Watch Review: MTM Special Ops Silencer



COMPANY: MTM Special Ops



MTM Special Ops Watches, the leading manufacturer of military watches & tactical watches worldwide, proudly introduces the Pro Ops Series of rugged, dependable timepieces. After years of development, MTM unveils the exclusive Special Ops tactical watch models. View watch collections and learn more here:




MOVEMENT | MTM’s Proprietary Analog/ Digital Quartz
CASE & BAND | 316 L Stainless Steel
BAND | Adjustable band links are individually connected with allen screws on the stainless steel band option, adjustable with the allen key supplied
FINISH | Available in Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey and Black DLC Coating
BEZEL | Unidirectional, Ratcheting Bezel
CROWN | Locking, Screw Down
GLASS | Sapphire Crystal; Multi-layer Coated, Scratch Resistant, Anti-Reflective
DIAL | Unique Embossed Composite Material
INDEX & HANDS | Luminous
WATER RESISTANCE | 330 Feet / 100 Meters
CASE SIZE | 44.5 mm (Without Crown) x 15.4 mm (Thickness)
WEIGHT | 9.4 oz
DIGITAL LED DISPLAY MODES | LED display area shows current time, alternative time zone, month, date, 4 daily alarm settings, countdown timer, chronograph and alarm beeping or vibration status
DIGITAL MODES | Display Image Shows Activated Digital Mode. To View Display, Press Watertight Pusher After Unlocking
INTERNAL LIGHT MODE | LED digital display glows for easy reading for up to 3 seconds per actuation
EXTERNAL LIGHT MODES | Two bright white LEDs – for flashlight and emergency strobe functions
TO RECHARGE | Simply place the watch on the included electromagnetic induction charger overnight. The New Black Silencer will be fully charged without having to open the case or change the battery
CHARGING SYSTEM | Electromagnetic Induction. Each watch equipped with overcharge protection and low battery alert
CHARGE DURATION | Each recharge lasts for approximately 4 months under the following conditions – Starting with a full charge: One beeper alert, one vibration alert, and 20 seconds of external LED light actuation per day
CHARGER SIZE | 159mm (W) x 67mm (L) x 72mm (H)
WARRANTY | 3 Years
PACKAGING | Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Case

RUGGED. ADVENTUROUS. TATICAL. All of us have heard these terms used to describe a watch. Quite often when you receive the watch you quickly find out those terms are used a little to freely. When I by a watch that is labeled rugged, tactical, adventurous, I am going to use it to its full capabilities. I spend a lot of time in the elements, outdoors, and where there is a lot of abuse to the watch on my wrist. I expect a watch that’s labeled these things to handle what I can dish-out. It is so disappointing when a watch fails you, especially when it’s supposed to be designed to keep up and handle your adventures.


If speaking on experience of design alone, MTM seems really promising considering that they originally designed watches for use by Special Operations Forces, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Air Force Pilots, Delta Force Units, SAS, S.W.A.T. Teams, Police Officers, Firefighters, DEA, FBI & Secret Service Agents and not for the general public. The last thing those ‘guys’ want to worry about out in the field is their watch failing them. If a watch can hold up to what they can dish-out, then it surely can with what the general public can put it through. Right? Well let’s find out shall we.


Upon first sight the case does scream rugged as heck. The matte grey sandblasted case is pretty awesome. Has stealth style but not as dark as if it was the DLC coated version. The sandblasted finish is the perfect in between place.  The finish teamed with the square case shape gives the Silencer such a tactical/tech look, like a Transformer as my son described it. It is very cool like a Transformer, if Megatron transformed into a watch, the Silencer would be that watch. No exaggeration. The case comes in at 44m x 14mm From shape and feel alone this watch is battle ready.


The Silencer features a central crown and 4 pushers which all of these bad boys screw down into place making for a good water-tight seal up to 330 FT to be exact. I love how the pentagon screw heads of the case match the crown & pushers. A really great consistency detail that can be found on the screw bars for the strap and along the bracelet. The crown and the pushers are easy to grip thanks to the precise and excellant edges. Check out the pics to see how nice. This nice edging can also be found around the compass bezel. A true adventurer’s bezel. You can use the bezel as a compass with positioning it with the sun.(see pic in additional picture section)



The square case has beautiful angles throughout. The lug and crown guards are awesome. On the non crown side engraved into the integrated pusher guards is MTM. It’s a great detail that remains refined and simple, but adds to the overall aesthetics of this watch. Even the triangle lugs have some great detail and angles. The lugs have holes that allow the screw in bracelet/strap bars to go through. The screw down case back features an engraved MTM knife logo. An welcome and beautiful detail.


The black dial is viewed with ease in water and on land thanks to the “crystal clear” sapphire, uh well crystal. Pun clearly intended. The black dial isn’t what it appears to be at all. I will explain in a minute. The dial features lume coated numerals and indexes as well as lume coated hour & minute hands. The long orange second hand has a nice lume arrowhead tip. At the 10 and 2 o’clock positions are small yellow circles. Interesting and puzzling at first glance, completely awesome once you discover what they are. By unscrewing the bottom left button pusher and pressing it once activates the two bright white LEDs flashlight and pressing it twice activates the emergency strobe functions. These lights are extremely bright and can be seen for a pretty impressive distance at night or dark situations. Extremely helpful when using this watch in the tatical/outdoors setting.


At the 6 o’clock index is the MTM knife logo and looking closer you can faintly see printed dark grey ALM TMR STW VIB and BEEP. By unscrewing and pushing the top left pusher those printed letters light up & unleash some awesome features of the Silener watch. The Silencer features a LED display area shows above the printed letters the current time, alternative time zone, month, date, 4 daily alarm settings, countdown timer, chronograph and alarm beeping or vibration status. But what makes this feature even more awesome is the fact you can’t see the LED screen when the modes aren’t activated. It remains hidden like Arnold’s foe in The Predator movie. Having a LED display screen is cool, but having it truly hidden until activated is way beyond cool. It keeps a certain balance on the dial that can’t be achieved when the screen is in plain sight. I love the combination of analog and digital on the Silencer.


Yes quartz movements have a battery that is on a limited life span, typically 2 years is average. But MTM takes it a step further here. Included is a charger and you don’t have to plug it into your watch either. What you do is simply place the watch on the electromagnetic induction charger overnight. The New Black Silencer will be fully charged without having to open the case or change the battery. You don’t have to worry about over charging because the Silencer is equipped with overcharge protection and low battery alert. When fully recharged it can last for up to an impressive 4 months. The 4 month charge can last when under the following conditions A.) Starting with a full charge B.) One beeper alert C.) one vibration alert D.) 20 seconds of external LED light actuation per day. Lasting 4 months on a single full charge is quit handy when you are in limited electricity access situations. I took the Silecer on a 2 1/2 week trip through some harsh conditions and I used all the functions many times, including the flashlight mode that was used many dark nights, and the charge lasted well past the end of my trip. I was very impressed.

Something else that also impressed me on the Silencer is the bracelet. This massive and rugged bracelet is built for abuse. The links are held in place by octagon head screws which the included tool are removed with ease. The bracelet sand blasted finish perfectly matches the finish on the case. The end links at the lugs are solid, not cheap hollow links. Which you want on a watch that is designed for the abuse of the wearer. The deployment buckle features a micro adjustment to fine tune the fit and it also is engraved with MTM. The clasping system works without fail. I love how solid this bracelet feels on the Silencer. It’s definitely a plus.


The Silencer is a well made piece that is built for those “survival situations”. It feels great on the wrist and feels like it can handle any situation on land and sea. The features on the Silencer lend a helpful hand on any mission. Everything functions perfectly as you would expect. Coming in at $750 the Silencer is quite impressive for what you get. A solid case, functions galore, an included charger that allows a single charge to last up to 4 months, and a massive bracelet. This watch is constructed like a tank and it’s surely ready for battle.


What’s not ready for battle and my only complaint about the Silencer is the sand blasted finish. Unfortutely it shows scratches pretty easily which is a bit disappointing because this watch is designed for outdoors/tatical/survival situations. A watch like this shouldn’t have to be babied. Now the quality and build on this watch is great, it’s only the finishing that takes a hit. Is this a deal breaker? Certainly not. The Silencer also is available in a brushed stainless steel and DLC coated versions as well. I would like to give the brushed stainless steel a go in the field to see how well it would hold up.


If you are looking for a tactical, badass watch that can handle the outdoor with ease and has some great hidden features, then the Silencer is a great consideration. I know personally it can handle adventures on land and sea. I put it through a lot and it didn’t miss a beat.

I want to personally thank MTM for this honor and for this opportunity for the review. I was impressed on how the Silencer was able to keep up with me on my testing adventures.

Thanks for reading.

Wrist shots 7 1/2″ wrist for reference and Additional Pictures:





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