Watch Review: Botta UNO24 PLUS


Busy, complicated life. Constantly running here and there, between, work, kids, activities, from morning until night. By the time you can relax, you are too exhausted to even do that. Speaking for myself I know this to be true. Technology is supposed to lighten that workload called life. But even technology can make things more complicated and it certainly has a strong appetite for time consumption. You know the saying “oh, I am going to go online for a minute to check my email” an hour later you are online yes, but you haven’t yet checked your email. I have been there way too many times. Another saying I catch myself saying almost every day is that there is never enough time in the day. Well, today’s watch in for review makes you feel like you have nothing but time.


The UNO24 PLUS from Germany’s own Botta Design is a very unique watch. The unique dial is hard to ignore from first sight. First and foremost there is a singular hand that hands the dial’s busy work, or in the UNO24’s case lack of busy work. The dial is a 24hr dial which means this singular hand makes one trip around the dial per day. Glancing at the dial throughout the day made me feel like I had all the time in the world. What seems like it will be a hard task to tell time with a sinlge hand, Botta designed this dial to make it quite simple.


First I will break down the dial between top and bottom, or between light grey and dark grey. The numbers found in the light grey section are typically what you would refer to as awake hours until early evening aka 6am until 6pm. The dark grey or bottom half of the dial is early evening until earl morning aka 6pm until 6am.


How do you tell time with only one hand you ask? Well that is something that it quite simple once you spend a little time with the UNO24 on your wrist. If you look at this dial, in between each hour marker you will see 5 white lines, two short, then one long, then two short. Each line represents 10 minutes, the longer line is the 30 minute marker. It didn’t take me anytime to get use to the UNO24’s unique take on telling time.


There is a lot of nice little details on this dial that I really like. First the color choices on the dial are beautiful. The two tone grey looks great along with the small accents of orange that are found throughout the dial. At 12, 18, 0 and 6 there are orange applied markers, the corresponding  numbers are also printed in orange. The orange gives you some great reference points as well. Botta certainly paid attention to detail on the UNO24 PLUS, the black date wheel with white numerals blends in nicely on the dark grey portion of the dial.


The 45mm case on the definitely wears smaller that you think. The short, curved lugs almost make the strap an undermount style case, aka puck style. The very low profile of the UNO 24 allows the watch to slide under a shirt cuff with complete ease. Another detail that allows the case to wear smaller is the tiny push/pull style crown. The height is 8.8 mm and the watch weighs 56 g. The case is a combination of stainless steel for the top/dial side of the case and the bottom/case back is PVD coated. The scratch resistant antiflective coating covers both sides of the sapphire crystal on the UNO24. The watch has a WR rating of 3 ATM.

Ticking away inside the UNO24 PLUS is a RONDA 515.24H Swiss-made, with 371 battery that has a battery life of 45 months and an accuracy rate of  -10/+20 seconds. Testing the accuracy on this watch is tough since it has only one hand.  The strap is a vegetable tanned leather wrist strap on this review piece but Botta also has available a rubber strap and a steel link bracelet. I personally think that a NATO style strap would look fantastic on this watch. The buckle on this watch is a unsigned, brushed finish stainless steel buckle. Functions as it should. The strap will take some time to soften up as it is quite stiff right out of the box.

The UNO24 PLUS is manufactured Germany by passionate people behind the scenes at Botta. For $498 you get a well made and very unique watch. It is definitely a conversation starter for sure and I highly doubt that you will come across another single hand watch out in public. The dial is definitely my favorite part on this watch. It is large, clean and highly legiable. The is a small learning curve to get over when getting used to telling time on this watch, but it doesn’t take long. The UNO24 PLUS is extremely lightweight and extremely comfortable on the wrist. I sometimes forgot I was even wearing a watch at times.

My areas of recommendations for improving upon an already unique watch design are the following. I would have loved to see some sort of lume on this watch. I believe it would have taken the UNO24 up a notch in terms of design and legiability. My other area of improvement is the crown. I would have liked to see a signed screw down crown. This is just a personal preference as I believe all crowns nowadays should be screw down which just adds an extra degree of protection. A signed crown just adds a bit more personality to a watch. I understand that Botta is going for a sleek, minimalistic look on this watch.

I want to personally thank Botta Design and all of you for reading this review! As always your comments and questions are welcome below.


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