Watch Review: Greyhours Vision Carbon


Company: Greyhours


Model: Vision Carbon


Case: 316L polished stainless steel

Coating: DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

Dimensions: 40mm diameter/ 9.35 mm thick

Movement: Isaswiss quartz calibre 9231/1890

Functions: Displays hours, minutes, seconds, the day and date

Sapphire crystal with antiglare treatment on both faces
Bracelet: French calf leather

Polished buckle and tongue

Water resistance: Up to 5 ATM / 50 metersWeight: 65 grams

Fast moving society is the norm these days. We want it quick and we are always on the move. Technology always trying to make our lives more simple and trying to keep up moving in a forward motion. With our crazy busy lifestyles it is refreshing sometimes to just grab a watch, strap it on the wrist and out the door we go to face our day. This is what I feel that Greyhours was going for with their Vision Carbon watch that I have in for review today.

As I am working on this review John Wick is playing in the background. Irony really. John Wick dresses sleek, has an impressive arsenal and tried to simplify his life by getting out of “the game”. From first glmpse the Vision Carbon impresses. I purposely leave out describing the packaging from my reviews because I like to leave that as a surprise when you first get the watch, but I will say that Greyhours does not disappoint with the packaging and I was very impressed given the fact this watch comes in at $290.


It was hard to ignore the finish on this watch, diamond tough DLC coated 316L stainless steel. The carbon coating is so sleek and puts up a great resistance against scratching. This case looks much more than $290. Sleek and dark as hell. Simple with no extra, unnecessary bullshit. This case comes in at 40mm, with a low profile 9mm thickness. No lugs means this watch wears a little under 40mm. No lugs also means no overhang for those of you with smaller wrists. This watch wears like a dream in terms of comfort. You won’t even know it is on your wrist until you need to know it is there. The soft black french calf leather strap helps in terms of comfort. It is so soft right out of the box and conforms tomthe wrist beautifully. The black on black stealth looks so good together. The strap is equipped with quick release strap bars which makes strap changes a snap, even the buckle is equipped with the same set up.


Crown at three and button pusher at two, that is all that you will find on the outter edges of this case. A fixed polished, DLC bezel surrounds the dial of this watch like a perfect frame of a classic painting, smooth and sterile of any markings whatsoever. Turn the watch over and you will find a screwed down case back with some engraved information about the watch. The case back is held inplace by four flathead screws. The case itself is water resistant to 5 atm afterall obviously this would not be your fisrt choice of watch to accompany you on a dive trip, this is the watch you would strap on to take your date out to dinner after the day of diving was done.


Please turn the watch back over so that we can talk about this dial. Sexy black with a pop of white thrown in for flavor, that’s exactly what you get with this watch. Two subdials, a minute, second, hour hand and a simple printed in white Greyhours text. Simple yes, sexy definitely and to the point. As simple as this dial is, it does a good job of impressing. The stamped out style dial does a nice job of creating texture and depth. The subdials are sunken into the dial itself and the hour markers are cut out from the top layer allowing you to see the second layer of the dial. The subdial at the three o’clock position is the date 1-31 and the subdial at 9 is the days of the week. I love the polished look of the black subdials with the crisp white markers. Absolutely stunning. You can see by the pic at the end of the review how the dial absorbs the light, even in the wrist shot pics you can see how well it does.


All of the hands on this watch are a perfect match to the overall style that Greyhours was trying to achieve here. My favorite hand would have to be the long white second hand. The grey hour and minute hands have a section of white on them that glows nicely in low light situations. The dial is precise, sterile and is executed well. It is very unassuming yet stylistic in nature. The white just pops out because of being set against that dark background, very legible indeed. Keeping the hands running smoothly is the quartz driven Isaswiss quartz calibre 9231/1890 multifunction movement.


Sometimes it is refreshing to strap on a watch and forget its there until it is needed. Greyhours has done this in a great stylistic and stealthy way. Just as John Wick is a silent killer, dressed in his black on black attire, the Vision Carbon is just as stealthy. “The DLC coating is distinguished above all by its inalterability, resistance to corrosion, high hardness and very low coefficient of dry friction which provides excellent scratch resistance.” The case on the watch is beautiful, love how the light just dances off of it. The dial is also lovely. There is a graining done to the dial which allows it to absorb the light, given it a matte look.


This watch is that perfect grab and go watch. Which can easily translate from the office, to dinner date and even with your favorite pair of jeans/t-shirt combo. It is only $290 so you won’t have to worry about babying it while you wear it. Its classy, comfortable and well designed. If you are looking for a simple solution to an everyday watch for your busy life, the Vision Carbon from Greyhours could be your watch. It runs without flaw, the functions operate smoothly and it looks great while doing it.

I want to personally thank Greyhours for the honor of allowing me to do this review. As always comments/questions are welcome below. Thanks for reading.



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