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Woodstone Watches

From the website:

Woodstone was founded by two young watch enthusiast who have been living across the world for the last seven years. Istanbul, Sydney, California, Shanghai, and Hong kong are some of the places we are inspired from. During those years we witnessed how some of the people we met, respect nature and apply natural materials to their everyday life be it a very simple wooden bracelet ,earpiece or necklace. We fell in love with the idea that this warm and natural material, wood can take almost any shape when treated with attention and passion.

This exploration have sparked an idea in our mind to revive our everyday accessories using only what nature abundantly provide us ‘wood’. From day one we wanted to create a brand with unique personality that advocates, originality,simplicity and outdoor lifestyle. Our primary goal was to use natural materials with the state of the art manufacturing and premium watch components to create one of the most good looking products out there.

We spent months researching, designing, prototyping and putting together a viable supply chain for our first collection. The result was premium quality wooden watches and accessories, which is hand-crafted using only the most precious woods around the world.

What we stand for

At Woodstone we advocate simplicity and believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The accessories we wear represents who we are so they should be as unique as our personality , different than the rest , one of a kind.

We also believe in preservation of our nature. Therefore we will plant a tree in selected area for every purchase that our customers make.


Our male model Troy features modern and timeless design with the real wooden face. Troy is a minimalist and everyday watch that will truly stand out from other regular watches.

-%100 natural rosewood
-Hardened scratch proof glass
-Stainless steel butterfly clasp
-Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz movement with date function
-Easy to adjust to any wrist

Diameter: 41mm
Thickness: 12mm
Band Width: 22mm
Weight: 50gr

Wood type
Rosewood is a premium good-looking wood, which is usually used for high-class furnitures. The products made from rosewood have smooth surface. Beside furniture production, rosewood is used for musical instruments, boats and floorings. Rosewood is also important natural resource due to its essential oils, which has numerous health benefits.

The Packaging:



The packaging is quite simple and as you can see it has a very organic and earthy feel to it, just as the watch does. The box stays close by magnetic force and the box itself is made of recycled cardboard. On the inside of the lid there is a nice little story about the watch and something that I really respect about what Woodstone does. Whenever you purchase one of their watches they plant a tree as a way of preserving nature. Very, very cool.

The Case:


The 41 mm x 12 mm high case is made of natural rosewood which you will notice immediately is how incredibly light the watch is when you pick it up. The case is extremely smooth and the red grained wood is absolutely beautiful. You can see the grain of the wood and the natural wood details are very nice. I am amazed how well made the case is for being constructed out of wood. What I like about the case being made out of wood vs metal is that when metal scratches it doesn’t really add to the look of the watch, but with this watch being made of wood, when it scratches or dents, it only adds to the character of the watch. The caseback is held in place by 4 screws and features minimal text, “designed in Istenbul, Woodstone and a very cool leaf stamped in the wood. The non-crown side is smooth as can be and the crown side features a push/pull plastic crown. I personally would have liked to see a wooden crown, but I understand that in terms of durability this would have been a difficult task to achieve. The slightly curved and short lugs allow the watch to sit comfortably on the wrist.

The Dial:


The dial is made of wood which features rectangle silver hour markers that matches the silver metal hands. All of which are polished and catch/reflect light very nicely. The dial also features the Woodstone name in cursive style text. At the 3 o’clock hour marker is a square date window that is bordered by silver metal. The date wheel is white featuring black printed numerals. The crystal is scratch proof glass. My favorite part of the dial is the grainy texturing of the natural rosewood. It is very beautiful.

The Bracelet:


The bracelet is also made of the same natural rosewood that the case is made of. It’s also sanded to a smooth finish like the case and you can really see the grain of the wood throughout the bracelet. The butterfly clasp is polished stainless steel and is very easy/smooth the clasp and release. The bracelet is very comfortable on the wrist and it also helps comfort that the watch only weighs 50g. The individual links of the bracelet are quite impressive how uniform and perfect each piece is, just as you expect with a metal watch bracelet. I absolutely love the uniqueness of the bracelet.

The Movement:


The Swiss made Ronda quartz movement inside of the rosewood Woodstone watch features 12 hour function with seconds, minutes, and hours and a date wheel. The accuracy rate of the 515 Ronda movement is -10/+20.

Wrist Shot:

7 1/2″ wrist for reference.


Final Thoughts:

The rosewood Woodstone watch is definitely unique and not for everyone. Coming in at just over $100 it’s definitely a unique piece to add to any collection. A definite eye catching, conversation starting watch. Purchasing a Woodstone watch always helps preserve nature which is a nice throwback to helping Mother Nature out. This watch would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidsys without breaking the bank. It’s a unique little watch with a lot of personality.

A special thanks to Woodstone watches for supplying me with the watch for this review. Many thanks Woodstone🙏🙏🙏


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