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Company: Waypoint Watches



When I first decided to start Waypoint Watch Co. the most common question I got from family and friends was ”Why a watch company?” To me, Waypoint Watch Co. is not just another watch company it’s my avenue for making a positive change in people. Right now you’re probably wondering how a watch can positively change someone, but it’s not the watch itself it’s what the watch represents. My vision is to make every Waypoint Watch a symbol of positivity, a wearable reminder for you to take the time to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy most in life.

I want your Waypoint watch to be able to change the way you think. A “waypoint” is defined as a stopping place along a journey. The journey is your life, and your Waypoints are the times you stop to enjoy it. When you look at your Waypoint watch let it remind you to stop and enjoy your life. If your watch can remind you to do something as small as just think of something that makes you smile, or something as large as take a spur of the moment road trip then it’s doing its job.

You’re not buying just a good looking quality watch, you’re buying a state of mind, a new way of thinking, and a better life. You’re buying a conversation starter with other Waypoint watch owners because you know that they also subscribe to this way of thinking and a positive lifestyle. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine but if your Waypoint Watch can remind you of your quest to live the best life possible, then it’s does much more than tell you what time it is. How you live your life is your choice, make it a good one and let your new Waypoint watch remind you to stop every once in a while to enjoy the ride.

— Mike Bonanni, Founder & CEO

Model: Adventurer


Case Size: 47mm
High quality stainless steel construction
Scratch resistant mineral crystal
Japan made 3-Hand Quartz movement
Large stainless steel dust cover protects crown from dust, debris, and water
Time/Date Function
50 Meter Water Resistance
Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Packaging:


The Adventurer comes in a nice small black box that has a plain black cardboard outter sleeve. The inner box has the Waypoint name and logo printed in silver. The inside of the box lid also features the same style name and logo in silver. The watch is secured and strapped to a black watch pillow. Included is a certificate of authenticity signed by Waypoint watches founder/CEO Michael Bonanni and also included is the user manual. The box is the perfect size and it surely gets the job done.

The Case:




The 47mm stainless steel case is large and has quite the rugged feel to it. The majority of the case has a brushed finish to it, my personal preference when it comes to case finishes. It makes sense to have a brushed finish on tool and dive style watches since they are meant to go on “adventures”. High polished finishes on dress watches makes sense to me. The only polished section of the case is the caseback which is simple in design in terms of engraving which features the Waypoint name, logo and model name ‘Adventurer’. The major focal point of the Adventurers case is the massive and awesome crown cover. I am a huge fan of unique crowns on watches and the crown on the Adventurer does not disappoint me. The crown cover screws down covering the crown and adds a bit of protection to the actual crown itself against dust, debris and more importantly water. The crown cover is connected to the case itself by a hinge style system. It’s connected by 4 screws two of which attach to a pin protruding from the case itself and the other 2 screws hold the crown cover. The crown cover screws flawlessly and is extremely easy to operate. The crown is a push/pull style crown, though it’s small, it is still easy to grip and operate. The first pull position allows you to set the date and the second pull position allows you to set the time.

The bezel on the adventurer is a plain brushed stainless steel bezel which is fixed. The brushed curved lugs have a good curved angle which allows the Adventurer to sit nicely on the wrist. The lugs are solid and has holes only on the inside to hold the spring bars of the strap. The Adventurer is 47mm but wears comfortable and doesn’t wear larger than its actual size. I really like the case on the Adventurer and the only design suggestion I have is that the crown cover should be signed with the Waypoint logo. A simple fix and a simple detail that would add so much to the overall look of the case.


The Dial:



The large matte black dial is simple yet absolutely beautiful with the contrast of the large white print of the numerals, markers, and text. I love stenciled military style numbers on watches and the Adventurer dial is one of my favorite parts of the watch. The white numbers are evenly applied to the dial with percision. The  dial features the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 and by each of those four numbers are small circles. The other hour markers are white rectangles, and inbetween the hour markers are white hash lines for the minutes/seconds.

There are a few details of the Adventurers dial that are refreshing and details I really like. The first detail that I like is the location of the Waypoint name which is located next to the 9 o’clock hour marker. The other detail that I like is the location of the Waypoint logo which is located next to the date window at the 3 o’clock position. Most watch names and logos are usually located at the 12 and 3 positions on the dial. A welcome change from the usual. The Waypoint name is printed in white and the logo is printed in red. The red logo matches nicely with the red square tip of the seconds hand. I like the square shape of the seconds hand which is a detail that adds personality to the dial. The hour hand is an arrow pointed shape and the minute hand is long straight white tipped hand. Both the hour and minute hand have cut outs which allows you to see through them and allows the black of the dial to come through. The arrow tipped hour hand is really sharp and extremely pleasing to look at. Hands on a watch can make or break a deal for me when selecting a watch, the hands on the Adventurer definitely get my approval.

The date window at 3 is over towards the center of the watch enough to allow the inclusion of the number 3 which helps balance the dial. The date wheel is white and has has black printed numbers. My only disappointment about the dial is that it has no lume whatsoever. With these large white numbers it would have been really nice to see a lume coating on them. The hands don’t have any lume either so no middle of the night darkness time telling. I believe that lume is a customary feature on tool and dive style watches. It’s just something that makes sense to me to have.

The Strap:



The strap is made of very soft and pliable silicone rubber which is smooth on the top side and has small squares on the inside which grasps the wrist and reduces the spinning of the watch head, but doesn’t pull the skin or arm hair. The tang style stainless steel buckle is signed with the Waypoint name. There are two keepers on the strap, which help hold the excess strap. The strap on the Adventurer is quite long which I like because if you wanted to wear it on the outside of your jacket it will allow you to do so. I have 7 1/2″ wrists and I can easily do this. The strap is held in place by standard spring bars.

There are different strap/bracelet options on the Waypoint website, each option changes the price though from $249 to $280. The NATO strap is my personal favorite of the choices.


The Movement:

The movement inside the Adventurer is a Japanese 3 hand Quartz movement. It’s not specified who the maker of the movement is. I timed the watch over a month period on the wrist and it’s averaged approximately +25 seconds per day. The second hand ticks around the dial as one would expect from a typical Quartz movement.

Wrist shots:

7 1/2″ wrists for reference




The Adventurer is great value tool watch that is great from wearing on the weekend for our door activities which you won’t have to worry about “beating up”. It can be that do yardwork then go hiking watch. A watch that you don’t have to be afraid to wear.  At $249 you get a nice solid case and dial with a cool and unique crown cover.

There are different strap/bracelet choices that increases the price of the Adventurer. There’s a NATO strap, carbon fiber, and a stainless steel bracelet. There is also different dial options as well. I really enjoyed reviewing the Adventurer and had a blast photographing it. I would recommend the Adventurer to someone who is looking for a unique toolwatch that doesn’t want to break the bank and perhaps looking for a starter watch.

There are two things that I would change in terms of design and those two things would be adding lume to the hands and hour markers & second add a signed crown cover.

A special thanks to Michael & Waypoint Watches for allowing me the honor to do this review!


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