Watch Review: REC P-51-01



Company: REC Watches


We wanted to redefine how a timepiece can tell a (fantastic) story, and relate to you not as a customer, but as an individual. Watch fanatics to the bone, we wanted to create something different, unpretentious, and ultimately something we would simply crave ourselves. Hence, instead of some obscure year of establishment or vague ‘inspiration’, every single REC timepiece is made by salvaging classic cars and icons, and transforming them into watch components – a concept which we termed “RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM”.

The result? EVERY single REC watch is visually unique – that’s right, no two are identical – include handmade components, and are born with the story from the object of which it was made. Now that’s what unique design and great stories should mean!


Model: P-51-01


CASE (w/o HC): 44.0(W)x44.0(H)mm
CASE (overall): 46.8(W)x50.6(H)mm
THICKNESS (w/o HC): 10.8mm
THICKNESS (overall): 13.8mm
STRAP WIDTH: 24mm / 24 to 22mm

MVMT REF: Miyota 9130
FUNCTIONS: 3 Hands / Date / Power Reserve 48h
Automatic & Hand winding
26 Jewels / 28800 Vibrations per Hour

CASE: All Stainless Steel
TOP GLASS: Sapphire crystal
BACK GLASS: Mineral glass
DIAL: Handcrafted Recycled Mustang Metal

STORY: Scannable story card with small video documentary of the specific car that became your watch.

Price: $1495

Every once and awhile a watch comes by that tries to do something a bit different. Sometimes it works and sometimes unfortunately it doesn’t work. You have to give companies props though for originality. REC has attempted to do something different in deed. Repurposing pieces of classic cars and using those pieces in their watches. Today we have the P-51-01 which repurposes pieces from a 1966 Ford Mustang. A true classic and iconic car.


It is hard to notice anything else but the dial first on the P-51. I mean it’s the coolest part of this watch I’m not going to lie. Don’t get me wrong, this whole watch has some cool things going on. The pure rawness of the dial is so beautiful and so amazing. You instantly notice the distressed style on the dial and you can see the history in each unique marking. When you angle the dial into different lighting you can really see the detail.  The vintage vin number plate and the REC name plate that are located on the dial add a great 3-D depth. I can’t even express how this dial looks in person, aside from the obvious repurposed dial the gauge style sub-dials are equally as cool.


The small top dial is the power reserve at the set up is perfection. The PR is set up just like a fuel gauge on a car and this little detail is the second piece of awesomeness that drew me into this watch. It’s actually the first detail that made me notice the P-51 on Kickstarter and once I read more about what went into the design I was fully intrigued. I just knew then and there I needed to get hands on one.


The bottom gauge sub dial is where you tell the time & date and the awesomeness continues on. The dial is set up like a speedometer right down to the font of the numbers which just scream muscle care goodness, it’s almost identical to the speedometer on the 1966 Ford Mustang. The orange hands add the perfect amount of color to the dial.  Both sub dials are bordered nicely by  dashboard style stainless steel. It’s stylistic of a vintage instrument panel from a 1966 Mustang and other muscle cars. All of these awesome details are done with percision and beauty, not gimmicky or cliche. The orange arrow at the 6 o’clock position is the pointer for the date wheel which has a opened style window. I really like that REC went with this style date window as opposed to a single date window because it wouldn’t be consistent with the vintage muscle car feel of the watch.


The case on the P-51 is just as unique as the dial itself. If the dial is the dashboard, then the case is definitely the body of the car. A nice combination of high polished SS and matte black makes this case really special. The matte black portion of the case definitely pays homage the the 1966 Ford Mustang. On the non crown side of the case features REC in matte black, but what’s really cool is that Rec is bordered identical to the border of the Mustang logo on the front grill of the 1966 Mustang. It’s these little details that make the P-51 so special.


The crown side of the case also features some those Mustang details that continue on throughout the P-51. On the rear panel of the 1966 Mustang just past the door you will see the same detailing that you will find on either side of the crown. The screw down crown is signed with the Rec gear logo. The black and silver color combo on the crown is great. This little crown is packed full of detail right down to the gear cog edges of the crown that make gripping it so easy.


The short angled lugs allow the P-51 to sit comfortably upon your wrist. The lugs are spaced 24mm apart and are solid where the strap spring bars sit on the inner part of the lugs. This is my only area of where I think something different would have added that extra detail. I understand that the lugs are quite short, but if the lugs where just a bit longer to allow for drilled lugs with a octagon head screw bar to look like a lug nut, now that would be cool.


I am glad that Rec went with a solid black leather strap on this P-51. A rally style strap would have been way too much and may have hinged on the gimmicky side. The smooth black leather strap is held together by some black stitching which I like the black on black look. That look continues down to the black tang style buckle. The buckle is signed with the REC logo, a nice little detail that can only be noticed when at certain angles.


The engine inside the P-51, I mean the movement running inside this watch is the Miyota 9130. A good reliable power reserve movement with an accuracy rate of -10/+30. The 40+ hour power reserve will ensure your P-51 won’t run low on “fuel” and in case it does, the awesome fuel gauge power reserve indicator will let you keep on eye on it. Beating at 28880 with 26 jewels, and the custom rotor that all can be seen through the exhibition case back.


You all know my feelings on exhibition case backs, but there are exceptions to the rule. Rec did something nice here with the case back on the P-51. First it’s held in place by 6 flat head screws with some nice grooves cut into the case back that run the length of the case. The exhibition window is beautiful on how it’s executed. Instead of taking up the entire case back and exposing the whole movement, Rec when with a small rectangle cut out that runs in the center of the case back allowing you to see just enough. You have a great view of the rotor, the beating heart and something extra. Underneath the crystal above the movement is the Rec logo, definitley something cool to look at.


The P-51 merges two amazing hobbies together, classic cars and watches. They pull this off with flying colors. I’ve seen a lot of auto inspired watches, some cool, some gimmicky, but none have pulled off what Rec has. Adding history to the watch is something that makes the P-51 so magical. Using repurposed materials from the 1966 Ford Mustang is absolutely brilliant. Not only does it look great, but it gives the watch a cool back story too which is included in a scannable back story video giving the history of the actual Mustang that the pieces came from. I’d love to see this watch come with a strap made from repurposed leather from the interior of a Mustang.


The P-52 is a unique watch that is definitley original. Even if you aren’t a car enthusiast this watch design is appeasing. I like the break from the norm, it’s very refreshing to say the least. It’s definitely a watch that will get some attention when it’s on your wrist. A great conversation starter for sure. The P-51 is a quality piece and well done from dial to case. I definitely recommend this watch to the obvious Mustang fans and to anyone looking for a piece of unique Americana history that you can wear on your wrist. The meticulous attention to detail on the P-51 is quite remarkable. REC really used the 1966 Mustang as a design inspiration, not just repurposing metal, but in the little details found throughout this watch. The best part about it is that it’s done with class and not gimmicky. Plus the video history of the car that pieces were used to make the P-51 is a great bonus.

I want to personally thank everyone at REC WATCHES for this honor and opportunity to do this review.

Thanks for reading.






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