Watch Review: Panzera Breuer 47 Limited



Company: Panzera

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Model: Breuer 47 Chronograph

The PANZERA Breuer Decore 2015 watch range is based on classic German Bauhaus designed time pieces that first became famous in the 1950s and 60s. This minimalistic and timeless design is as contemporary and popular today as it was then.

Bauhaus was a revolutionary design school that emerged in Germany in 1919 and still remains very influential in many areas of design and architecture today. Their primary intention was to integrate art,technology and craftsmanship creating a new design philosophy of exceptional beauty and function. They believed that design of any sort ought to be considered a high art similar to painting or sculpture.

Bauhaus designs reflect the modernist and often minimalistic style that made them famous and timeless.

The PANZERA Breuer watch ranges capture all the key Bauhaus functional and design influences:

Minimalist design with no superfluous features or text
Symmetrical and harmonious dial and index markers
Slim line smooth curved case
A contemporary large size diameter
The PANZERA Breuer B47 Chronograph Limited Edition Series has a 47mm diameter (excluding crown) and 9mm thick 316L stainless steel case, with a high polished finish. The movement is an accurate and reliable Seagull ST-1901 hand-wound mechanical with 23 jewels and 40 hour power reserve, that can be admired through the exhibition display case back.

The minimalist crown at the 3 o’clock, and chronograph buttons at the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock position are faithful to Bauhaus design.

Water resistance capabilities are 30 metres / 3 ATM / 98 feet.

Straps include 22mm Genuine calf skin leather with deployment clasp or shark mesh strap in fine grade stainless steel 316L with fold over clasp .

Each Panzera watch is individually serial numbered on it’s case back and comes with a user manual and 2 year international warranty card in a high-quality presentation box.

The PANZERA Breuer B47 Chronograph Limited Edition Series is a high-quality “contemporary/classic” German Bauhaus style mechanical watch range that represents exceptional value for money with only 2000 pieces of each model available worldwide.
B47-01 Terros Ltd
47mm Mechanical Chronograph Bauhaus Watch
Limited Edition 2000pc Worldwide
Price: USD $700
FREE Shipping Worldwide


MOVEMENT Hand-wound Mechanical Chronograph
CASE Stainless Steel (316L)
BACK Screwed in with exhibition display
JEWEL 23 Jewels
LIMITED EDITION 2000pc available worldwide
STRAP Black Genuine Leather with Croc Pattern, Push Button Deployment Clasp
WEIGHT 100 gr.
RESISTANCE 3 ATM (30 meters)
GLASS Hardened mineral crystal with
anti-reflective coating
SRP USD $700
WARRANTY 2yr International Warranty* (*Register warranty online to activate 2nd year)

The Packaging:


The packages of the Breuer 47 is simple, sleek and effective. It’s a long & padded black case that is stamped with the Panzera name and anchor logo. The inside of the case is lined with soft velvety material that will keep the B-47 well protected while it stored in the box. The box was shrink wrapped and sealed which helped protect the watch during the shipping process. The watch itself inside the box was well wrapped in bubble wrap. One thing about it, Panzera ensures that the watch remains in perfect condition when it leaves the factory until it arrives on your doorstep. Also included is a warranty/authenticity  card, and of course the watch itself.




The Dial:



Simplistic and elegant.
The dial is what gives the Breuer 47 it’s amazing retro feel. The dial itself has a blue-black color that is so deep and rich, and is the perfect back drop for the applied hour markers. Everything about the dial of the B-47 is balanced and works in perfect tandem. The subdials that are located on 3 and 9 are so symmetrical and functional, both are a main focal point of this dial. The subdial at the 3 o’clock position is responsible for counting the minutes when the chronograph function is initiated. It counts in 30 minutes durations, and will continue counting each minute at a time after it passes the 30, it’s up to you as the wearer of this watch to keep track of each 30 minutes that passes. The subdial at the 9 o’clock marker is responsible for counting the seconds. The large seconds hand rotates only when the chronograph function is activated by the button pusher on the crown side of the watch. It can be stopped and Flyback returned via the button pushers as well.


The only numbers featured on the dial of the B-47 are within the subdials. The hour markers are marked by large rectangular applied markers that the main 12, 3, 6, 9 markers have lume applied to them as the other hour markers are rectangular polished markers. At the 12 o’clock marker on either side of the rectangular marker are two small lume circles that are also applied to the dial which makes finding 12 very easy in the dark or low lighting situations. All of the applied markers on this dial,made to depth of this dial. It’s so incredibly beautiful and detailed, in such a simple yet elegant manner. The hour and minute hands are long, slender, sexy and have lume on them as well. All of the hands allow reading the time and using the chronograph function very easy.




The Case:


The case of the Breuer 47 is made of made of high polished finished 316 Stainless Steel which gives the B-47 a elegant and dressy look. The retro styling is very noticeable from first glance of the B-47, it immediately took me to the watches of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I could imagine Dean Martin rocking this watch while on stage with the Rat Pack. This watch has swag and style thoroughout. The simple, yet elegant case has sublttle details that add to that swag factor. The crown which is in charge of winding the mechanical movement and used for setting the time which is done by pulling it out, completely with ease because of the machined gear style edging around the whole crown. The crown is signed with an anchor which I am absolutely crazy about. This detail is one of my favorite additions that I commend Panzera for including. The pushers for the chronograph functions are work without any difficulty and are styled in that retro chronograph styling, simple and elegant, all matching in that high polished finish. The bezel is thin and is also polished matching the rest of the case.

There is a modern flare to the B-47 case that keeps the retro styling quite current and tha what I speak of is the size. The case is large, coming in at 47 mm it definitely gives some wrist presence with that large watch modern style. I actually like the size of this watch, as it adds a certain bad-assness to the B-47. If this case was 39mm it wouldn’t quite have the same presence on the wrist and I think it would make it just an average retro watch. The slightly curved, polished lugs are 22mm spaced and allow the B-47 to sit flat on the wrist. They are a perfect length that will fit most wrists without any significant overhang.


The caseback is where the true beauty of the B-47 shines through. When I first handled the B-47 I could not take my eyes off the exposed movement inside. I thought I was over exhibition casebacks, but it absolutely works so well on the B-47. I will talk more about the look of the movement later on in this review. The outter ring of the caseback contains some engraved info: Panzera, stainless, 3ATM, Breuer 47, and the limited edition number.




The domed crystal of the B-47 is breathtaking, as it is one of my favorite things about this watch. I don’t know if it stems from my personal love of dive watches or from other sources, but I do know that it is absolute perfection. It’s hardened mineral crystal with applied anti reflective coating and it is crystal clear at all angles(pun intended).


The Movement:


Oh the beautiful movement of the B-47 is full of color and mechanical detail that I find myself getting lost in. From the blued screws, the red jewels, the wonderful spinning gears and the guilloche finishes, I love it all. There’s something magical about a mechanical movement that takes me back to when I first fell in love with watches. I was around 4 years old and I would look at my grandfathers pocket watch. From that first listen of the tick-tock emanating from within, to the dancing of the balance wheel, it was something so special to me and something I will never forget. The B-47 reminds me of this every time I turn the watch over and look through the mineral crystal caseback.

The winding of the mechanical movement is done by turning the crown back and forth, it winds very smoothly and will give slight resistance when the B-47 is fully wound. Be careful as with any mechanical movement not to over wind or force winding past the end feel when that slight resistance is felt. It approximately takes about 30 turns to fully wind.

The Seagull ST-1901 movement has a 40 power reserve and is 23 jewel, column wheel controlled, chronograph, lever movement that operates at 21,600 bph.



The Strap:


The black genuine calf skin leather strap adds so much to the overall elegant feel to this watch. The black outer part of the strap is detailed in alligator style and the black is as dark as night. The strap has a really nice black sheen finish to it. The buckle is stainless steel and is a deployment butterfly fold over style. What’s nice about a deployment buckle is that it protects the strap more so that the traditional tang buckle because it allows you to size the strap, you secure the buckle in place and then you fold both sides of the butterfly clasp into place until they click. With a traditional buckle system you are constantly pulling on the strap both when you buckle and unbuckle it, which puts more wear and tear on the strap. The buckle is engraved with Panzera. The underside of the strap is stamped with the Panzera name and log, and it is also stamped with genuine leather. The underside of each strap has uniform and precise white stitching and the top side the stiching is black.


Wrist Shots: 7 1/2″ wrist for reference



This watch is a prime example of what happens when you take an already classic vintage design and put some really nice modern touches on it without overdoing it. Panzera has done a fantastic job of merging these two elements together in beautiful symmetry. The B-47 is so fully of personality that is pulled off in a quite, under the radar manner. This watch can easily make the transition from work at the office, to date night, to a dress up affair such as a wedding.

I spent weeks with the B-47 and I can tell you that it wears very comfortable. The 47mm case wears smaller than you think. It’s not a thick watch which helps keep it feeling undersized in terms of being 47mm. The domed crystal is so nice, and I couldn’t stop tilting my wrist to gaze at it. From the top view down, it appears completely flat. Very, very cool.

The exhibition caseback is a perfect and very welcomed feature. I don’t think it would have the same effect if the B-47 had an automatic movement inside of it. The mechanical movement inside is beautiful and full of life & color. Winding this watch every morning was an absolute joy.

The retro dial has depth and simplicity. Every little detail on the dial is perfect. There is nothing that I would change on the B-47. You can tell when every detail about a watch is well thought out in the planning phase, that when you see it materialize in the finished product that it becomes so apparently clear. I do think that an optional retro style bracelet would be a great addition to the B-47.

If you are looking for a dress watch that won’t break the bank, the Breuer 47 is the watch for you. It has so much personality and underrated beauty.

I want to personally thank Roger from Panzera for allowing me to spend time with the Breuer 47. It was a wonderful experience and it brought back some cherished memories that are indescribable. Thank you again Roger.












  1. Such a fantastic watch, one of my favourite watches that you have reviewed so far! A brilliant combination of vintage design with modern touches.

  2. i just received this watch. got a great deal on an AMAZINGLY elegant, and gorgeous. a truly simple and beautiful design.

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