Watch Review: Heroic 18 M9600



COMPANY: Heroic 18



As a Panerai enthusiast, collecting Panerai and building straps are our major hobbies, with our interest and knowledge on leather, HEROIC18 was founded to share our passion and interest by offering a various collection of straps with the fusion of historic vintage style and high quality leather material exclusively for all Panerai.

We highly emphasize five goals in our straps—premium in leather texture, outstanding workmanship, top level in comfort, modish design and reasonable prices.

We strongly believe that the products you will see demonstrated here and over the coming future will be more and more fantastic and distinctive . So come to utilize our products to present your outstanding personality!
Donald & Caroline

Model: M9600 – Limited Edition Version
Heroic18 Black Vintage Dial with Arabic Numerals Bronze Diver Watch

47mm CUSN8 bronze case

Miyota 90S5 movement ( 24 jewels 28800 vibrations per hour )

500m water resistant

Luminova index & hands

120 clicks bezel

Sandwich dial , a vintage finishing dial

4.5mm dome sapphire with AR coating

24mm strap lug

Lug to lug 56mm

Watch case thickness : 16mm ( glass excluded )

316 Stainless steel case back

3 fixed straps & a bronze Pre-V spring bar buckle included . A genuine brown shark strap with ecru stitching in 24×24 , 125/80 . A crazy horse strap with ecru stitching in 24×24 , 125/80 . A vintage green canvas strap with green stitching in 24×24 , 125/80

A black wooden watch box included

Cover with 2 years worldwide warranty

Limited in 99 pcs only


We all have our preferred style of watches. I do love all style of watches from dress watches to pilot watches and everything in between. But I do in fact have a personal favorite and that favorite are dive watches. There’s just something so magical about a thick, heavy duty case, a domed crystal, etc.. I absolutely love looking at a domed crystal in it’s natural element, the water. Even at a swallow depth, looking through the water into the crystal at the dial. Pure magic.


Heroic 18 M9600 is in for review treatment and being in my favorite style it will be under the microscope. Straight out of the box the first thing I noticed was the large 47mm CUSN8 bronze case. It’s not just your run of the mill bronze either. It’s marine grade bronze. This watch could spend its life in salt water and basically show no signs of corrosion. A few years ago I didn’t like bronze cases. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t. But the more bronze watches that I experience the more I like them. Bronze cases are like a fine wine, they age beautifully. In fact they age better than stainless steel. Even if scratched, it just adds character.


The M9600 is a large, substantial watch. You know it’s on your wrist.(in a good way) This case is built like a tank. In all honesty it feels like it could take multiple bomb blasts and not get a scratch on it. From first handling you can feel the quality of the case design. The bezel operates with that wonderful ratcheting sound, all 120 clicks sounds magnificent. The bezel is so easy to grip to because of the large gear style teeth. Functional and beautiful.Rising above the bezel is a glorious sight indeed. The 4.5mm dome sapphire with AR coating rises above. This is exactly the type of crystal that I would expect on a dive watch. I can’t express enough how nice this crystal is.


The 24mm spaced lugs are nice and wide proportional to the case for sure. H18 did something good in their design of the lugs. What they did is designed the lugs on the short side. Not short where they look disportionate to the case, but short so the already large watch doesn’t wear cartoonish on the wrist. The lugs have holes through them which allow access to the screw bars that hold the strap in place.


The signed H18 crown is well protected by some awesome large crown guards. I love when large crown guards have some sort of detailing and Heroic 18 abliges. On either side of the crown there are sunken flat head screws. This detail teamed with the gear style crown adds a great industrial rugged feel to the M9600. How could this get even better? Well through my review process which is pretty thorough, some nice patina has started to form on the crown and case as you can see in the pictures. I think it’s pretty important to showcase what the watch will look like under normal conditions. If natural patina is not your thing, a simple mix of some household liquids will make the case shine like new again. Me, I prefer the rugged patina look. Adds a touch more of badassery to an already badass watch. Win, win.


The stainless steel case back is badass in its own rights, because it features a raised Heroic 18 sword logo. The logo is one of my favorite company logos. The logo is surrounded by edges that are designed to look like the edges of the bezel. Hats off to H18 for a very cool tie in and consitancy that continues throughout this watch. There’s a detail on this watch that blows me away in terms of consistency that I will bring up when we get to the strap.


There are dials, and then there are DIALS. The dial on the M9600 is magnificent. First of all the textured, matte black dial has so much depth it almost has a volcanic rock/ash appearance. I’m definitely appreciating sandwiched dial more and more. The numerals of the sandwich dial are vintage yellow tinted not white and glow a nice green when charged up by a light source. The killer H18 logo appears again but this time on a smaller scale and it’s on the dial. The logo is done in the same bronze color that the hands are. This watch is full of continuity and consistency. Whenever I see this on a watch, I know that every detail was well planned out and not just thrown together.


Perfect sized hands can be found on the M9600 watch. By perfect I mean that they are perfectly proportional to the circumference of the dial itself. Nice wide, long hands. And I really love when a seconds hand reaches into the minutes/seconds track. Makes for more precise timing. As you probably have noticed there’s no date window featured on this watch. I’m actually pleased that there isn’t a date window because I love the flow of the sandwich dial and a date window would break that flow.


The movement inside the M9600 is a  Miyota 90S5 automatic movement. Has a good 42+ hour power reserve and an accuracy rate of -10/+30 seconds per day. During my review process the watch ran at -6 seconds per day. This was calculated from every position and the watch was on my wrist for the entire review testing process. This movement is a good alternative to ETA as it’s just as reliable, accurate and it’s just as much as a workhorse.


The straps, yes plural straps, 3 of them to be exact. All are very nice and all are different. My favorite of the 3? Hands down the canvas strap. Canvas has overtaken my leather love. When I opened up the watch and saw this amazing green canvas strap I was blown away. Instant love. This isn’t just a throw in strap, this is a real custom made canvas strap. Heroic 18’s background stems from making custom straps. You get a genuine brown shark strap with ecru stitching in, a crazy horse strap with ecru stitching. And of course the vintage green canvas strap with green stitching. All straps are top quality, very impressive.


What I wanted to mention about the straps that I touched on earlier is that the buckle is Mage of bronze. Why is this so awesome to me? Because quite often the buckles are not bronze so they remain bright, shiny and new looking which always looks off to me when the bronze case gains patina, but the buckle still looks new. But H18 kept its consistency here and I love this. Well done!


When I hear people say that substantial watches are “out” I chuckle to myself. Why?  Because for one they couldn’t be more wrong and two there is something that is so satisfying when you have a watch on your wrist that is designed with rugged, tough quality like the M9600. I love wearing a watch that I don’t have to baby or worry about when I’m doing my “weekend adventures”. The M9600 does not have to be babied at all. Trust me it doesn’t. Yes this watch is substantial in size and weight, but it wears surprisingly comfortable.


Everything on the M9600 functions as it should and impresses as it does. The bezel ratchets so smooth with no play, sits tightly against the case. It’s just a quality piece all around. For just over $800 USD you are getting a substantial watch that is full of attention to quality and consistency. You also get 3 quality straps that rival any custom straps that I have experienced. Each strap adds a dividend look to the M9600 and each one is killer in its own way.


Heroic 18 has done a great job with keeping true to their vision of the M9600 and executing it without fail. If I had to be nit-picky and find something that I would change it would be making the crown a bit wider. I personally just prefer a large crown. In defense of H18 because the watch is 47mm a larger crown would have the tendency to dig into the back of the wrist. So this change suggestion is just my personal preference.


I would highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a bronze dive watch that you can rely on to handle any physical adventure. I think for what you get it’s a great value. I can’t wait to see what is next from Heroic 18.

7 1/2″ wrist


I want to personally thank Donald and Caroline for this honor and opportunity to review this great piece.

Now you can see why dive watches are one of my favorite style watches.

Thank you for reading!




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