Watch Review: Redux Courg A-11


I had the opportunity to review the first production COURG when it was first released via it’s original Kickstarter campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed the COURG and thought it was a strong first release. There were a lot of details that really impressed me coming from a “new face” on the watch scene. As many of you know there are quite a bit of new companies popping up as well as Kickstarter campaigns.


I learned from past mistakes about funding certain projects, but the Courg is one that I was overally impressed with and happy that I did help fund it. There were areas for improvement with the Courg that I reviewed from the first batch of releases. I was talking with Elbert Chu from Courg and as I was talking with him I wanted to see how the Courg changed since the original release. So I am revisiting the Courg, but this time with the grade 5 Titanium case and the A-11 model.


“The COURG A-11 pays tribute to the WWII American fighter pilots who strapped these timepieces to their wrists and helped lead to the Allies’ victory.” This is what really drew me in to the A-11 model. Since I have been young, I was always intrigued with learning about WW2, so the A-11 was the ideal choice for me. The dark grey grade 5 Titanium case is recognizably darker than the grade 2 that I reviewed almost 2 years ago. Titanium does change color as natural oxidation process occurs and on the A-11 it looks awesome, adding to that rugged, I can handle the mission look.


There’s a funny thing about the magic of the Courg, the case size is well below where I personally like my watches to be. It comes in at 39mm without the crown, height of 13.7 mm, lug-to-lug 46.6 mm, and 20mm lug width. The Courg is simple, but it is packed full of personality that it has big wrist presence. What I noticed about the A-11 versus the first production model is that every on the A-11 is more crisp, more exact. I first noticed this on the bezel markers and the edges of the bezel, even the engraved case back looks more clean which makes reading the model information much easier. Plus it looks cool!


“When we embarked with the goal to build the perfect timepiece forged for every adventure, we turned to mission critical pilot instruments, which helped the Allied air corp and troops win World War II. We selected the time-tested and proven A-11, a classification of original American designs based on a military spec for aviator wrist watches.” The rounded, curved lugs have a nice finished appearance. The drilled lugs are functional with making strap changes easier and you are less likely to scratch the lugs as well, especially if you use the right tool. While we are on the subject of function, the signed screw down crown is very easy to grip and operate. When manually winding the Courg it is much smoother that the first run Courg.


“Manufacturers painted the dials black and used white numerals and markers for high contrast visibility. In addition, manufacturers were not allowed to mark the dial, thus giving the watch a clean logo-less finish.” The matte black dial on the A-11 is simple, legible and full of vintage charm. Just as the dial  from the vingtage inspiration, the A-11 dial has no logo, no name, just the essentials, white printed hour, minute, second markers. The white hour and minute hands on the A-11 also have that vintage charm, with their shape/overall design. The hour & minute hands look great, but I have to say the second is my favorite. The lollipop shape and the pop of red color just makes this dial.



Ticking away inside the the A-11 is the Seiko NH35A. The same movement as inside of the first run models. The new strap for the Courg is awesome. The American clay colored leather strap is a nice new addition to the Redux family. The hardware is made of Titanium and is signed giving it a nice finished appearance. There is a great information section on Redux’s website about the process of making the strap, etc…. the link is below:

Clay Color Two Piece American Leather Strap 20mm


The new strap gives the Courg a whole new look and feel. The A-11 is an awesome little watch with big personality given through it’s combination of well planned out details. If you are like me you have a sweet spot for watch sizes, mine happens to be 43-47mm, so the Courg comes in at 39mm. I absolutely love the look and feel of the Courg on my wrist, which speaks to how special this watch is. I am pleased to see how the Courg has improved. The bezel lume triangle lines up perfectly with the 12 o’clock hour marker. The bezel still has a little extra play in it, but it is much better than the first run model. The lume is much improved as well as you can see in the pic below.


This model goes for $450usd and it is a nice package. The grade 5 Titanium case is tough as nails and it’s dark grey color gives off a stealthy appearance to the Courg. There are so many things that I like about the Courg that it makes it very easy to recommend to someone who is looking for a military inspired pilot watch infused with some DNA from a dive watch. I have tried several Kickstarter watches, and this is by far one of the best that I have reviewed.

I want to personally thank Redux and you all for reading. As always your questions and comments are welcome below.



Case, Case Back, Crown, Bezel: Titanium grade 5
Case Back: Deep corrosion etched, screw back
Crown: Screw down, with RDX logo
Dial: Matte Black with vintage white numerals with RDXb1 blue lume
Hands: Lumed with RDXb1 blue and C3 green
Functions: Hour, minutes, seconds, date
Rotating Bezel: Uni-directional 90-click (Ti.Gr5) C3 lume marker
Water Resistance: 20 ATM (Ti.Gr5)
Movement: Automatic Seiko SII Instruments NH35A (21,600 bph, 41 hour power reserve, 24 jewels)
Time Set: Hacking
Movement holder: Brass
Date: White on black calendar wheel
Lugs: Drilled with shoulderless pins
Weight: 1.8 oz. (51 grams, ~20% lighter than steel equivalent)
Width (w/o crown) / 39mm
Height / 13.7 mm
Lug-to-lug 46.6 mm
Lug-to-lug (strap) 20 mm
Lug width 3.4 mm



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