Watch Review: UNDONE Military Sergeant




Model: Sergeant


-43mm stainless steel case

-52mm lug to lug

-16mm thick

-22mm lug width

-quick release strap pins

UNDONE is known for it’s highly customizable watches, but for it’s new line it is offering something different. The “fixed” designs of their new military line are pretty awesome. Today we have the Sergeant model which pays tribute to the infantry men of WWII. From the get go you can see the inspiration for this watch. It’s GI Joe at it’s finest. The green case is quite amazing. There is a ceramic coating that is on this case that is the same coating found on firearms, which is done by Cerakote. You can check out their website to see the process. The Cerakote coating adds extra protection onto your watch. If it toughens up a gun, just think how tough your watch will be. The matte finish on the case is just awesome. I grew up with GI Joe and this watch is just as cool as GI Joe was when I was a kid, if not cooler.


The signed screw down crown operates smooth as butter and allows setting the time and date to be done with ease. There is nothing on the non crown side of the case, but on the crown side you have some great stuff. The crown guards are so stylish, and have the some nice curves that remind me of a tank track guards. The crown guards angle up to a point, not a sharp point because they are flat at the top of the guards. The angles are well done and they tie in perfect with the angles of the crown itself. The crown is signed with a U for UNDONE. My other nit picky obsessiveness is when a crown is signed, I think that when the crown in screwed all the way down, the signed crown logo should line up perfectly. It bothers me when I look at a signed crown and the logo is turned on an angle. UNDONE does not disappoint me. The U is perfectly lined up as you can see in the pictures. The crown is very easy to operate because of its octagon shape and angles.


The lugs have enough of a curving to allow the Sergeant to sit nice on the wrist. It also allows the watch to wear smaller that it’s dimensions. The lugs are solid with no holes on the outside, the set pins for the strap attach on the inside of the lugs. The holes are in line and changing the strap is very easily done. The case back is an exhibition style which allows you to view the movement, but even cooler is the rotor. It’s got a canvas material on it that ties into the dial. I have never seen a rotor that has this kind of material on it. It’s very cool. The unidirectional rotating bezel operates good. There’s a little play to it which bothers this nit picky guy a bit. But the overall look of the bezel with the matte green finish makes me forget about the play. The bezel is very easy to grip thanks to the well spaced gear style teeth that surround the outer edge of the bezel.


The dial is canvas. Yes I said canvas. This is such a unique and cool material choice for the dial. Reminds me of material from an old canvas amo pouch. It really adds great texture and depth to the dial. It’s also hard to ignore the sergeant stipes at the 6 o’clock marker. This is what makes the watch really stand out. The black indices set against the green canvas is an awesome combo. Of course you have to have military stenciled numerals on this watch, that’s a given. The black stenciled hands aren’t a given, but they work beautifully here. Not only do they look good, but it’s pretty awesome to see through them allowing you to view the indices. Either you love or hate the cyclops magnifier for the date window. What I love is that the date wheel is black with white printed numerals. Great choice UNDONE. It just has such a clean look.


Ticking away inside the Sergeant is the Seiko NH35A. The specifications of this reliable movement are as follows: Seiko NH35A 24 jewels, 21,600 bph vibrations per hour, 41 hour power reserve, diameter of 27.40mm and height of 5.32mm.
The movement is very reliable and manufactured by a company that has been in the watch industry for a very long time.

The green canvas strap is the ideal choice for the Sergeant watch. Canvas is my new favorite strap material. It looks great new and ages really nicely. The entry level canvas strap UNDONE used is pretty nice. It’s not custom canvas quality, but being a stock strap it is very nice. To top off the look of this strap, UNDONE gave the tang style buckle the same Cerakote treatment that the case recieved. It couldn’t look any better, honestly it couldn’t.


This is one of the coolest watches I have experienced for a number of reasons, but one of the most important reasons to me is the fact that it took me back to being a kid. I have some fond memories of watching and playing GI Joe. It was a HUGE part of my childhood. Seeing this watch immediately brought me back to all those great days. This watch achieved that in a very unique way. Yes it took me back to my childhood, but not in an immature, kid like way. This watch is badass through and through. Screams WWII, military toughness. Like most things, everyone has a different form of experiencing things which trigger certain memories. My memory trigger happen to be GI Joe.


The Cerakote coating on this watch is so well done and it really makes this watch special. Just the matte finish look is killer. You can tell that it was a quality/expert job done. This watch comes in at just over $600 and I think that’s an extremely fair price given what you get here. You get a reliable movement, with a expert finished case, a nice canvas strap and a unique dial/rotor. This watch can easily become your adventure/daily beater watch because just the Ceratoke finish alone can handle it. I would highly recommend this watch to someone looking for a tool/weekend warrior watch. It makes a bold statement on the wrist and it definitley can handle whatever you throw at it.

I want to personally thank UNDONE watches for this honor and opportunity for doing this review.

Thanks for reading!

wrist is 7 1/2″ for reference.



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