Company: Panzera


Watch Model: Flieger 47 Limited Edition


MOVEMENT Selfwinding Mechanical / Date Function
CASE Stainless Steel (316L) with IP Black Finish
BACK Screwed in with exhibition display
JEWEL 22 Jewels
CROWN Screw-in
STRAP Soft handmade black leather with smooth pattern. Deployment clasp
WEIGHT 124 gr.
GLASS Hardened mineral crystal with anti-reflective coating

About the watcn from Panzera:

The PANZERA Flieger F47-06D KLEMM Limited Edition is a classic German 47mm automatic pilots watch.
In 1940, the German Reichsluftfahrtministerium (Imperial Air Ministry) created a specification for a Flieger watch (‘Flieger’ is German for ‘Pilot’) for it’s pilots to use for timing and navigation during flights. Also known as “Beobachtungsuhren” or “B-Uhren” (observation watches)
Two dial types were defined – Baumuster A and Baumuster B. The PANZERA Flieger F47-06D KLEMM Limited Edition is a faithful homage to the Baumuster A design, that was produced from 1940 to January 1941
Large size dial
Arabic numerals 1 to 11
Triangle with 2 dots at the 12 o’clock position
Highly distinctive diamond shaped crown to enable winding/adjustment whilst wearing flying gloves
Hacking movement (the second hand stops when pulling out the crown – essential for precise time setting)

This classic Panzera Flieger design is as relevant and functional today is it was over 70 years ago, and remains popular with pilots, aviators and aviation fans around the world.

The PANZERA Flieger F47-06D Klemm Limited Edition has a 47mm diameter (excluding crown) and 13mm thick 316L stainless steel case, with IP black finish. The movement is a nicely decorated PZ-2BA0 automatic with 22 jewels, date function and 40 hours
power reserve, that can be admired through the exhibition display case back. Accuracy is excellent at +/-10 seconds/day
The beautifully clear black dial has crisp sky orange Arabic numerals and index, power reserve sub-dial at the 12 o’clock position and seconds sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position. Hands, index and numerals are treated with long-lasting lume, making the watch highly usable at night time
The distinctive diamond shaped crown at the 3 o’clock position is faithful to the original Flieger design and is a screw down design, that helps provide water resistance of 50 metres / 5 ATM / 165 feet
The black 24mm strap is high-quality leather with smooth grain and has a IP black finish push-button butterfly clasp, engraved with the PANZERA logo.
The PANZERA Flieger F47-06D Klemm Limited Edition is a high-quality German automatic pilot’s watch built to a classic German design, and represents outstanding value for money. The watch is individually serial numbered on it’s case back out of /2000 pieces produced and comes with a user manual and international warranty card in a high-quality presentation box, and special limited edition vintage wooden outer crate.
(2 years international warranty)* * Register online for the 2nd year



image image image image image image

The packaging on the Flieger 47 is very unique with that vintage World War II feel about it. You are first greeted by a nice wooden box with a sliding style lid. The box is decorated with Military Automatikuhr Entworfen 1938 translates to military automatic designed. It also features more German text Bestanden 1938-Files 1938 and Militarische Nutzung-Military Use. The sliding lid is decorated with the Panzera name and Flieger 47. When you slide the lid back, there is a black cardboard box decorated with Panzera name and anchor logo. Slide open the cardboard box and there is padded leather box within stamped with Panzera and the anchor logo. The leather box is very nicely padded and well executed. I used to think watch packaging was a waste, but the more reviews I do, I am beginning to truly appreciate it because it is an extension of the watches personality and feel. It really gets me excited to see the watch after peeling back the layers, and the packaging on this watch does not disappoint. When you open the leather box you get your first glance of the watch. The inside lid to the leather box has the Panzera name and logo printed. There is an operation manual and warranty card. The packaging gets an A+ for design and uniqueness. Well done Panzera.


image image image image

The 316 stainless steel case is Ion coated aka PVD coated case has a nice stealth bomber look and feel to it. The coating is well done and evenly coated with a flat gun metal color. The entire case is coated from the crown, to the lugs and part of the caseback, it is all coated evenly. The 47mm case wears smaller that you think and that is due in part to the short curved lugs. It wears more like 44mm. The caseback is exhibition in design and gives you a nice view of the automatic movement. The crown is diamond shaped with nice grooved edges making is easy to grasp when operating. The nice touch here on the crown is two fold, one being signed with the Panzera anchor logo and two it is a screw down crown to ensure tight water resistance. I personally prefer screw down crowns as opposed to pull out style crowns. The crown on the Flieger 47 is easy to grasp and operate. When the crown is unscrewed without pulling it will allow you to manually wind the watch and you can watch the power reserve increase to 40 hours. The first pull of the crown when it is unscrewed adjust the date and the second pull of the crown then adjusts the hour/minutes. The crystal is hardened mineral crystal that is coated with AR treatment. My preference would be sapphire crystal, but the mineral crystal with the AR coating is very nicely done and allows the dial to be read with ease, it also has a nice dome shape to it.


image image image


The black dial teamed with the orange makes for a beautiful and easy to read dial. There are so many little details on this dial that I really enjoy. First the Arabic stay numbers are perfectly painted with orange which the paint is crisp and clean. The excluded numbers on the dial are 12, 3, 6 and 9. At the 12 o’clock position is a triangle with two dots, the triangle is raised adding a nice 3-D effect to the dial. The corresponding hour rectangles are also raised which I absolutely love. There is a lot going on within the layout of this dial, but everything works together in balanced harmony. At the 3 o’clock position is a small date window, featuring a black date wheel with white printed numerals. There are two sub-dials on the dial one below the 12 o’clock position and one above the 6 o’clock position. Next to the date window is printed ‘Automatic’ indicating the movement is auto/self winding. The top sub dial is the power reserve indicator and the below subdial is the seconds dial. Both sub dials have nice sequential circling engraving that starts out small at the hands and works outward to the edge of the subdial. I’m a huge fan of the power reserve feature on this watch. Power reserve indicators are on of my favorite features on watches I’m not going to lie. It features the numbers 0-40 indicating the 40 hours of power reserve and printed on the bottom of the power reserve is the word ‘power’.  At the 9 o’clock position is Panzera Flieger 47 and the Panzera anchor logo. I like that Flieger 47 is printed in white to match the white numersls on the date wheel. The hands are traditional sword style hands that are reminiscent of pilot watches from the past. The hands are painted orange to match the rest of the orsnge detailing on the dial. The orange does add a vintage feel to the watch.


image image image

The PZ-2BA0 automatic is an automatic movement with a 40 hour power reserve. This movement falls in between a seagull movement and an ETA movement in terms of quality. There are some really nice details that can be seen via the exhibition case back. The blue screws and blue rotar secure pin are a nice metallic blue in color that give a nice break up in the sea of silver in the movement. The rotor itself has some nice engraving and features the words automatic, 22 jewels, Flieger 47, the Panzera name and logo. The movement has gained about 17 seconds while on my wrist for about a week, which is pretty good at a watch at this price point.


image image image

The black leather strap is smooth, soft and features a really nice deployment buckle. The inclusion of the deployment buckle assists with prolonging the life of your watch strap, plus it makes donning/doffing the watch easy. By squeezing the two wing buttons on either side of the buckle releases the strap allowing you to slide it off your wrist. Setting the size of the buckle/strap is easy to do. Find what hole on the strap works best for your wrist size, put the buckle pin into the hole on the strap and lock the clasp and pin in place. The wrist side of the strap features the stamped Panzera logo and name and genuine leather. The stitching is well executed and each stitch is quite evenly spaced. It’s a very simple strap that works well with the overall look at design of the watch.


my wrist is 7 1/2″ for reference



The Panzera Flieger 47 Limted Edition to 2000 pieces is a very nice offering from Panzera at the $420 price point you get a lot a great features. I love the deployment buckle, the power reserve indicator, the decorated movement, the screw down crown and the PVD coated case. All these features at this price, you really get a lot of watch for the price. Not to mention the very cool packaging. It is a great deal for all that you get. I would definitely recommend this watch to someone looking for a Pilots watch with a vintage feel, but not breaking the bank. There is only one thing that I would not pick on the watch is the mineral crystal, not that there is anything wrong with the crystal, but my personal preference is sapphire crystal, it’s just something I have come accustomed to.

A special thank you to Roger at Panzera for allowing me to do this review. It was an honor and a pleasure.


image image image image image image image image

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