Strap Review Vintager Straps by Micah



Straps by Micah

Strap: Corojo

Price: $165.00

Size: 135/80 22mm lug to lug


Info from website:

Wow, this strap is exceptional. From the wonderfully pliable, comfortable wrist-feel to the rich, deep mahogany undertones to the fascinating pebbled texture, Corojo is a strap that will work on anything. Get this, you will not regret it!

Color: Mahogany brown
Texture: Pebbled
Thickness: 4mm (Thicknesses are approximate)
Stiffness: Soft and pliable but not floppy
Water resistance: Will soak up water, may darken slightly with water exposure.



The strap came in a brown mailer envelope with a nice letter from Micah. The strap speaks for itself so no need for fancy packaging at all.

Pictures of the strap:


One word instantly came to mind when I first looked at this strap and held it in my hand, ‘WARM’. The color of the leather along with the Orange stitching it had that warm feeling. It’s absolutely beautiful. The leather is pliable but still has some stiffness to it do in part to the 4mm thickness.

The Stitches :

image image

Bright, warm, perfect, describes the stitching on this strap without flaw. Each stitch is straight and uniform in size which takes a great amount of patience and precision. Micah has both as you can clearly see when you hold one of his straps. I’m picky when it comes to straps and the stitching, I kind of expect it to be just as this strap is. Custom straps are not cheap and you expect to get what you pay for. The craftmenship on Micah’s straps will not disappoint.

The Details:

image image image

The under side of the strap has one of my favorite details on the strap itself, Micah’s logo is embossed on the underside of the long half of the strap. On the short strap with the keepers, is Micah’s name and where the strap was made. Just like the stitching on this strap, the embossing is percise and clear. I really love the logo, I am personally obsessed with the ocean and oceanic life, so I’m partial. The buckle is a nice and thick brushed steel that fits perfectly into the holes in the strap. The holes in the strap are spaced with uniformity and the edges are smooth as can be. The holes where the set screws/pins are straight and allow the pins to slide in without resistance. There isn’t too much play in the holes either with is nice because it fits nicley against the case of the watch. The burnished edges of the strap are smooth and nicely finished.

More Pictures:

image image image image image image image

Overall thoughts and impressions:

This is a very nice strap that is well made and has some really nice detailing. With this handmade offering from Micah you get what you pay for, great craftmenship in every detail. The other nice detail about Micah’s strap is that if it ever fails you he will replace it with no questions asked. I don’t think any other strap maker offers that nice detail. The strap is very comfortable and the colors are warm and beautiful. The brushed steel buckle is robust and will clearly hold up to every day wear and tear. A lot of percision work went into this watch strap and it’s quite apartment when you examine the strap in person. The strap fits into the other straps offerings from strap makers within this price point. From ordering to your door step took a quick couple weeks, which I sure can fluctuate depending how many orders Micah gets. If your looking for a well made, custom strap, at s nice price point, look no further.

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