Watch Review: Minuteman JESTER ACTUAL


About Minuteman Watch Co.

Here is some information about our brand and its efforts to raise funds for veterans.

We created our Minuteman brand for 3 key reasons.

  • To raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families.

25% of the profit from our net annual sales of  Minuteman products goes to charities assisting veterans & their Families.

  • To provide work for Americans whenever we can.
  • To provide a quality product that will stand the test of time.

All of our watches are proudly assembled in the United States by highly skilled American watchmakers.

Our MM0 series models are tested to higher standards than other watches which sell at our price poin. For example most brands offering water resistant watches at our price point only perform a dry vacuum test to check water resistance.

Each watch is shipped in a quality padded zipper case which is also made in the United States. We believe most watch boxes leave buyers with a dilemma.  Should I keep the bulky box which only is good for holding the watch that came in it or throw it away? Most watch collectors keep the boxes. As watch collectors typically have several wrist watches this leaves them with several watch boxes cluttering their lives. In answer to this, our watches come with the padded zipper cases which take up less room than your typical watch box. We also feel the cases can be re-used to protect a variety of delicate and precious items. In addition to this we believe that watches are also better protected in our cases than they typically are in a conventional box.

We continue to make refinements to our product, which results in a high quality product while still maintaining our pricing.

We would like to tell you why we created Minuteman. Speaking as the owner of Minuteman my father is a disabled Vietnam vet. This has brought my father & I into contact with many other veterans over the years. Some have gone to have great success after their military service. However, many do struggle greatly after their service. Suffering life long physical & mental issues connected with their service. This inspired us to create Minuteman.

We came to the realization that there are charities which do great work in helping our veterans. These charities need funding to allow them to continue the great work which they do. So we created Minuteman to help provide these great charities with much needed funding. In addition we believe in sourcing product and services in the United States when we can. Lastly, we believe in offering a quality product that will stand the test of time.

25% of our annual net profit from the sale of  Minuteman brand products goes to charities that assist veterans and their families. Our watches are built and tested in the United States by highly skilled American workers.

Thomas Carey
Owner Minuteman Watch Co.

Website link:

MODEL: Jester Watch


  • Proudly assembled in the USA by Minuteman Watch Co.
  • Individually serial numbered
  • Stainless Steel case with black PVD coating.
  • Stainless Steel case back.
  • 42mm width without crown.
  • Screw down crown.
  • 200 meter water resistant.
  • Comes with one American made Leather watch strap.
  • Sapphire crystal.
  • ETA 955.112 Swiss made movement.
  • Luminous hands and dial.
  • $399 USD



Sometimes a watch comes along that stands for something a little bit more. Minuteman watches create watches that stand for a little bit more. Like stated above 25% of the profit from our net annual sales of  Minuteman products goes to charities assisting veterans & their families. That is pretty awesome if you ask me. I have been slowly transitioning my focus of my reviews on companies that have heart. Companies that still have a strong passion to create watches without “the making money” part as their main drive. Of course companies need to make money to survive, I get that. But you can tell what companies aren’t 100% driven by just out to make the money. Minuteman watches is one of those passionate companies. They create watches with the WIS in mind and they listen to their customers for feedback when it comes to design input and suggestions. Which I believe is very important in the customer/company relationship. I have the utmost respect for companies like Minuteman for actually caring about what their customers think. Thomas has created something very special with Minuteman and the Jester Watch is here to receive the full review treatment.



Simple and effective. The packaging on the Jester watch is very simple and also very useful. It definitely won’t take up more space than needed in your closet. Its a nice soft lined travel case that closes via a zipper. The black case is canvas on the outside and “furry soft” on the inside. I do appreciate packaging on a watch, but is it something that makes or break the deal for me? Certainly not. The packaging in my opinion is just an extension of the watches personality. Minuteman does a nice job of making their packaging useful. If you don’t use it as a travel case, it also makes for a nice storage place for your extra watch straps, strap changing tools, etc..



The case on the Jester watch is very sleek and stealthy. It keeps a low profile as well. The case is 42mm is black PVD coated stainless steel. I beginning to find that I am most comfortable in the 40mm-44mm case size range. There are some watches that I really like that go above the 44mm case size.


The finishing on the PVD coating is high gloss giving the Jester watch a dressy flare. I do like the finishing on this case though a matte black finish I believe would go better with the overall design of the watch. The lugs have inner holes for the strap pins with no outside holes through the sides of the lugs. The lugs are slightly curved allowing the watch to sit flat on the wrist.


The non crown side of the case is smooth and plain, while the other side of the case contains the crown. The crown is a screw down style non signed crown. I am a little disappointed to see that the crown is unsigned. Having the tiny bit of detail on the crown makes a big difference in the overall design detail of the watch. The crown is easy to operate to screw and unscrew. When the crown is unscrewed and pulled to the first position this allows you to set the date, pulling the crown to the last position allows you to set the time. Everything here functions smoothly and perfectly.


The case back is something special. The stainless steel case back is engraved with the Minuteman solder logo. The engraved patriot is very well done and it is my favorite part of this watch. It adds so much personality to the watch and it’s just so kick ass. Around the patriot logo are small stars and around the very edges of the case back it states “Proudly assemble in the United States of America by patriots for patriots.”

The outer most edges of the screw down case back has notches and in between those notches is some info about the watch-200 meters water resistance, stainless steel, serial number, Minuteman Watch Co, Swiss movement, and Sapphire crystal.



The dial on the Jester is my second favorite part of this watch. The matte black dial features white numeral and indices with a touch of red that really adds a nice detail. At the 12 o’clock poison is a double 0 instead of 12. Right underneath printed in white is Jester Actual Special Edition. Above the 6 o’clock marker printed in white Minuteman Co. USA. With the double zero at 12 its continued around the dial with 01, 02, 03, etc. This is a cool and unique choice that works brilliantly on this watch, really adds a tactical feel to the overall design aesthetics.


The outer chapter ring features white printed numerals 05 through 60. The second hand actually extends to the chapter ring a little extra detail that I appreciate when watch designers do this. It makes precision timing of seconds much easier.


The hour and minute hands are black and white with bright glowing lume coating. The long seconds hand is black with a small red square containing lume and a long red tip.


When the watch is charged from a bright light source it glows a beautiful green glow. All of the hour markers and indices glow, as do the 3 hands.


At the 3 o’clock position is the date window. The 3 o’clock hour marker was not removed for the date window which keeps a nice uniform flow on the dial the date wheel is white with black printed numerals. The choice of the white date wheel works well as it matches the white hour markers keeping a zen style flow on the dial itself. The dial works so well on this watch, simple, beautiful and extremely readable.(The sapphire crystal gets some credit for that here)



Inside the Jester Actual watch is an ETA quartz movement. It is the 955.112 swiss ETA movement to be exact. Below are the stats on this movement. There isn’t much that I can add about the movement that isn’t listed below.

  • Hours, minutes, sweep second.
  • Date, corrector.
  • Stop device and interrupter.
  • Battery End-of-Life display (E.O.L.).
  • 7 Jewels.
  • Autonomy theoretic of battery :
    78 months (battery 40 mAh) or
    108 months (battery 55 mAh).



The black genuine leather strap is handmade in the US. The strap features white stitching that is quite even throughout and the strap also features some nice texturing. The unsigned tang buckle functions as it should and easily fits into the holes punched on the strap.


The strap features two leather keepers, one fixed and one free. The strap is non tapering 22mm from lug to buckle. The strap is nicely padded and is soft/pliable allowing it to hug the wrist nicely.


The under side of the strap is stamped with 22mm, Handmade in the USA and Genuine Leather. It’s a really nice, well made strap.


If I were to judge this watch based only on what it stands for alone, it would get my instant seal of approval. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be very useful for you guys, would it? This watch comes in at just under $400 USD. What you get at that price is a watch that goes through some testing that only watches that are thousands of dollars more. Here is a explanation of the tests performed from Minuteman’s website:

  • Dry vacuum test: Most brands offering water resistant watches at our price point only perform a dry vacuum test to check water resistance.
  • Wet test: We test to 300 meters despite the fact our MM0 series is rated for just 200 meters. This exceeds ISO standards.
  • Humidity test: Our watches must meet Rolex standards. This particular test is very important to us as we have found after many years of selling various brands of watches through our retail company, that most leak issues are actually due to a humidity issue, rather than an actual leak.


The engraved case back is another nice addition to the watch that makes the $400 asking price a bargain for what you get. The PVD coated steel case is smooth and applied evenly throughout. The LUME lasts through the night on a single charge from a strong light source. The addition of a screw down crown to increase the water resistance is a strong selling point for me.

Is there anything that I would change on this watch? Yes, but it’s just personal preference nit picky on my part. There isn’t anything wrong with this watch whatsoever. That being said what I would change is I would add a signed crown. I think it’s a small detail that adds a great deal to the overall to design of this watch. The other thing that I would personally change is the PVD finish, I would change from high polish to a matte black.

If you are looking for a tactical/tool watch, that has a dressier edge to it, then the Jester Actual Watch is for you. It’s a great watch for the price and plus part of the money made from the watch sale goes for a great cause.

I want to personally thank Thomas and Minuteman Watches for allowing me the honor of doing this review.

WRIST SHOT: Reference 7 1/2″ wrist

FullSizeRender 174FullSizeRender 175





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