Watch Review: Andersmann Deep Ocean



Company: Andersmann


Going deep into the ocean has been a fantasy of mine since childhood. There is so much undiscovered wonderment hidden beneath the depths of the oceans of the world. A deeper water resistant/depth rating on a dive watch always adds a coolness factor to the watch. Not that I will ever go to those depths, nor is it humanly possible, but I will explain to you why it adds a coolness factor. If you research what is at the depths that the watch can go and imagine the watch going to those depths it is quite remarkable. 3000m is pretty damn deep, that’s over 9,000 feet! The amount of pressure that is at that depth is crazy, which at this depth it’s like placing 4,000 pounds of pressure upon a square inch of your body. Ouch! Today we have in the Andersmann Deep Ocean which happens to have a water resistance rating of 3000m.

Andersmann is a newer company and is headed by dive watch enthusiast Raymond Chan. Raymond is a huge dive watch fan and he is extremely passionate about watches. You can see Raymond’s passion when you first lay eyes on the Deep Ocean watch. The large 47mm x 56 L2L, 20mm high case is hard to ignore and has a wowness factor from the get go. The case has a matte grey color to it and this comes from the grade 5 titanium that it is made from. Grade 5 titanium* is highly scratch and erosion resistant. The 4.5mm thick double domed sapphire crystal is also highly scratch resistant.

There are two things on the Deep Ocean’s case that immediately caught my attention. Both of these eye catching details match perfectly. They are of course, the bezel and the crown. Both have precise knurled edges that allow extremely ease of grip with gloves on, in the water, or just with regular wearing conditions. The knurled edges give the Deep Ocean a real tool watch look/feel. Another detail that I noticed after some serious wrist time with the Deep Ocean is how the crown & the bezel both angle in at the edges. This detail may be small, but they show Andersmann commitment to quality and precision. The more time you spend with this watch the more you will appreciate the finer details.

The crown is signed with a raised letter ‘A’. It is a great looking little detail. The screw down style crown operates without flaw. This is probably the sturdiest crown I have experienced, ever. This crown even rivals and in my opinion out classes the crown system on the Rolex submariner and sea dweller. Both watches I had plenty of experience with. The crown tube which the stem goes into is thick and sturdy. The matte ceramic bezel inlay is a real work of beauty. The indices are raised and look phenomenal because of how they are cut and they have a sheen to them which makes them standout against the matte black bezel. The bezel also has the customary lumed pip that is in the center of a raised triangle. The pip is subset into the bezel and is encircled by polished steel. The sub setting of the pip is something that was done with great intentions. I have owned several dive watches where the pip/pearl/faux pearl are raised up from the bezel, and have been easily knocked out/off. Which is extremely disappointing, especially when a watch is defined as a rugged/tool watch built for adventure. Thankfully Andersmann recognized this problem through their attention to quality, precision and function in the field. The bezel nicely rotates anti-clockwise unidirectional  (120 clicks) and has no extra play involved.

On the non crown side of the case is the helium release valve. Not only is this functionally useful for diving for releasing/regulating the pressure inside of case but it also looks good. It looks good because Andersmann signed the valve with the periodic tables symbol for helium He. I love this detail on the Deep Ocean. The drilled lugs house the screw bars that hold the various included straps in place. The lugs are slightly curved and are on the medium length side. It is hard to show this detail in pictures but the top of the lugs are polished. Polished titanium is a very hard look to achieve because of how hard of a material titanium is. Andersmann’s passion of watches shines through this detail for sure.

I have handled a lot of titanium dive watches and I have never handled on that has had a solid titanium case back. Most have been made of stainless steel, but the DO features a solid titanium case back that is DLC coated. Awesome, just awesome.

The dial on the DO can be described as sterilized beauty. This means that it has just what you need on the dial, nothing more and it’s done brilliantly. The sandwich style dial features a combination of numerals and circles to indicate the hours. Peeking through from the lower level of the dial is off white with an almost yellow appearance. The upper level is textured matte black. The texturizing is perfect in my honest opinion. I’ve reviewed some watches that have gone a little texture crazy which ends up looking like a complete mess. The DO gets it right. This was a detail I was a little worried about on this watch before seeing it first hand. At certain angles you can not even see any texturing.

The printed text on the dial is simple, Andersmann, 3000M, Swiss Made, Automatic. It is exactly what you need. The text is also sharp, no wonky edges what so ever! The dial is well protected by the double domed sapphire crystal that beautifully rises above the bezel.

Now to my favorite part of the dial on the Deep Ocean, the hands. Oh these hands are perfection personified. Semi skeletonized, wide, and long. The hour and minute hand centers are coated with lume and the edged are polished. A stunning combination. The lollipop style second hand is ocean blue. The blue just pops right off the dial. It looks amazing and matches perfectly with the printed 3000M on the dial. The second hand lollipop circle is lumed. While I am on the subject of lume, this watch glows like Green Latern’s ring when it’s charged by a light source. This lume doesn’t just fade away after a little while either, it lasts through the night. I was able to read the time with ease from 10 feet away in a pitch black room in the middle of the night. All the hands and indices on the Deep Ocean are coated with lume.


Ticking away inside the Deep Ocean is the ETA2892-A2 top grade movement which is known to have a daily variation that doesn’t exceed 8 seconds per 24 hours. During my review of the Deep Ocean it was keeping +2 seconds per 24 hours. The movement itself is protected by a rubber O ring and titanium case ring. What can I say about this movement that hasn’t been said before. It’s durable, reliable, extremely accurate and fits perfectly with the badassery that is the Deep Ocean.

The Deep Ocean comes with 3 different straps. It includes two rubber dive straps and one leather strap. The main rubber strap that comes on the Deep Ocean initially is extremely comfortable. I wore the DO for over 24 hours straight and it remained comfortable that whole time. The straps are very easy to change because Andersmann includes a nice set of strap changing tools and I think that screw bars are easy to change over spring bars. Another nice thing about screw bars are there are less chances of snatching the lugs because you don’t have to try to force the tool in between the lugs and the strap. The signed Andersmann buckle is made of solid titanium which is another great little detail on the Deep Ocean that makes it so special.

I have been a lover of dive watches for a long time and I have compiled a list of top dive watches that I have had diving experience with and that I have put through some tough tests. These watches range from the $12,000 mark to the $300 mark. I can say that price definitely doesn’t always mean much besides just an amount paid. The Deep Ocean can compete and hold it’s own well against all of them in terms of quality, build design, execution and overall ruggedness. I am thoroughly impressed by the Deep Ocean on all levels. It has far exceeded all of my expectations by a long shot. Companies sometimes claim something but they don’t necessarily deliver on these claims, but Andersmann delivers on what they say. “WE THRIVE BY PROVIDING QUALITY, CLASSIC and CLEAN DESIGN dive watches. Our watches are geared towards all watch lovers and collectors, who looking for classic and functional watch for their everyday use.” This statement is truth in terms of what I experienced with the Deep Ocean.

I will highly recommend this watch to any dive watch enthusiast. The Deep Ocean comes in at $2380 CHF, which falls in my personal belief that most watches are not worth spending over $2500. I get a lot of flack for that from a lot of my watch collecting friends. I have experienced many, many watches, in all price ranges, and from that experience I firmly believe in my feelings/opinions on that $2500 price point. It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it😝 You definitely don’t have to agree with me. In terms of the price and what you get with the Deep Ocean. It really is worth it’s price. This watch truly delivers.

Thank you to Raymond from Andersmann for this opportunity and honor. I am very grateful.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.

*Grade 5 Titanium explained by supraalloys:

Ti 6Al-4V (Grade 5)
Known as the “workhorse” of the titanium alloys, Ti 6Al-4V, or Grade 5 titanium, is the most commonly used of all titanium alloys. It accounts for 50 percent of total titanium usage the world over.
Its usability lies in its many benefits. Ti 6Al-4V may be heat treated to increase its strength. It can be used in welded construction at service temperatures of up to 600° F. This alloy offers its high strength at a light weight, useful formability and high corrosion resistance.
Ti 6AI-4V’s usability makes it the best alloy for use in several industries, like the aerospace, medical, marine and chemical processing industries. It can be used in the creation of such technical things as:
* Aircraft turbines
* Engine components
* Aircraft structural components
* Aerospace fasteners
* High-performance automatic parts
* Marine applications
* Sports equipments



    • Confucius once said “a watch is only as big as you let be”. The watch wears great and is very comfortable. The lightness of the titanium helps as well as the crowns location. Thanks for the comments 🙏👍

    • I’ve been eyeing this watch for ages. Thanks for your write up. It’s great to see pics of this watch outside of the Andersmann website. Andersmann has some great looking watches. Sure does look like a huge chunk of metal on your wrist but I like the chunk. I have a Benarus Megalodon which is all steel but I’m sure this being titanium it wears better.

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