Company: UNIQ

About: UNIQ Ltd. was established by Industrial and Transportation designer Zviad Tsikolia in order to create a limited edition of high quality Swiss watches. Each model is a unique creation, part of an exclusive collection. Nevertheless, our prices are quite affordable to customers. UNIQ Ltd. divides its watches into three subsections: Motor Transport, Aviation and Navy. These include models of watches named after those vehicles, aircrafts and ships, which left a significant mark in the world history. Limited editions of our watches are aimed at the fans of the most memorable historical models. We also do belong to the above fans.

Watch Model: SEVEN 7

Inspired by Caterham Seven 316L Stainless steel

Case diam.46mm

Dial Indexes and hands Superlominova

Hardened Mineral Crystal

5ATM water resistant

Genuine leather strap

Movement Ronda 5040B

13 Rubin Gold plated Movement

Price: $650 usd


image image image image

The packaging on UNIQ watches is always very cool. When I first saw the P-47 and it’s amazing packaging I was instantly a fan of what UNIQ watches was doing. I believe they actually won awards for the packaging design on the P-47. The Seven packaging does not disappoint either. The outer box is cardboard and has that vintage slot car design element which instantly transported me back to my childhood memories of slot car racing with my brother. Peeling back the lid of the cardboard box, reveals another box, this one though is made of tin. Again, a really cool vintage feel with using tin and the lid having the name of the watch model and brand on it with that racing feel to the styling. This particular watch was inspired by the Caterham Seven car and you see those design elements carried throughout the packaging and the watch itself. The Caterham 7 is a sports car produced by Caterham Cars in the United Kingdom which is a very lightweight racing car. The Caterham 7 design is based upon the Lotus Seven which is also a lightweight sports car that was built by Lotus Cars, starting in 1957  and ending in 1972. When Lotus ended its production of the Lotus Seven, then Caterham bought the rights to the design, and which still produces the Caterham 7. 2007 was the 50th anniversary of the production of the Lotus and Caterham  7.




The limited edition version of the Seven watch comes in black stainless steel but is also available in a brushed stainless steel version. The black is very slick, and with the sexy curves of the UNIQ 7 reminanceninint of the curves of a car. The black has a very sharp gloss finish and is applied very even. I really like the engraved ‘SEVEN’ on the dial side of the case, it’s a nice detail. I’ve never reviewed a watch that dial side wasn’t taken up by straight crystal and a bezel. With the added space where there is no crystal was used in a great way by UNIQ. They kept it simple, but a great detail that adds character to this watch. The Caterham 7 influence in design can be instantly recognized when looking at the case of the UNIQ 7. The cut out for the crystal is the same shape as the front grill on the Caterham 7. The 46mm case is a good size for this watch and I don’t think that the watch would have the same feel if the case was smaller. The short curved fenders, I mean lugs, are a good length to allow the watch to sit comfortably on the wrist no matter your wrist circumference.


The crown is designed after the tires of the Caterham 7 and has nice tire tread detailing which makes turning and operating the crown very easy to do and grip. The crown is also signed with a ‘U’ for UNIQ which is a nice design detail. I definitely prefer when a crown is signed as it is a simple detail, but a detail that really goes a long way. The pushers for operating the chronograph features are very simple and yet packed with detail, because they remind me of button/pedals that are from a vintage car, which is very consistent with the desgn of the watch.


The case back is uncoated stainless steel and is signed in the center with UNIQ Mod. Seven-BB. It also has the following info: stainless steel 316L, Swiss Made, 50M water resistant, and limited edition. It would have been a cool detail to see a engraved Caterham 7 on the caseback, but UNIQ still gets the job done with the caseback here on this watch.


image image image image

The dial on the UNIQ does not disappoint and it stays true to the design that UNIQ was trying to accomplish here. The dial itself has really nice 3-D detailing with thick vertical lines that match the lines of the grill of the Caterham 7. The mineral crystal is shaped like the outline of the number 7 that is also on the grill of the Caterham 7. The yellow, black and white color choices for the dial all really work well together. The large yellow hand is the center stop second hand and features a ‘U’ at the end. It doesn’t continuesly move unless activated by the pusher, and rounds the dial counting the outer number/minute hash marks and numerals. The hour and minute hands are silver and feature lumed tips. I really like how the hour and minute hands are cut out so that they don’t obstruct the views of the subdials. The only hour number that is featured on the dial is the appropriate number 7. At the 12 o’clock position on the dial is a date display which is a white wheel with black numbers making the display very easy to read. The dial features the text UNIQ and Swiss Made, and consequently the number 7 also serves as the model name as well. The dial features 3 sub dials which are responsible for different features which come in handy for timing events such as racing. The pushers that activate the subdials are easy to press and operate the functions and the operating manual does a great job explaining how to operate and calculate the functions.




image image image image image

The padded leather strap is a racing style strap featuring cut out holes that are painted yellow to match the yellow accents on the dial. The strap has a traditional buckle style clasp and is signed with UNIQ. The wrist side of the strap is stamped with UNIQ and genuine leather. The strap is very soft and comfortable with some pretty thick padding which makes the watch nice to wear in terms of overall comfort and wearability. The strap really continues nicely with the racing/car theme of the Seven watch model. It’s so soft in fact that it almost feels like suede. UNIQ did a really nice job on the strap.


image image image image

The movement is a Ronda 5040B Quartz movement which is very accurate and allows this watch to remain in the “affordable” price range.

Movement technical data:

Product Specifications

Analog quartz movement

Line startech
Caliber 5040.B
Size 12½”’
Version Swiss Made 13 jewels / gold plated
Version Swiss Parts 6 jewels / nickel plated
Standard battery life 54 months
Hand fitting height 1

3 eyes
Small second
10 hour counter
1/10 seconds up to 30 minutes
Big date
Center stop second (1/1 sec)
ADD and SPLIT functions
30 minute counter

Hand Heights 1 and 2
Repairable metal watch movement
Very easy handling by two pushers
Very long battery life
Power saving mechanism with pullled out stem: Reduction of consumption approximately 70%


I believe that UNIQ achieved what they set out to do with this watch, to design a watch based upon a vintage car with that design theme throughout the watch, without it feeling overdone. UNIQ did a really nice job with their Seven model. It’s a well made watch, with great design features and beautifully executed in terms of overall appearance. This is a great watch for anyone looking for a watch that is uniquely different then this is a great place to look. Fans of the Lotus/Caterham 7 then this is a must have for you. UNIQ watches offer some really nice watches that are well designed and thought out, check out their website to see what they have to offer.

Pros                                                          Cons

great design                                         Themed design might be too much for some

affordable price                                    Using the chronograph feature takes some getting used to

nice strap

realable Quartz movement

A special thank you to Zviad and UNIQ watches for this oppurtunity to do this review! 🙏🙏🙏

For reference my wrist is 7 1/2″

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Watch Review Hoptroff Hotblack Sports Watch


From Hoptroff’s website:
Hoptroff delivers elegant timepieces that embrace the very latest technology. An electromechanical movement, manufactured in-house using Bluetooth technology to allow wireless time and data updates.
Each timepiece in the collection offers a novel complication. Pioneering manufacturing technologies allow a degree of bespoke customisation last seen in the true luxury maisons of the past. Each timepiece is unique and answers to only one owner.
You can email us at
For technical support, contact
You can call +44 (0)20 7127 0605
You can write to:
Hoptroff London
74/75 County Street
London SE1 4AD
United Kingdom

Watch Model: Sports Watch

Price: approximately $1480 usd

The Hotblack Sports gives you live sports results, wherever you are. Out to dinner, on the road, in a meeting. Be the first to know.

In normal operation the left and top dials combine to indicate the date, and the bottom dial ticks seconds, wiper-style. But when you want to follow a live match, select it on your smartphone. The home team’s score is shown on the top dial, while the away team’s score is shown on the left dial. The bottom dial shows elapsed match time.

The live data requires an iPhone to access score updates. Download the app to check which sports and leagues are currently supported. Android phone support from 2015.

In vertical-brushed, black-PVD coated stainless steel with a sapphire crystal, the Hotblack range is waterproof to 5 atmospheres, 10 second/year accuracy and a 5 year battery. The hands and hour digits are coated in superluminova. The calendar is perpetual and automatically adjusts for daylight saving and leap seconds. When you order, be sure to specify if you want the pushers on the right (for right-handed people) or the left (for left-handed people).

The Packaging:

image image

The watch comes in a appropriate ‘black’ box and it’s a traditional two part box set up. The outter box is cardboard with a removable lid labeled with Hotblack London and the inner box is a nice high gloss watch box with a hinged lid. Nothing out of the ordinary but it gets the job done. The watch inside is clasped to a watch pillow and the crystal & caseback have a clear plastic protector attached for added protection.

The Case:


image image

image image

The first thing I noticed about the Hoptroff Sports Watch is that how sleek it is because of the vertical brushed PVD coating which reminds me of a high performance sports car. The 44mm case is very beautiful and you can immediately see the amount of care that went into the detailing with the PVD coating on the stainless steel case. On the 3 o’clock side of the case are two button pushers but no crown. I was immediately intrigued by the fact there was no crown as I don’t think I have ever owned a watch without a crown. The pushers are very easy to operate and are used for various functions which will be explained later in the review along with how to set the time. The caseback is fastened down by 6 screws that are also black which adds to the overall sleek and stealth feel to the watch. The sides of the case have a matte black finish which contrasts quite nicely with the high gloss finish on the rest of the case. The lugs are pretty short which allows the watch to sit nicely on the wrist even for small or larger wrists. The case is water resistant to 5 atm though it is advised that swimming with the watch on is not a good idea. I agree.

The Dial:

image image image


The dial is matte black with white numerals, text and hands. There are 3 subdials on the dial located at the 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions. The subdial at 12 indicates the home teams score and the date units, the subdial at 9 indicates the away teams score and the date tens, and the subdial at 6 indicates the match elapsed time and rocking seconds. I will explain what the sub dials mean in the features section of this review. The dial is very easy to read because of the nice crisp white set against the matte dial along with the sapphire cystal. The hands are very simple which helps keep the dial very clean. Even with all the subdial and numerals, this dial is still very clean and easy to read. Accomplishing this is actually quite difficult but Hoptroff managed to get all this on the dial, yet keep it clean and legible. Underneath the subdial at six, features name of the model ‘Hotblack’ and the origin of  Hoptroff  ‘London’. With the exclusion of 6,9,12 because of the subdials, the other Arabic numerals are present on the dial along with hash marks for the minutes printed in crisp white.

The Bracelet:


image image

The black PVD coated bracelet matches the case perfectly. It features the traditional folding clasp style with micro adjustment for those inbetween wrist sizes. The clasp is very easy to operate and the clasps locks into place without any play. The clasp is engraved with Hotblack London. The bracelet links are pretty thin which helps with the overall weight and wearing comfort of the watch. The removable links are held in place by screw in style pins, which I am becoming a fan of the more I review watches with them.

Wrist shot:

For reference my wrist is 7 3/4″


The Functions and How It Works:


Having a a smartphone or tablet is a must if you want to take advantage of the awesome features of the Hotblack Sports Watch. First download the Hoptroff App onto your device, the app is free to download.


Once the app is downloaded, enter the app to get started.


To connect your watch to your device make sure your Bluetooth is turned on your phone or tablet, then select the new connection option in the Hoptroff app. On your Sports watch press the top pusher at the 2 o’clock position. A sub menu will appear:


Select the watch model you want to connect, and click the box, this would be the box labeled Hotblack Sports as shown in the picture above. Once your watch is connected then it’s time to play! By clicking the football option it will bring up a menu of all the current live matches in which you can select which game you wish to follow on your Hotblack Sports Watch. The top subdial will indicate the home teams score, the subdial at the 9 o’clock position indicates the away teams score and the bottom subdial is the elapsed time in the match.


The Hidden Treasures menu is also very cool filled with some cool information such as temperature, GMT time as seen in the picture below.


There is also a Test and Service- diagnostic menu that you can test the watches motor which checks all the dials by moving every hand on the watch. Not only is it helpful to run the tests, but is also so cool to watch the hands move all around, very sci fi esque.


Another menu allows you to align the hands on the watch manually in every direction.



The Hoptroff Sports Watch is a very unique watch, so unique in fact that I never experienced a watch like it. In this day and age of the “smart watch” the Hotblack Sports Watch still retains all that I love about a watch without going overboard on the gimicky tech aspect. Just because your gadget goes on your wrist doesn’t make it a watch in my opinion, a smart watch is more of a technology filled bracelet than what I would classify as a watch.

I love the simple, clean dial on this watch, you can’t beat matte black with white, it’s a stunning combo. This was a very hard watch to photograph though because of the high gloss PVD finish getting the right angle without catching the camera reflection or glare was very difficult to accomplish. I do like a challenge though. The watch is extremely easy to operate using the also easy to navigate Hoptroff app. It’s an addicting watch to use because of the app features. It wears very comfortable on the wrist as well. I’m very excited to try this watch on a vintage leather strap, I think it will present beautifully in that combination.

This is a great watch for everyday use and for those sports fan that need to keep track of those scores. It’s a tech filled watch but retains that historical feel  that make a timepiece just that, a beautiful timepiece.

A very special thank you to Richard Hoptroff for making this review possible. You are a great person to deal with and the ease of communication made this experience even better.