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Company: Morpheus

about morpheus fine watches
“If you cannot be a work of art, you must wear a work of art.”–Oscar Wilde

The concept for Morpheus Watches was to create fully custom works of horological art, dedicated to some specific theme, avocation, or vocation. The Passagen Watch, a design based on H.R. Giger’s Passages (the Oscar-winning designer of ALIEN) series of surreal and industrial works of art, was a project that took over three years to finish. The complex case was comprised of fifteen individually manufactured parts, and hand assembled with great care. This design went through many iterations (as many of our projects do), as we pushed the envelope of traditional production. The unusual and difficult keyhole cut of the sapphire crystal, we the least challenging phase of the lengthy process.

Our creative team has years of experience in the design arts and the cutting-edge world of Hollywood film design. Extensive research and development goes into each and every timepiece we bring you.
James Cowan of Morpheus Art and Watches
It was our love of film that led us to do The Cinema watch. Its film-reel dial and art deco nuances serve as a tribute to the wonderful history of world cinema Our new line of Temps Militaire M1 Abrams and 1911 Pistol watches are robust timepieces, with military and historical themes.

Culinary Master Chef Watch Cinema Swiss Watch Giger Swiss Watch M1 Tank Watch 1911 Pistol Watch Culinary Executive Chef Watch Miyota Automatic Swiss Giger Watch with ETA Automatic
Most of our watches are strictly limited in production and all are painstakingly made with high quality components usually featured on much more expensive products. Our Atelier Morpheus series watches are Swiss made, with the unique precision and sense of craftsmanship that only they can bring to fine watches.

We are focused on delivering to our customers an ever increasing variety of fascinating and provocative timepieces, and stand behind each one with a two-year warranty, and prompt, personalized customer service.

James Cowan

Model: M1A2
Based on the M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, this watch features design elements inspired by the iconic vehicle. The case, along with massive crown protector, has the side view of a tank commander hatch. The crown itself is machined in the shape of a road wheel. The dial features a number of design call outs from the tank. The numbers and ‘V’ are taken from unit marks. The lower part of the dial features a mesh texture (2 level dial) calling out the basket mesh for supplies behind the turret. The date window surround is formed based on the Browning .50 machine gun mount, while etchings and bolt holes mimic the texture of the turret top.

M1 Tank Military Watch Swiss Quartz

This massive watch itself is built like a tank! The thick walled case (45mm x 14.2mm high) seems as invulnerable as heavy tank armor, while the large 2mm thick sapphire crystal provides extra protection for the dial and mechanism within. The heavy crown is screw-down for added water resistance to 50 meters depth. The Swiss made Ronda quartz movement features an industrial style GMT (military time) crescent read-out. Each tank watch case back is individually numbered, as the variants are all limited editions. The track-like silicon strap enables the weighty timepiece to be worn with surprising comfort and ease, even on small wrists.

Case size:45mm X 14.2 height
Crystal: 2mm thick sapphire crystal
Screw down crown
Water resistant to 50m
Swiss Ronda movement
Secondary military time sub-dial

The Case:


The massive case is made of 316L stainless steel and is well constructed. The brushed case adds to the overall military/toolwatch feel of its design. This watch feels like a tank as it should since that is what the design is based upon. The lugs are cut in such a way that they mimic the look of the track guards of a tank. They are done really well without feeling gimicky, that’s one of my favorite things about Morpheus watches, they are very unique without that overall gimicky feel. The crown guards are angled to match the angle cut of the lugs and there are two screws in the crown guards which I believe are for looks purposes only. It is a nice little design feature. The screw down crown is signed with a gear style cut to look like the gears that the tank tracks/treads are controlled by. I am a fan of this detail, it’s a small detail that really is a huge deal in my opinion. The crown screws in/out very smoothly and pulls out to set the time and date without fail. The large crown guards do make operating the crown a little difficult. If the crown was a bit larger and centered in the crown guards this would solve that problem. On the non crown side there is a nice engraving of the model of the watch M1A2. The case back has the Morpheus name and logo and the specific details of the watch. Which includes the limited edition number, water resistance, movement, and case material. The bezel on the M1A2 is fixed and is plain brushed stainless steel with an outer polished edge.

The Dial:




The dial is one of my favorite aspects of the M1A2 watch. The dial itself is camouflage but is done is a subtle way that I really like. The dial features the numbers 12 and 9, at the 3 o’clock marker is a date window which is bordered in a tank barrel style bordering. The numerals are printed in large white style which makes telling the time very easy. Under the 12 o’clock marker is a crescent style GMT/military time subdial featuring military 24hr time. The dial itself features some really nice texturing. At the 6 o’clock marker area of the dial is some black meshing texture with a large metallic orange V. There is also a stenciled black line with small circles that mimic a panel on a tank that perhaps contains electronic or mechanical portions of the tanks internal design components. The orange hands are square at the tips and have smaller squares of lume coating for night time time reading. The seconds hand does not have any lume. I really like the choice Morpheus did with using the square style hands. It really adds to the overall military feel of this watch. Both the date wheel and the GMT wheel features white wheels with black text, both are easy to read. Under the GMT sub dial is the Morpheus cross hair logo and Militaire name printed in white. Just above the V at the 6 o’clock marker is the model name in silver M1-A2. The dial itself is well protected by 2mm thick flat sapphire crystal. I’m a huge fan of domed crystals on watches but I really think the flat crystal choice works very well on the M1A2.

The Strap:





The super soft silicon strap is black and styled after the tracks on a tank which almost gives the appearance of a bracelet style band. Given the size and weight of the watch, the super soft strap really allows the watch to wear very comfortable. I wore this watch for over 12 hours at a time and hardly knew it was on my wrist. I love have soft and pliable this strap is. On the buckle is the Morpheus “M” logo, simple but effective detail. It’s small details like this that makes the M1A2 watch such a hit.

The Movement:



Inside the M1A2 watch is a Swiss Ronda Quartz movement with date and GMT/military sub dials. Battery life is 45 months approximately. The accuracy of -10/+20 seconds per month.


The M1A2 is a great military themed watch that is well constructed and full of small unique details. At the $495 price point you get a solid, stainless steel case with a thick sapphire crystal. This is the perfect watch for a tank fans or people that are/were in the military or people who are looking for a reliable watch that can handle outdoor activities. I’ve worn this watch hiking, boating, chopping wood, etc. and it held up beautifully.  You can see by the pictures after a month of solid everyday wearing the case has little to no scratches. This watch has been through it all with me, work, outdoor activities, to the gym, etc.. That is why my reviews take longer to be published, each watch I review is worn as my daily wearer for a month, to give me a good feel for the watch and to give you a real thorough review in terms of comfort, accuracy, durability, it’s  not just a out of the box quick review. The only thing I would change is the crown guards so that operating the crown was a little bit easier, other than that I love the overall military design of this watch.

A special thanks to Morpheus Watches for the honor and privilege of allowing me to conduct this review.

wrist shots on my 7 1/2″ wrists





  1. Love the pic with the map! I own the watch (same config) as well as their 1911, and find it quite comfortable despite the heavy metal. Very thoughtful review–thanks for sharing details on this creative watch company.

  2. I bought the exact watch you just did the review on. I’ve had it for several months, and wear it all the time. I’ve actually gotten quite a few nice comments on it. That’s something I always like but doesn’t always happen when I’m wearing a watch.

    • I’m glad you like it Vincent. It really is a great watch. I think Morpheus is one of those hidden gem watch companies. They definitely deserve the recognition! Complements on a watch is always an awesome feeling. Can surely make your day.

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