Watch Review: Bravur BW002S-G-LBU1


Company: Bravur

About the company:


Based in Stockholm, Bravur came to life in 2011 as two industrial designers and fellow friends decided to join paths. Since they had not found what they were looking for it simply had to be created. The thought was to design a personal embellishment to act as your everyday companion and part of your stylistic self. Something to endlessly covet and allure.


Bravur is an expression of true commitment to aesthetics and attention to detail. Style and distinction along with an aspiration to exceed in quality is the essence of our brand. Every object is designed with simplicity of hand but with evident and unitary elements composing the signature of Bravur – timepieces embracing the present. We do not claim that our watches can be worn in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft or boast about decades of heritage. Instead we are drawn to any kind of novelty, to the current and the happening. Our inspiration is brought out of design, art, fashion and other contemporary cultural movements. Because of its constant progression, culture works as our infinite source of inspiration, leading us into the future and what is to become the present. Nowhere is the artistic beat so apparent as in the urban surrounding, which is also our habitat. That is where we belong and where we create.


This is the unpredicted part of our existence, the one we cannot tell in advance or be completely in control of. It’s the part that makes us want to go further and explore what might be next. Something we can reassure is that Bravur will always remain a personal brand and our philosophy is simple: we aim to stay true to ourselves and the ideal of living and breathing the present. We are and will be – since now.

Model: BW002S-G-LBU1


Case: Stainless steel 316 L, diameter 38 mm

Dial: Graphite grey, with matte black applied hour indexes and date at 6 H

Strap: Burgundy vegetable tanned Italian leather strap with black contrast stitching and black edges. Silver stamp on backside.

Strap buckle: Deployment buckle, stainless steel

Hands: White/black

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 785, 5 jewels, Gold plated, EOL, Quartz

Crystal: Domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating

Price: $575.00

Let us proceed to the review portion shall we?

Sometimes big works in the sense of size. If this wasn’t true then we wouldn’t have the saying “bigger is better or go big or go home” A lot of people strive in life to get that bigger paycheck, the bigger house, etc.. But big can also work when small. Subtle, small details can actually be big or huge, but aren’t noticed at first glance. Sometimes the smallest of details can lead to something huge. Like a tiny hair left behind on a crime scene. So bigger in the case of size doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Bravur understands that. Simplify. Organized. Classic. Modern. Zen. Subtle. All of these words can be used when talking about Bravur’s watches and Bravur has infused the BW002S-G-LBU1 with all of these qualities. Starting with the stainless steel case.


The “big” 38mm case is made of 316 L stainless steel. Wait, did I just call 38mm big? Why yes, yes I did. The case design is extremely well done and posses a lot of character which makes a “big” expression of style on the wrist. The case can be divided into a top and bottom separation. First I will breakdown the top part of the case.


Looking at the watch from the top, you immediately are introduced to the lovely domed sapphire crystal that is treated with an anti reflective coating. The crystal is nice & clear which makes it quite lovely at any angle. I really like that the crystal is domed and not flat on this watch. A domed crystal done in the right way can really add subtle personality to a watch.


The thin stainless steel fixed bezel frames the dial in a beautiful brushed circle. The brushed finish continues down the side of the case until the middle of the case sides. The brushed finish is well done and I am happy again with Bravur’s choice with going with a brushed finish instead of a polished finish.


When you get to the crown, I will point out a detail that took me a little time to notice but when I did finally notice this detail, it made me appreciate this watch even more. The crown is designed exactly like the case, in that top/bottom style. Part of the crown is brushed and the other part has great gear/machined edging just like the case. Absolutely wonderful. Not only are these details executed with percision, but they add so much to the overall appearance to this watch that it has that “big” personality but doesn’t scream it obnoxiously. It does it in a quite, cool guy way that makes you appreciate it so much more.


The edging on the crown makes it so easy to grip and operate. Whether it’s when you are turning it to set the time/date or when you pull/push the crown in/out, the edging makes these tasks easy. I also found myself sliding my finger up and down the edging on the case. It’s quite addicting.


Details like the crown/case design are a watch lovers dream. It’s this little but “big” details that set a watch apart from the others. It makes an ok watch, into a great watch. Details that you will find yourself gazing at over and over again. Details that you will find yourself paying more attention to than looking at what time it actually is. In fact during this review, I was wearing the watch, looking deeply into it’s eyes. As I broke this stare down, someone asked me what time it was. I didn’t know the immediate answer and the person asked “weren’t you just looking at your watch?” I replied yes, yes I was, but I was admiring it’s beautiful details. The person looked at me like I was crazy. I simply took the watch off my wrist and handed them it. “OHHHH, I completely get it now!” was the response as they handed it back to me.


The beautiful and well executed details on the case don’t stop there, they continue onto the back of the case. There’s a really cool “rat pack” design that is etched on the case back. It’s a grid pattern with triangles with BRAVUR across the center. I love it, but what I love even more is another one of those “big” little details that make this watch such a hit. On either side edge of the case back is etched “Swedish Soul” and “Swiss Heart” which is a reference to the case/design origin and to the movement inside. I think this is so unique and cool. Well done Bravur.

The case back is held in place by 4 flat head screws. It’s details like this that make the watch interesting to look at from all angles. A detail that is also interesting to look at is the dial itself.  A nice blend of dark gray and black with a pop of white, all coming together into a stunningly refined dial. The white hands really do pop set against the dark grey dial. The open hand are amazing to look at and they also serve a purpose. That purpose being that is allows you to see the black minute track and numbers that encircle the dial.


The hour markers are applied to the dial and add some great depth to the overall appearence. Above the 6 o’clock hour marker is a circular, unassuming date window that knows it’s place and doesn’t rudely or unwantenly intrude on the dial. The date window is small but that doesn’t inhibit the legibility whatsoever.


The white hands are absolutely crisp and beautiful. A cool detail about the minute and hour hands is that they have a slit thorough the center of them that allows you to peer through to the dial itself. The gray dial is the perfect back drop for the black print minute track. This dial absolutely works together in a great harmonious fashion. For being such a simple dial, it has some great depth to it.


Powering the works inside this watch is a Swiss made Ronda 785. You won’t have to worry about changing the battery for 42 months. That’s a nice relief off the mind. The Ronda 785 has an accuracy rate of -10/ +20 sec/month. Reliable & longevity can easily describe this movement.


I really like the color and style of the strap on this watch. The deep burgundy vegetable tanned Italian leather is absolutely beautiful and has nice black contrast stitching and black edges which matches the applied markers perfectly. The deployment style buckle is a nice touch. It operates flawlessly. The strap is extremely comfortable and lays on the wrist ever so nicely. There are no lugs on the BW002S-G-LBU1 so the strap connects underneath the case. Having a lugless case, allows the watch to wear smaller on the wrist and also allows for a unique look when it’s on the wrist. Very clean.


The BW002S-G-LBU1 is a surprisingly well made watch. This is not a knock on Bravur that I am surprised that they made a nice watch. I am pleasantly surprised that what a nice offering this is and how the sum of all the great subtle details equals a brilliant finished product. This watch would make an awesome addition to any collection whatever your watch preferences are. It’s unique enough to give you a different truly unique wrist experience.


Everything works together on the BW002S-G-LBU1. Even coming in at the 38mm this watch size is carried by all the quality details that make it up it’s wrist presence is much “bigger”. This watch is special. If you are looking for an affordable watch that is packed full of quality details and dares to be different in today’s market, then this is the watch for you. Personally I’m a dive|tool watch guy through and through, but this watch is that special that it’s an absolute awesome piece to wear on my wrist. Unassuming and unique.

I want to personally thank Bravur for this awesome opportunity. I also want to that you all for reading. See you next week.

Wrist is 7 1/2″ for reference:



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