Watch Review D. Freemont Airbatic

Company: D. Freemont

Company information:

The Swiss are legendary craftsmen… all d.freemont watches are Swiss made in truth and by definition. There are many component manufacturers supplying the watch industry in Switzerland, and the choice of suppliers is in the hands of the designer; although, all Swiss components and craftsmanship are at least the best the world has to offer. We, at d.freemont, go a step further to seek out only the finest. Our reputation is important and we share pride in your selection of a d.freemont watch.

Many considerations must be carefully analyzed -the choice of the movement is paramount…technology first. The style, no matter how impressive, must be complimented by the “engine” of the watch. The d.freemont watch is always presented with a full disclosure of the internal parts. We are pleased to inform our customer that we have quality watches utilizing state of the art features, such as low friction movements and synthetic lubricants. Our suppliers must conform to the highest quality standards; standards which we verify throughout the production sequence. We have abandoned the traditional assembly by in-house labor to the more controlled method of contract craftsmen and finishers.

Watch Model: Airbatic Auto and Manual

Price: Auto $1400 Manual $1450

Auto specs:

Stainless steel case –
40mm x 9.5 mm
Custom coin edge bezel
and acorn crown
Sapphire crystal
ETA – extremely decorated
25 jewel automatic movement,
Water resistant to 150 ft
leather strap
Deployant buckle
Custom leather travel case
Dial – brass base with copper applied markers
Luminous hands – choice of standard or broad arrow.
Each watch is numbered.

Manual Wind Specs
The Airbatic Manual wind uses the ETA 2804 17 jewel movement which is thinner than the automatic version

The watch case and dials are identical in both versions, however the case back on the manual wind reduces the watch thickness by 2mm… making it one of the thinnest watches available.

The Packaging:

image image

The packaging for the watches is a simple travel case that is sealed by two zippers. Simple and effective. The case gets the job done. Each watch is held in its own compartment. The top of the travel case is signed with the D. Fremont logo to add a nice touch of detail to the black leather travel case. The leather is extremely soft on the outside of the case and the inside of the case is soft velvet like material so that your watches will remain safe and scratch free during travel.

The Case:

image image image image

The first thing I noticed with these watches is how thin they are. The manual watch case is 2mm thinner than the automatic movement. The coined edged bezel is beautifully done and has been one of my favorite bezel styles on a dress watch for a long time. It’s a timeless and classic look and it catches the light ever so nicely. The sides of the case and top of the lugs are highly polished as one would expect with a nice dress watch. The lugs are slightly curved and relatively short which allows the 40mm diameter case to sit nicley on the wrist. The lugs do not have holes on the outside as the strap pins slide into the holes on the inside of the lugs. The acorn style crown is easy to grab and it is a push/pull style in functionability when setting the time. The sides of the case are rounded out which adds a nice smooth detail like the fenders of a classic car. Both the manual wind and automatic watches have exhibition case backs which allow you to view the movement in both watches. The caseback on the manual version features the following text sapphire crystal 2804 Swiss Made Stainless Steel 5ATM. The automatic features the same text, but the only difference is that the auto features 931 not 2804.

The Dial:

image image image image image

image image

Both watches have grey dials with high polished gold numerals marking each hour. The markers and numerals are applied and raised a detail that I really think adds a lot of detail to the simple dial. The seven o’clock marker is void of the number 7 and in its place is the D. Freemont logo. The text on the dial reads d. freemont and the name of the model AIRBATIC which is located above the 6 o’clock hour marker. Next to the 6 o’clock is ‘swiss made’. All the text on the dial is black, including the bird logo under the 12 o’clock hour marker. The hands of the watch are outlined in black and have luminous coating on the hour and minute hands. The seconds hand has a lumed arrow head tip which makes seeing the time at night easy and glides around the dial with a nice sweeping movement. These lumed hands remind me of dress watches from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The dial of course is easily read due to the nice sapphire crystal on both watches. The seconds markers are on the railroad track style which again I will say is a detail that adds to the vintage look and feel of this watch.

The Movement:

image image image image

Both movements are nicley decorated as you can see through the exhibition caseback on both of the manual version and automatic version. Both versions have blued screws and red jeweled heads. The seventeen jeweled manual movement based 2804 ETA has some nice hand machined finishing. It is signed with the d.freemont logo and also features N 73. The automatic version is a 25 jeweled movement with a signed rotor with the d.freemont logo and N.7. Both watches can be wound via rotating the crown which is very smooth and easy to do on both versions. The watches appear to keep good time as well.

The Strap:

image image

Both of the watches come on simple leather straps. For the price of the watches, I would expect something of a higher quality. The buckle feels very thin and fragile though it operates as it should. I am a huge fan of custom leather straps and have come accustomed to that quality of a product, so I am a bit biased when it comes to straps on a watch. The stainless steel buckles on both watches are signed d.freemont. The auto version has a brown leather strap with brown stitching and the manual version has a black leather strap with black stitching. Both straps have raised padding and taper down from 20mm to 18mm at the buckle.

Wrist Shot: For reference my wrists are 7 1/2″

image image

Overall Thoughts and Conclusion:

Both versions of the AIRBATIC are very nicely done. They are nice throwbacks to the dress watches of the 1950’s and 60’s in my opinion, but with modern 40mm cases. They are very comfortable to wear and operate. I feel that they are good watches to wear to the office or out to dinner. They are definitely not a weekend watch if hiking or outdoor activities are on your agenda. I feel that for what you get though, they are priced a bit on the high side. Though the movements are very nicely finished and which I believe is the highlight of the AIRBATIC watch. I would recommend these watches to someone who is looking for a good watch to wear to the office. I think that the manual version is my favorite of the two. The manual movement just adds to that vintage feel and for some reason I hear Dean Martin music playing when I wear this watch.

A very special thank you to David from D.Freemont for allowing me to do this review. 🙏🙏🙏


Nicely decorated movements

Vintage feel with modern size

Good watch for the office

Very comfortable to wear

Easy legibility

Well constructed and finished case



Strap and buckle

Rotor on the automatic version is very loud when it rotates.

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