quite obsessed with dive/tool watches over the years, and this watch has caught my eye and has truly intrigued me.  I absolutely love this watch and I can’t say enough good things about it. There’s a cool mystique to this watch that I can’t explain. When I first saw the P1, it reminded me of the original Frankenstein movie with Boris Karloff. Which is quite cool on two levels, one it has that old school scientific laboratory feel to it and second it’s from the industrial series, and Frankenstein was written about the industrial revolution.(so what, I know I’m a nerd) I also had a great time photographing the watch, which has amazing angles from top to bottom. It’s hard not to take a bad picture of this watch to tell you the truth.

SevenFriday has excellent customer service and shipping is super fast. I can’t wait to see what comes next from this innovative and creative company.  I want to personally thank SevenFriday for this amazing opportunity to do this review it was an absolute pleasure.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out their website at

For reference my wrists are 7 3/4″

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


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