From the moment man endured to traverse the seas around him, a legacy of bravery, adventure, skill and ingenuity has ensued. While modes of movement across the sea vary, it is yachting, the very use of nature’s own elements to move across the oceans that is the purest form of seafaring. It is also the most demanding. Combining the best of technical skills, engineering prowess, strength, determination -The world of yachting is am embodiment of the best a man can be. Our timepieces through a combination of material, design and craftsmanship pay tribute to the world and lifestyle of yachting, with a flair and style that makes each timepiece wearable on land and on the waves.



Miyota Automatic Multi-function


CASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel


BAND : Genuine Leather Strap
BUCKLE : Strap Buckle
BAND WIDTH (mm) : 24



Dive watches are quite popular these days and actually have been popular for quite some time. Most people don’t use there watches for diving and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no rules in this hobby. There are different types of dive watches that can fall into different categories. I’m talking in terms of style, not price. There are those dive watches that are more on the tool watch/rugged side and there are dive watches that are on the dressy side. There are even some that fall in the middle. Where they possess stylistic qualities of both. That’s where the Haas falls into it’s place. It possess some rugged aspects and some dressier aspects. How do I classify these groups? Well a dressier dive watch has a polished case, polished bracelet, gloss dial with polished hands, ceramic bezel, catching my drift? A more toolish/rugged diver has a bead blasted or brushed case, matte dial, a metal bezel, a rubber strap. Either side is no better than the other in my opinion, as always it just comes down to personal preference. SPINAKKER has attempted to please all sides and preferences with the Haas. Let’s take a look at this dive watch.


When I opened up the box and saw this watch for the first time I was hit in the face by a lot of details, my eyes didn’t know where to go to first. The brushed stainless steel 43mm case is a good place to start though. 43mm x 16 mm is a pretty sweet spot in terms of size. The non crown side features an engraved SPINAKKER which looks really nice in the cursive font.


The bezel at first glance looks like it’s made of sapphire but it’s actually hardlex glass with lume coating underneath. It is quite stunning. The unidirectional bezel rotates smooth and has very little play. I like the fact that the bezel lines up with the dial when it’s rotated into place at the 12 o’clock position. The bezel though can be difficult to grip because of the smooth edges, if the ridges of the gear edges were a bit bigger it would solve that problem.


The screw down crown works like butter and features a nice laser etched SPINAKKER logo. It’s always a bonus when a crown is signed, for such a small detail it surely adds a great deal of character. The crown is easy to grip as well when screwing the crown or when winding/setting the time. In this day and age I would expect watches at this price point to include a sapphire crystal. The Haas has a mineral crystal not that it makes it an inferior watch, but a this price and where the Haas is placing itself, I would just have like to seen a sapphire crystal. What I really like though about the crystal is that it’s domed very nicely.  Domed crystals are a thing of real beauty and something that I personally appreciate on a watch. A domed crystal just adds that extra detail to finish off the look.


The lugs are nicely curved and are a good size in terms of length. They are brushed just like the majority of the case is. The case back is pretty beautiful. As you know, I am not much of a fan of exhibition case backs. I find that they were over done and a nice engraved solid case back can add a lot of detail. Some exhibition case backs were displaying undecorated standard movements without any added details. SPINAKKER stepped it up by adding their logo to the underneath of the crystal and the rotor is very cool. I like that the rotor is open and that its blue. It gives you actually something interesting to look at.


The dial is also an interesting focal point. The textured dial is volcanic ash black and it’s nice to look at. The texture and dial color really makes the rest of the dial details pop out. The applied indexes add depth to the watch  3 dimensionally. The indexes are brushed to match the case. I like this because of the continuity and because it doesn’t make the dial appear “blingy”. The indexes are coated with Swiss Superluminova C3 Lume. That continuity doesn’t end there either, the hands of this watch share this same quality. The hour hand is brushed and lumed, and it matches the hand on the sub dial at the 9 o’clock position on the dial. The orange minute hand matches the hand on the sub dial at 4 o’clock. It’s great when there’s consistency within details on a watch.


The sub dials have special jobs to perform and each one is different. The sub dial located at 9 o’clock is a 24 hr secondary counter. The other sub dial is a small seconds display. The orange hands add some nice color and detail on the dial, set against the volcanic dial, the orange pops beautifully.


The strap on the Haas is full of it’s own details as well. The black leather is soft and well padded. I like the grey stitching  on the black leather, again shows the Haas devotion to consitancy to detail. (Matches perfectly with the brushed details on the case) This strap is very comfortable for a number of reasons, one it’s soft, two it’s padded and three that extra flap under the buckle creates a blanket between your skin and the buckle itself. I had a custom leather strap like this that cost well over $100 and it had most of these details that the Haas strap has. This strap is definitely a highlight of the Haas.


The ticking away inside the Haas is a customized 21 jewel Miyota movement. The 8247 has a -20/+40 known accuracy rate and ticks with 21,600 vibrations per hour. It has a power reserve of over 40 hours on a full wind. Not much else that I can add about the movement from a review standpoint that hasn’t been said before so I’ll leave it at that.


The Haas is full of some nice details. The dial is a nice focal point thanks to the textured dial and the applied markers. The dial is easily read on both land and in the water, but also during the day and thanks to the lume coating it’s easy to read at night as well. The strap is definitely another highlight of the Haas. It’s soft, padded and built for style comfort. Coming in at $559.47, I will have to say some things here. The domed crystal really surprised me and it’s really nice.

At this price here’s what I would expect from a watch, don’t get me wrong the Haas does deliver on most, but there are a few things that can be improved upon. The bezel I would expect to be a different material than hardlex and have better grip on the edges for increased ease of rotating. This also carries over to the crystal as I stated before, I would expect a sapphire crystal. With all that being said Spinaker is offering a 40% discount on the Haas if you use the code TIMETOBLOG and TTB30 for 30% off their other watches. Which makes the Haas a good offering at the discounted price.

The Haas is a solid offering from SPINAKKER and I am pleased overall with what I see on this watch. It’s a great mid-style diver in which it sits neutral between being s dress diver and a tool diver.


Hans Hass  January 23, 1919 – June 16, 2013, an Austrian biologist and diving pioneer in which he is known as the first to do a multitude of great things in the world of diving. He was known mainly for being among the first scientists through his underwater films to bring awareness to coral reefs, stingrays and sharks. His life story is very interesting and I highly recommend that you read about his accomplishments.

Thank you SPINAKKER for this opportunity and thank you for reading. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

For reference wrist is 7 1/2″






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