Watch Review: CX Military RALLYE GMT NERO 2754


Company: CX Swiss Military Watch



Model: Rallye GMT NERO 2754


G10.962 Swiss Made quartz mvt., 4 jewels

Dakar yellow dial

Scratch-resistant DLC-plated stainless steel case

Screw-down crown

Sapphire crystal

Silicone strap (length 225mm, width 22mm, thickness 4mm; pin buckle).

Case: diameter 44mm, thickness 13mm

20atm water resistant.Weight: 118g

CX Swiss Military has been at this for quite sometime. Designing world record holding dive watches, military themed watches, rugged tool watches that can handle any adventure. So it’s only natural that they shift gears (see what I did there😉) to tackle the world of rallye motor sports. Let’s face it watches and cars go together seemlessly. That’s the ride that CX hopes to take to the finish line with their newest line of rallye racing themed watches. Today we will be taking a look at their Rallye GMT NERO 2754 watch.


The dial takes the initial attention and roles with it straight out the gates. The textured darkened yellow dial is something else, just the texture alone adds so much depth to the dial. But CX went an extra step to make this dial go to further depths to make it something truly beautiful. Instead of simply using painted indices, CX has used applied markers each with applied lume. There’s something that makes these indices even more special. The rectangle indices are bordered with polished steel, that’s not the cool part, the 12, 3, 6 and 9 are also bordered in the same fashion. It’s so subtle, but when you look at the dial at a certain angle of light it really shines brilliantly. The date window at 4 o’clock has received the same treatment.


Timing is a crucial component of racing that’s a given. A driver and the crew must pay attention to fuel efficiency, tire life, lap times, etc.. all these things must be timed precisely for a victory to come about. The Rallye GMT NERO 2754 is the perfect companion for a driver to keep track of that info. The three sub-dials and chronograph function will help you achieve the timing end of things on and off the track. The sub-dial the 2 o’clock marker works along side of the chronograph/tachymeter hand keeping track of time counting. Most sub-dial counters have a single hand and measure in small increments, but the Rallye GMT NERO 2754 sub-dial has two hands allowing you to time for much more substantial amounts. The sunken sub-dials at 10 and 2 both are bordered in a very nice matte silver border. Creates a great look for both of these sub-dials. The tachymeter is located on the inner chapter ring printed in a beautiful red and white.


The sub-dial above the 6 o’clock marker is a small seconds hand, which is designed to look like the wheels on a rallye car. It’s subtle yet very stylish and cool, not gimmicky. I love all the matte treatment the dial has on the Rallye GMT and the hands continue this cool look. The central Chrono hand is matte read with a lumed elongated arrow head which is activated by the top pushed on the crown side of the case. The hands are reset by pushing the bottom pusher. The hour & minute hand and date  are set by unscrewing the crown and pulling it out. First click sets the date, second pull to click sets the time. The hour & minute hand also received the nice matte finish and lume treatment.


The black scratch-resistant DLC-plated stainless steel case is very hard to ignore. The fixed bezel is full of some real nice detail despite being completely black. Reminiscent of actual lug nuts the bezel featured 6 screw heads. The lug nuts are located at every other hour and the other coresponding markers on the bezel are marker by square notches. The entire case is matte black with a few polished exceptions. Those exceptions can be found on the textured edges of the bezel and caseback creating the perfect amount of polishe with matte. The pushes and crown are also have a polished finish with some real nice red accent. The crown is signed with the Swiss cross CX logo and the pushers have matching red ring accenting. These little details tie the case and dial together nicely. Not only does the dial feature the same red accents but the dial also features the same Swiss cross CX logo as does the screw down case back.


There is a real cool strap that’s in development for this watch. As soon as it’s released I will be updating the review. The strap will not only keep track of lap time/speed but also keep an eye on the vital signs of the driver which will be transmitted to a smartphone or tablet device. The strap on this watch is a rally style racing strap that has open holes throughout it allowing your wrist to breathe and reducing sweet build up. The strap is made of super soft silicone and features some great tire tread detailing. The tang style buckle has some very nice engraving on it, which is the entire CX name and logo, including the leaf branches as well. Pretty intricate and precise.

The G10.962 Swiss Made quartz movement is what’s powering the GMT Rallye inside. The ETA caliber movement features 4 jewels, 38 month battery life, and precise quartz timing. Now this isn’t the average quartz timing I am talking about either, this watch features the ETA thermoline movement. What dos that mean, well ETA states that the thermoline movement is twenty times more accurate than a standard quartz movement because this movement has thermo-compensation and adjustment terminals which adjust to temperature changes. Sounds pretty cool to me and during racing there are consistent temperature changes.


The Rallye GMT NERO 2754 is a very well designed watch with a very cool racing inspired theme that pulls it off without becoming gimmicky and without becoming so themed that non-racing fans can appreciate it as well. The racing theme details are done is subtle ways that racing fans will truly appreciate them from the get go while non racing fans will also appreciate them once they discover their origins. I absolutely love the color combos on this watch the black, yellow, red and white all work together in perfect harmony.


The watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist for a number of reasons. One reason is the low profile of the case, not too thick where it sits high up on the wrist which really is important if you are wearing this watch for racing because it’s going to be strapped on the outside of your jumpsuit. Another reason that this watch is comfortable is because of the perfectly angled round lugs. The lugs are also nice and short creating a nice lug to lug case length. The last reason this watch sits so comfortable on the wrist is the soft silicone strap. It’s a thick strap, but because it’s so soft and conforms to the wrist you’d never notice how thick it really is. I can’t wait for the smart strap for this watch to come out, that is going to take this watch from cool to flat out amazing. The first watch strap of it’s kind.


The Rallye GMT NERO 2754 is an awesome watch from the masters at CX Military. They have been designing watches that can take abuse on land, air and sea for quite sometime, but now even in the world of car racing they have succeeded in designing and executing a watch series that can keep the pace of the demands of racing. I would definitely recommend this watch to people not only because of the history of making reliable watches, but because this is a really unique watch because of the motor sports theme. Of course I know that this isn’t the first of its kind, but this watch has done it in a precise way that is not gimmicky at all where only motor sports fans can appreciate.

I want to personally thank CX Military for this honor and opportunity to review the Rallye GMT NERO 2754 watch. Thanks for reading!





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