Watch Review: Berkbinder & Brown T46


Company: Berkbinder & Brown


Model: T46 Aged distressed Case

Age can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on your personal feelings on the subject. Age can show us things that are invaluable. Through age there is wisdom, wisdom taught through experience, experience creates memories, memories are something that can’t be bought or sold, but stay with us for a long time. As I was posting on social media this past week I thought about memories quite a lot. One thing in particular, a song heard from the soundtrack of your life can trigger a memory associated with that particular song. This made me think about watches and how seeing a watch that you once owned or holding a watch that you have owned for years can also trigger memories. Perhaps a scratch or dent on the case can trigger a memory as well, maybe from a weekend adventure or a vacation excursion.

Well the watch I have in today has a case that looks like it has been through the ages built upon the many memories of others and ready to create memories with you. The T46 tool watch from the passionate Ted Brown, a man who started creating/designing buildings, to a man building horological masterpieces. The T46 was designed to be that watch that accompanies you on your life adventures creating a constant stream of memories. The Alloyed 903 Marine Bronze case will show these memories through its ever changing case. This case has been oxidized prior to assembly and it creates that reverse patina which is how the case starts with a rich brown patina but the magic is that instead of getting darker it gets lighter in the area of wear. A sort of Benjermin Buttons kind of thing. The round, puck shaped case is absolutely stunning.


Now the case is approximately 46mm in diameter but those of you who fear a larger case no worries as the T46 wears smaller because there is something missing here, lugs. But those of you who like a bigger case Ted has designed a case that has lugs. Checkout his website. Getting back to this case though, it is a combination of colors and designs aesthetics that is pleasing to the eye. The rich brown patina has hues of blue and black peeking through, mixed with the natural bronze it is stunning. The T46 has what I would classify as a fixed bezel with some real nice attention to detail. The 316 stainless steel screws are a proprietary and have a 6 pointed socket. The screws not only look good but also offer protection for the slightly domed 3mm Sapphire crystal. The screws look damn cool as well adding to the rugged, tool watch feel of the T46. These awesome little screws are continued over to the case back.

Click on image to expand:

While on the subject of the case back, the 2mm sapphire window allows us to peek at the ETA 2824-2.  The Swiss movement is made with 25 jewels and has an Incabloc Novodiac shock protection ideal for a watch designed for adventure. Eta has set the daily allowance of this movement at +/- 12-15, but during my review experience with the T46, it timed in at an impressive -3 seconds per day. This movement powers the 3 hands and date function of the T46. The time and date can be set by using the screw down crown found at the 4 o’clock position. This crown does nothing but add another level of awesomeness to this watch. The large, oversized crown has easy to grip knurled edges and features a raised Berkbinder and Brown logo. This crown screws down like a dream and operates as smooth as butter. Setting the time and date on the T46 is a breeze.


The hands on the T46 are bold, sword shaped and are easy to see because of the black and white colors. The matte black dial creates a dream back drop for a legiable dial. You won’t have any problems reading the time on this watch. The large pronted white numerals just pop, with the exclusion of number 4, as he was given the day off to make room for the date window. I must admit that my favorite part of this dial is the train track style minute/second track. The bold printed markers are found at each of the hours. The hints of red found on this dial give it just enough to keep if from being just a black and white sea of plain. At 12 we find a nice red triangle, followed by the red Berkbinder & Brown logo just underneath the 12. Finally balancing out this dial is the offest model name T46 at the 8 o’clock position.


Of course we established that the T46 is extremely legible in every day use, but how does it fare in those low lit environments?


Well master Ted wasn’t going to create a tool watch without lume silly. The green glow is pretty bright when fully charge and does a good job of slowly fading throughout the night remaining enough to read the time without fail. Rugged yes, quality yes, legible yes, realiable yes, and comfortable??? It actually is comfortable because there are no lugs to dig into the wrist, the crown located at 4 doesn’t dig into the back of the hand and the strap conforms to the wrist with ease. The Horween Dublin strap is brown and features with greyish white stitching which looks great with the aged distressed look of the case itself.  The buckle is brushed stainless steel with a machined prong & screw in pin, features an engraved Berkbinder & Brown.

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Wrist is 7 1/2″ for reference

I have to say I am a bit biased when it comes to tool watches and dive watches. They are my personal prefered choice afterall. Rugged and reliable watches are an absolute dream to me. The T46 case is an excellent example of Made in the USA work of art. The reverse patina and aging process that Ted has done here is nothing short of amazing. It is a timely and labor intensive process, but the end result is absolute perfection. I can easily recommend this watch to anyone looking for a unique, one of a kind watch experience. The likelihood of running into another T46 is slim and the likelihood of having a conversation about the T46 while its on your wrist is extremely high. This watch does get noticed quite often.

Whether joining you on the weekend adventure or for that vacation adventure, the T46 is that perfect watch for making memories while on your adventures. The cool thing about the T46 case is that it is always changing appearance because of the ever changing patina. What I also like is if this watch gets any “battle damage” on your adventures it just adds to the look of the watch. Building memories. Now if patina is not your thing the T46 coms in Titanium, stainless steel, or straight up bronze without any aging/patina process. If any patina occurs on your bronze T46 it can be easily removed with lemon juice. The only thing that I would change on the T46 is I would lume the triangle on the dial. Other than that, I think the T46 is pretty uniquely perfect.

I want to personally thank Ted Brown for the opportunity and honor of doing this review. This watch is your best work to date.

Thank you for reading, as always if you have any questions or comments please do so below.


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