Watch Review: Morpheus Sniper 300 Win mag

SnapseedI always applaud a company for thinking outside of the box for many reasons. The obvious reason is because appeasing to the masses is a hard job to do peroid, let alone appeasing by creating an unique product. Of course a company knows that by creating a unique product it will appeal to a certain audience with the accompanying risks behind it. Another reason why I always applaud a company for going outside of the box is I personally like seeing new things. For instance we see the same rehash designs over and over which becomes quite mondaine and tiresome. When I see a unique looking watch it draws me in quickly. That is what happened when I first saw the Morpheus Sniper series of watches.


The case was the first thing that caught my attention. The square 48mm 316L PVD case size is impressive. Heavy and rugged are what pop into mind when first handling this watch. The fixed bezel is thick and the flat sapphire crystal sits level with it. The thickness of the bezel gives you a sense of security that the crystal will stay well protected. On the non-crown side of the case there is a bit of nice detailing. ‘SNIPER’ engraved in the center of the case and on either side the case angles in towards the lugs.


It’s really hard to ignore these crown guards for very long. The are designed to look like the handles of a M16, which is quite fitting for the them of this watch. There are faux bolt heads on the crown guards and also found on each of the four corners on the watch. I personally wish that the were functioning bolts holding the case together. This would give a more functional feel to the Sniper watch, rather that just being a decoration to add detail.


The crown is a screw down style that is signed with a blue reticle. The crown is designed to look like the knurled knob on an actual scope. Another detail that adds to Morpheus’s commitment to the sniper theme of this watch. The reticle can also be found on the crystal of the exhibition case back. A detail that looks really cool and gives you something else to look at other than the movement itself.


Despite the measurements of the case, the watch sits well on the wrist, the shorter lug length/angled cut also aides in the fit of the watch. The super soft blue rubber strap. The blue is electric and nicely matches all the small accents of color found thoughout the watch case and the watch dial.


Speaking of the dial, the dial on the Sniper is packed full of detail and texture. Morpheus continues their commitment to theme right onto the dial. From the Picatinny rail texture, to the bullet shape tipped hands, and to the target reticle over GMT dial, all of it comes together in a uniquely cool way. It is definitely not your standard watch dial and it’s uniqueness adds to the overall appeal of this watch. I really like the blue hour and minute hands. The shape, size and color all are just right. The white second hand is plain and that also works because of how much detail the dial already has.


Under the 12 o’clock position on on the dial is where the power reserve indicator can be found. Marked with Safe, Semi, Auto, a small red hand points to where the Sniper stands in terms of reserved power. Auto is fully wound, Semi is the middle of the road, and Safe is when you need to start winding up the Miyota 9110 movement.


Each of the watches in the Sniper series has it’s own unique caliber which can be found around the date wheel at the 3 o’clock position. I like that the border of the date wheel is raised up. This adds to the depth and detail of this dail. There is a lot going on with this dial, but Morpheus kept it balanced without making it boring or overcrowded. It actually took me quite some time spending with the Sniper to realize that only 2 and 4 are represented on the dial. I like how the hour markers are slightly raised, which again is a small detail that adds depth to this dial.


This is a heavy but comfortable watch. It is definitely unique and offers you something different in a over saturated market of re-hashed designs. Morpheus always thinks outside of the box and that is what makes them an appealing brand. I get that their designs aren’t for everyone, but if you look at each of there themes for their watches, there is actually a little something for everyone. The Sniper watch makes a great companion for the outdoors. It’s rugged case can handle a lot of abuse. I am not recommending you purposely go out and abuse this watch, but you definitely don’t have to baby it when out in the field.


This watch has been with me on quite a few adventures from the ocean to up in the mountains, in the rain & mud and it handled it with ease. I think that the larger case size helps protect it and the lower profile also assists. The soft strap keeps it comfortable on the wrist. If you are into tactical stuff, and want to add to your EDC, the Sniper is the watch for you. A tactical pen is even included with this watch. How cool is that?

I want to personally thank Morpheus and you all for reading.



Before the tree fell


After the tree fell……….and it did make a sound.








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