Watch Review: DELTAt NBS MKI-TCS





Change is the only thing that is eternal in the universe, but without time , nothing changes. (∆t) standards for the different between two different points in time, Time 1 (t1) and Time 2 (t2). In equation, we write ∆t = t2 – t1, which, on the other hand, denotes the change of time.

Watch is one of the greatest inventions of human kind. Without it, civilization could never become so advanced. It is the instrument of measuring the change of time (∆t), and that’s why we named ourselves .

At DELTAt , we not only produce high quality watches with reasonable prices, we produce watches with special characteristics. Every watch from is so unique that it may also be considered as a piece of art.



Patented Design
Patent Pending Lug Screw Locking Mechanism
Limited to 300 Pieces World-Wide
Japan Miyota Automatic Movement Cal. 8N24
Manual/Automatic winding
21 jewels
21,600 vibrations per hour
more than 40 hours power reserve when fully winded
Lumed Hour, Minute hands
49mm diameter excluding crown
66mm from lug to lug
20.2mm thick
Satin and Sandblast finishing
Screw-down Titanium Inner Bottom Cover with Mirror finishing Logo
316L Stainless Steel Outer Bottom Cover
Three Main Screws locked Bezel and Outer Bottom Cover
Automatic Helium Escape Valve
Carbon Fiber Dial with Lumed index
Windowed Dial to see-through the Balance Wheel and Pallet Fork
7.7mm diameter with cross-diagonal pattern screw-in Crown
Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflection coating
Water Resistant
1,000m/3,300ft (100ATM) Water Resistant
22mm width / 5mm thick
One set of 90/130mm fine genuine leather straps
One set of 90/130mm unique canvas straps
Uniquely designed Titanium Buckle and Loop

Price: $1350

Individuality is what defines us, making each person different. Our personality makes us who we are. We may follow certain style trends, but we put our own individual spin on things. As time goes on, most everything has been done sometime before. But like I mentioned before, there’s always that individualized spin we put on things to make it our own, to make it personalized to us, which in turn gives it a special meaning to that individual. DELTAt has taking this into their mission when designing watches. The NBS is a prime example of unique, individualized design. It’s certainly unique, and certainly refreshing as an escape from the “norm”.

The case is definitely as unique as they come. When I first opened the packaging the case was the first thing that I noticed. The titanium case is big, coming in at 49mm excluding the crown and 20.2 mm thick. The NBS is not for the faint of heart. It is a rugged beast of a watch that I can picture members the Voltron force wearing. It has a futuristic look to it. This is made of titanium but it still has some weight to it, but not in an obnoxious way. A watch of this size and build is going to be expected to have some weight behind it.


The bezel is fixed and it’s held in place by 3 large head screws. What’s really cool is that DELTAt includes mini tools which allows you to remove all the screws that you will find throughout the watch. I love the positioning of the 3 main screws that hold the bezel in place. The satin and blasted finish throughout the case is beautiful.


The side profile of the NBS is full of unique detail. The 7.7mm screw down crown is easy to grip and operate thanks to it’s size. But the cross-diagonal edges of the crown also adds to the ease of gripping. Normally I would complain when I see a non signed crown because I believe that when a crown is signed it adds nice detail to the overall design, but in this instance it works that it’s not signed. There is a lot going on with details on the NBS case design and the crown looks clean how it is. I think if it was signed it wouldn’t look right and be too much. The non crown side has an automatic helium release valve a nice touch of detail to the case.


I really like the solid case back on the NBS it’s just as unique as the rest of the watch. It’s held in place by 3 pentagon head screws which are smaller than the ones on the bezel. I love that the screw tube is on the outside edge of the case. It looks absolutely awesome and even more awesome because the case is cut out for the screw tubes. The center of case back is sunken in and is features an engraved DELTAt logo. There is also 3 notches cut into the case back as a continuation of the 3’s theme on the NBS.


The lugs are huge on the NBS and normally huge lugs can inhibit the overall aesthetics of the watch and also affect the comfort. But the lugs work well on the NBS. I like that the lugs have hole in them for the strap bars, especially because of the strap bars have pentagon heads. Just a great little design detail.


The NBS holds onto it’s uniqueness and continues it onto the dial. The carbon fiber dial features a large gold Y which adds a nice splash of color onto the dial. But if you examine a little closer you will see that it’s not just a gold Y, but you will see that the dial is cut out and the movement underneath is exposed. There is even the DELTAt logo cut out as well that you can see the movement through. It’s a beautiful detail that DELTAt went with that wasn’t just taking the easy trend way out by making a straight up skelotonized dial or an open heart.


The indexes are quite unique on the NBS dial. First you find round applied indexes which are lumed for some brilliant night time viewing. The indexes are nicely elevated and rounded on top. Really nice in person. Coming back to the gold Y on the dial, if you trace the Y out to each of it’s branches, each on leads to a large white triangular in nature indexes. They are located at 12, 4, 8 and they are also coated with lume. The Y on the dial is opposite by the Y that is created by the bezel screws which gives such a sense of balance to the overall look of the NBS.


My only disappointment with the NBS is the hands. I think that the hands could have taken this dial from just a good dial to a great dial. I believe that the hands are too small for the dial and the overall largeness of this watch. Also the hands are better suited for a dress style watch rather than this large, rugged style that the NBS exudes. I would have loved to see some larger hands that were skelontized a bit so they wouldn’t interrupt the views of the Y cut out on the dial. The high polished hands feature a small bit of lume but just on the hour and minute hands, the second hands is void of any lume. The hands wouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker for me but it would have made the NBS that much better.


The movement ticking away inside the NBS is a Miyota Automatic Movement Cal. 8N24. It has a 40 hour and an accuracy rate of -20~+40 seconds per day. It also has a built in shock absorber for balance staff.


The NBS comes with a killer canvas strap, game over. I love canvas straps and it’s crazy because that love has over taken my custom leather love. The grey canvas strap with the yellow detail is very well made. The white stitching adds extra detail that makes the strap even better. The titanium buckle is what makes this strap crazy awesome. It’s very industrial in design and the detail on the buckle is just plain out cool. I have never seen a buckle like this on a strap that was not a custom strap. The titanium keeper is also pretty cool but the edges are a little on the sharp side and ends up digging into your wrist after some long term wearing. Some rounded edges instead of the square edges would fix the problem. Perhaps a keeper that matches the buckle would be even better.


This watch is not for everyone lets get that out of the way. But like DELTAt states their watches are like works of art. The NBS does feature some really unique design details on the case and on the dial. I really like all the pentagon screw heads that are actually for functional purposes and not just for decoration purposes. I like that DELTAt included the tools for each size screw so that you can remove them if you so desire. So many details work on the NBS watch making it a one of a kind style watch. The only detail design that I would suggest that would make this watch even better from a stylistic perspective is the hands. Like I mentioned earlier in the review, is some bigger, more rugged hands would look/work much better on the NBS. DELTAt held true to that futuristic, rugged design vision throughout the NBS except for the hands. As I have mentioned many times in my reviews I am pretty crazy/obsessed with hands on a watch and it’s a little disappointing when they miss the mark.


This watch is big, unique and pretty damn cool. It’s completely refreshing. The more time that I spent with it, the more I came to appreciate it. The titanium case is my favorite part of this watch. Usually the dial steals the show, but the case has on the NBS. The carbon dial is very cool as well especially with the open Y. Another added detail that makes the NBS so cool is the extreme depth it can handle, 1000M or 3300 feet. That’s pretty damn impressive. It’s definitely the watch for someone that is looking for a completely unique watch experience and I believe that person would not be let down by their experience with the NBS.

Thank you so much for reading!

I also want to thank Hiro and the rest of the DELTAt team for this opportunity.





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