Watch Review: Orodeus Time Odyssey OD1-4FF


My childhood was filled with awesome memories of cartoons and action figures. There were so many great cartoons & TV shows throughout growing up that usually had great action figures that accompanied those shows. When the Time Odyseey arrived and I opened up the shipping box, upon seeing the packaging took me back to my childhood instantly. Like some sort of science fiction time machine, that transported me back 30+ years ago. To those simpler times, before responsibility, before world politics, back to a beloved place where playing in my grandmothers backyard with my older brother with all our action figures was a daily summertime occurrence. Great, great memories.


The box art on the Time Odyssey’s packaging makes it one of the coolest set ups I have seen. The colors are vibrant, the art is amazing and it just sets the tone for what is to come. I particularly like how the main character of the art on the box has a Watch rotor incorporated into his weaponary. An awesome touch.


As you can see from the pick above the exhibition case back allows you to view the same rotor that the box art shows off. The rotor features the Orodeus name and log engraved onto it. That is just a glimpse at one of the little details that makes the Time Odyssey a unique offering. The case back also features a cool quote engraved on it “Man is never perfect nor contented” -Jules Verne. A fine example of a little detail that goes a long way.

IMG_3151As you can see the case is a combination of brushed 316L stainless steel and black pvd, teamed with the rectangular shape gives the Time Odyssey quite the unique look. The fixed bezel is brushed stainless steel with high polished edges. The base of the case is black pvd.  The case measures in at 51.50 x 39 mm (without crown), 51.45mm lug-to-lug, 13mm thickness. The Time Odyssey features a sapphire crystal that is 1.6mm-thick, that is coated with an anti-reflective coating. The Time Odyssey has a water resistance of 5ATM or 50 meters. The the push/pull crown operates very smooth and is also signed with the Orodeus logo.

SnapseedThe lugs on the Time Odyssey have a good amount of curve to them that allows the watch to sit comfortably upon the wrist. As you can also see from the above picture the crown guards do a nice job of protecting the crown. Take notice of this nice detail of the lugs being brush finished and the crown guards have a polished finish, this contrast is a beautiful detail. On the non crown side the case the same protrusion that made up the crown guards can be found. This gives the Time Odyssey’s case very nice balance.


The dial is definitely unique and full of detail. The hex head screws on the bezel give the perfect border to the “futuristic”  dial. The most striking feature on the dial has to be the matte black cross bar. It is fastened to the metal plate which rests upon the rotating discs that are used for telling the time. The cross bar is fastened by larged hex head screws, which nicely match the ones found on the bezel itself. Directly in the center of the cross bar is a small cross that is actually the seconds hand. Telling the time on the Time Odyssey is actually quite easy.  If you look at the pic below you will see a red line on the stainless steel ring that encircles the numerals. Lining up the numbers with the red line you can see that the time below reads 8:40. Also worth mentioning is the section of visible numbers for the time is clear, and the other numbers on the wheel are behind a tinted crystal which you can see below in the picture. In certain spots you can see clear through the watch out the exhibition case back.

IMG_3146The dial has some nice depth to it which is created by the multiple levels. At the base of the dial is a textured copper plate.  The brushed stainless steel ring that encircles the numerals is attached to the dial by 2 flathead screws. The dial has a very futuristic industrial look to it. Orodeus seems to understand that since all the numerals are visible on the dial, that keeping the text to a minimum was essential. The text reads as follows Automatic, Time Odyssey, and Orodeus. The black leather strap can be seen in the picture above. It reminds me of Darth Vadar’s suit. It is nicely padded and nicley accents the watches style/look as a whole.

SnapseedTicking away inside the Time Odyssey is an open worked automatic Miyota 82S0 that features a custom gold-plated rotor and it was modified with rotating discs for time reading. Basically it is a reverse dial where the dial rotates and and the hands stay still. Innthe Time Odyssey’s case, the red line stays in place. The movements frequency is 21600vph, features 21 jewels. The accuracy rate is -15~+15 seconds/day, which isn’t bad at all. When the Tme Odyssey is fully wound, it has a power reserve of 40 hours.

The Time Odyssey is a unique offering and definitely with create some diversity in anyone’s collection. It refreshing to see something that is “outside of the box”. The Time Odyssey is a great piece for someone that is looking for a watch that looks different and tells time differently but looks good while doing it. It is a well made watch. “For those in the know, parallels can be drawn between this aspect of OD-1’s design and Kubrick’s Space Station V.”-Orodeus. Fans of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey will truly appreciate this piece.

I wish that the lume was brighter on watch, like out of this world bright, glowing green. This would have made for a really cool effect that would stay consistent with the futuristic theme of this watch. I partially understand why the lume isn’t super bright because it would create a bit of difficulty telling the time at night. But darkening the tinted area on the dial would eliminate that problem. My other area of recommendation is that a comic strap with the box art on it would be a cool addition to this package as a whole.

Obviously this watch isn’t for everyone. Some might find it difficult to read the time. It honestly doesn’t take that long to get accustomed to and it is definitely a conversation starting piece.

The OD1-4 is available at $715 USD from:

I would like to thank Orodeus for this review opportunity. I would also like to thank you for reading.

More pics below.

7 1/2″ wrists for reference.



One comment

  1. I really enjoyed your review of this watch. I first found out about Orodeus through Touch of Modern and was looking for reviews/videos on it. Thank you so much for your images as well! I think I’m almost sold on getting this wonderfully unique watch. If I could ask a couple of questions:

    How is the accuracy of the watch throughout the day?

    Is the movement of the seconds piece continuous or sequential?

    Thanks again for the review!

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