Special Review: The American Made Project’s “The Keep”


Company: The American Made Project

Website: http://www.theamericanmadeproject.com

Model: Large “The Keep”


Weight: 55 lbs

Measurements:  25.5 x 17.5 x 10.5


What I love about this crazy hobby most is the people that I get to meet that I might not otherwise ever have the opportunity to meet. I have met a lot of talented and passionate people over the years since I started my blog. People from all over this beautiful planet. That’s how my path crossed with Josh’s path from The American Made Project. I was on Instagram just looking at watches and other related pictures and I came across these beautiful hand made watch/edc boxes. They were raw and just looked absolutely amazing. I had to know more about them and I reached out to Josh to learn more. After some good conversations, Josh agreed to send one of his boxes for me to take a closer look at them. The box was designed and built by Josh at Flintface.


The one I will be exploring in this review is the largest one that is offered by the AMP. Seeing this in person is truly believing. You’ve heard it before “you have to see this is person” and with this box it is really true. Not some exaggerated expression. You really have to see this in person to see and feel it’s beauty. It’s handmade rawness perfected. There are natural imperfections in the raw materials that really makes this box perfect. First and foremost this box is large and solid. The  burnt wood is the first thing that I noticed. It gives the wood a great look and is achieved by actually taking a blowtorch over the wood. The second thing I initially noticed was how good this box smells. Reminds me of when my dad would take me to the lumber yards when I was a kid.


The top tray that acts like a lid is lined with leather which was done by the Duvall Leather Work. The leather is so smooth and the rich color is beautiful. It goes along with the natural accents of the wood. You can use the top tray as a valet tray for your every day carry or for your favorite watches. This box is large and can easily handle a watch collection of 50+, even more if you use this top tray.


Removing the top tray reveals the top layer of the inner box. Here you find some blocks of wood that have leather wrapped around the wood creating some real cool and unique watch pillows. Displaying watches in this style doesn’t get any better. The wooden watch cushions are held in place by dividers that look like a section of a puzzle. The divider can be slid across the top layer and it can also be completely removed. This layer is also covered with the same textured leather that the top tray is covered in.


Now you can remove this top layer which reveals the bottom layer that has a lot of room for storage. Like I mentioned before this box can easily handle over 50 watches, and  I believe that if you organized everything organized well you could store 100 watches in this box. Now you don’t have to use this box for watches either. This box could store tools, every day carry items, small item collections, and they will be stored in nice style.


The outside of the box is is just as beautiful and awesome especially with the stone work which adds to the rugged raw earth element of this box. The production number and logo can be found on the front right bottom corner which is burnt into the wood. It looks great. The stonework can be found on the front and sides of the box and there is no stone on the back of the box. Instead of stone, there’s a faux panel that is held in place by 2-20lbs magnets making it completely removable. The faux panel is cut from the same piece of wood that the piece just above it which the grains of both pieces match perfectly.



What’s the faux panel for you ask? When you remove the panel, it reveals a small secret compartment which the drawer slides in and out. A good spot to keep you valued treasures and makes this box even cooler. I love this idea of a secret compartment. This box not only looks good, but is totally useful.


There are watch boxes and THERE ARE WATCH BOXES! I can’t think of a better way to display your watch collection. The top tray is completely useful. You can use it to place your everyday carry items on it like your keys, wallet, knife, mini flashlight, etc…. and this will keep your wife/girlfriend happy that this stuff isn’t all over the bathroom counter or the kitchen counter. This beauty also stores your watches in a great way through a combo of wood, leather, and stone. Raw beauty!

This box is so well made, you can see the vision and the passion that Josh had for this project. I never was into watch boxes before I came across this one. There are copper watch keepers that you can buy extra that really step up the coolness factor. I will get some in and add pics to this review. Anyone looking for a better, more unique way to display/store your watch collection, then look no further than this box. It’s a very impressive piece & it makes a bold statement. The best part is that every part is completely useful.

From now until November 31, 2016 by using promo code TimeToBlog you will receive the following discounts:

Small Keep: $349 discounted to $209.40
Medium Keep: $599 discounted to $359.40
Large Keep: $849 discounted to $509.40 + a FREE Copper Watch Stand
EDC Tray: $149 discounted to $89.40
Copper Watch Stand: $79 discounted to $47.40

+ Free Shipping all around.

I want to personally thank Josh from Flintface for allowing me to explore the AMP large “The Keep”. It’s a real piece of Americana beauty. I also want to thank him for the generous discount that he is offering to my readers.

Thanks for reading!




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