Watch Review: UNDONE Mystique


Having options is always helpful, especially when you need affordable options. I am definitely not made of money so it is nice to have those options that won’t break my wallet. This is what UNDONE has started which was kind of adopted as their mission statement, to give their customers affordable options and have options for their customers be able to customize the watch. Today though, I will be looking at UNDONE’s new Mystique line. Which comes in at an affordable option at $260 USD

There are definitely design details that I notice first when I first get a watch in, for the Mystique that first noticed detail was the dial. The video below shows the process of how the design/ look of the artisan gradient  dial was achieved.

These dials were very popular in the 1960’s. UNDONE has taken these dials and have aligned them with the solar system. I have in the Mercury and the Neptune. The Mercury has a blue dial. Blue, a calming hue that resonates with Wisdom and Peace.”  I also have in the Neptune with the green dial. “Green, a zesty hue that connects well with Nature and Youth” 


Both dial colors just pop as you can see in the pictures. The dial of the Mystique is simple, with no unnecessary clutter. There are two subdials, one located at the 12 o’clock position and the other at the 6 o’clock position. The top subdial is responsible for counting for the chronograph while the bottom sub dial is a small seconds counter. There is nice guilloche application done in the subdials that adds a touch of texture and depth to the dial. The domed K1 crystal with the curved edges adds more depth along with the how the color of the dial progresses from darker around the edges to lighter as you progress towards the center of the dial. The vintage style hands and applied hour markers are very reminiscent of men’s dress watches from the 1960’s. I could totally see Dean Martin rocking this watch with swagger back in the day. Both the hands and the applied markers have a high polished finish that catches the light brilliantly.


The 40mm by 52mm by 13mm stainless case is a nice comfortable size for every day wear. The Mystique will easily fit under a dress shirt cuff with no problem. The case has a combination of a brushed and a polished finish. The case back is highly polished which can almost act as a mirror. It is so clean and simple, I actually love it’s simplicity.


The push/pull style crown is easy to grip and easy to use. More importantly it functions without flaw. The crown has great detail with both the UNDONE ‘U’ and the finished edges. The crown is a generous size as well which makes operating very simple. The pushhers that operate the chronograph function are easy to push and respond well. The top pusher starts and stops the chronograph while the bottom pusher resets it. The lugs are quite beautiful on the Mystique. The sides of the lugs have a brushed finish which is continued around the circumference of the case. The lugs gradually tapper as they progress out from the case.


The lugs gladly accept the quick release spring bars on the leather strap. The quick release works like a charm and allows you to take the strap off without the need of a tool, and more importantly allows an easy realease without the threat of strap change scratches. The black leather strap has to be one of the softest, most pliable straps straight out of the box that I have ever experienced. It is so absolutely comfortable. I want straps like this in every size for the watches in my collection. The strap has some detailing with some white stitches near the lugs and at the tip of the non buckle side of the case. The signed brushed stainless steel buckle finishes off the strap with a nice complete look.


Ticking away inside the Mystique is the Seiko VK61 mechanical quartz movement. For those who aren’t familiar with the mecha-quartz movement let me explain. Mechanical quartz movements are constructed in a hybrid style. The hybrid comes in through a combination of quartz-regulated electronic “fuel” and a mechanical chronograph “carborator”. Mechanical quartz chronographs have the accuracy and stability that people come to know in trust from a quartz movement.  The Chronograph functions like that of a mechanical chronograph but rely on a battery source for it’s power instead of a rotor like that of an automatic movement.

The Mystique is a nice little package at an affordable price. My favorite part of the Mystique has the be the dial, followed closely by the crown. The blue dial almost looks black in certain light, then it appears to be sunburst blue in other lighting. The strap is a so comfortable and teamed with the lightness of the watch itself makes for a great all day wearing watch. You almost forget that it is on your wrist. The domed crystal is also a good looking detail, I just wish that it was a sapphire crystal. While I am I a suggesting roll, I would love to see a future Mystique in a non-chrono, Automatic movement version.

The Mystique has some great vintage charm and an attractive price. These would definitely make for a good Christmas present. The 40mm case size can work easily for both a man or a woman, with the dial color options and the silver or rose gold option you can definitely find the perfect match for yourself or for a gift for someone else. A friend of mine who is getting married was looking for gift ideas for his groomsmen and I suggested the Mystique, not only for the affordability, but also for the case back space that can be easily engraved.

The Mystique is an affordable option for a daily beater that can transition from the office business attire to the bar in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I would like to thank you all for reading. As allows, your questions and comments are welcome below. Thank you to UNDONE as well.





  1. I’m looking at purchasing one of these, but can’t decide between the blue or the green. Given you own both, which one do you prefer?

    • Definitely the blue. It looks awesome in different lighting, goes from blue to deep blue to almost black. The green is nice, but the blue really kills it.

  2. No problem. If you have any questions or comments I am always available. Thank you for reading my review, I truly appreciate it.

  3. Hello Stephen,
    thank you for nice review. I´m thinking about buying Undone Mystique with blue dial now, but: does Mystique really worth it? I´ve the opportunity to buy a watch for 200€, but I´m not sure yet… thanks for (little) help with decision..

    • Thanks for the kind words. The watch is very well made and the dial is quite beautiful in person. It’s a decision that you unfortunately have to make using your own judgement.

      • Thanks for your reaction. Of course I´ve to make decision myself… 😉 I asked more about ratio between quality and price. Some people said about Mystique series something about “overpricing”, but price 200€ seems quite reasonable for me. Even if it´s just for quartz movement…

      • Lol. I know that you understand what I mean my friend. It is hard to say is a watch x amount. Some say Rolex watches are worth their price while others will never justify even spending over $1000, $500, etc for a watch. Hopefully my review will offer you the assurance that you need for your purchase.

      • Your´re absolutely right. Everything is relative and I understand that my question was esssentially a bit abstract. I was just curious and sometimes a man in indecisive as you know. Maybe it´s more a matter of taste. Your review is helpful, no worry…

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