Watch Review: Andersmann Classic

5106E999-B0C8-4782-BEC8-8F3134D75DABI want to talk movies here for a minute. I am sure some of you are like myself when you see a movie and you absolutely love it, sometimes blown away by it. Watch it over and over again, never growing tired of it. Then you hear the sequel announcement. You get super excited to see where the movie will go next, watching the trailers, looking at pictures from the set, building your excitement, counting down the days until the release. Then the big day arrives, you see the sequel, but instead of loving it, you walk away disappointed. It is hard for movie makers to capture the magic of the first film, I have seen it happen over and over again. But there are those rare occasions where the sequel is actually better than the first movie. A real rarity but it does and has happened. Sometimes an even rarer occurrence happens when the movie is actually better than the book, and even rarer than that, is when a reboot is better than the original.


Where am I going with this you ask? Well, sometimes the movie scenario that I just explained happens within the watch world as well. I had the opportunity to review watches from Andersmann in the past. It was a rare occurrence because I completely skipped the first movie, reviewed the sequel, and the 3rd in the trilogy, the Deep Ocean. Which completely blew me away. I was nervous when I saw the Classic for the first time and when I read the specs. Smaller case diameter and thickness had me worried if I am going to be honest here. I was excited but also nervous.


The watch arrived in the Andersmann traditional water tight black plastic case. When I opened the case part of my nervousness subsided. The Classic has a 44mm blasted finish grade 2 Titanium case. The 12.4 thick case has layers to it with a slightly curved DLC Titanium middle layer. The curved lugs follow this curved line and extend slightly out past the case edges. The shorter lugs cut down on the wrist overhang on the Classic. I like how the shorter lugs match the smaller crown guards which gives the case a more conservative appearance. The classic is probably one of the most comfortable watches that I have worn. I can see the appeal of a lower profile watch now.


I know I have mentioned this quite a few times in past reviews that I am not a huge fan of exhibition case backs, but Andersmann did some that made me appreciate this case back. The first detail is the sapphire window has been greyed a bit which gives the ETA movement a more mechanical look, a robotic look, a cool Transformers look. Andersmann used a darker metal finish for the signed skeletonized rotor which looks great set against the guilloche finish of the movement behind. The case back has another detail that I like, which is how the case back is held in place with the help of 4 hexagon head screws.


The case and the dial match brilliantly, a well planned out detail that really gives the Classic a well finished appearance. Let me explain what I mean. The dial is a sandwich style dial with a black textured top layer and a grey DLC core layer. This process is a more timely and costly process but it adds so much to the overall appearance of this dial. The black textured portion of the dial matches perfectly with the DLC Titanium middle portion of the case and the dial markers perfectly match the blasted grey Titanium case. Which brings the a mechanical harmony to the watch itself. Even the printed text on the dial and the printed numbers on the chapter ring are printed in mathching grey which shows Andersmann commitment to detail, right down to the fine printed Swiss Made.


The hands were a part of the Classis that I wasn’t quite sure of when I first saw the pictures of this watch. In my opinion watch hands are an important detail and can certainly be a deal breaker for me when deciding on a purchase. But again, Andersmann’s attention to the little details put my worries to rest once I received this watch. The matte finish of the hour and minute hand match the case and dial markers. The finished squared tips of the hands are a nice throw back to some vintage dive watches of the past. The shape, color, length and tip on the second hand gives a nice pop to the dial of the Classic.


In some pictures that I have posted a few have complained about the location/inclusion of the date window. I honestly have no problem with either. No hour markers were excluded which keeps balance. It blends into the dial since it is on a black date wheel with grey printed numbers that match all the grey that is on this watch. Another instance of how Andersmann is passionate about delivering a watch that is well made, consistent and full little charming details.


The FKM rubber strap is so soft and pliable right out of the box. It conforms to the wrist perfectly, smooth to the touch, and equipped with one large rubber keeper. The strap has a traditional tang style buckle that is signed with Andersmann which is engraved very clean and smoothly.


Details can really add up into something special and that is exactly what we have here with the Andersmann Classic. What I can really appreciate with this watch and with Andersmann in general is that each watch has been improved upon and this is apparent every time I get a chance to spend time with one of Andersmann’s watches. Often companies stick to a formula that works, but never improve upon that formula. Andersmann changed up formula from their comfort zone of 47mm dive watches and took a chance by changing it up to 44mm with a much thinner profile, fixed bezel, layered case with DLC titanium center, DLC core layer dial.


The Andersmann Classic comes in at just over $1350 which some might consider on the high end, what I can tell is that Raymond’s passion for dive watches is self evident when you look at every detail of this watch. Absolutely no corners were cut in terms of design and quality. I can say that I could not find anything wrong with the classic to nit pick about, if I can to reach for something the only things I would suggest is to upgrade the Titanium from Grade 2 to Grade 5 and offer a no date option.

This watch is an easy recommendation for someone looking for an upgrade to the standard microbrand dive watch with a highly reliable movement and a tough as nails case. There are 3 versions of the Classic available is the yellow isn’t your cup of tea.

I want to personally thank you all for reading and as always your questions and comments are welcome below.

A very special thanks to Raymond Chan of Andersmann Watch!






Specifications from

CASE : Diameter 44mm, Multi-Layers Titanium-Bead blasted/ Middle Layer DLC


LUG WIDTH : 24mm

THICKNESS : 12.4mm

MOVEMENT : ETA 2892 A2 with engraved logo on the rotor

CRYSTAL : See-through 1.7mm sapphire crystal at the back / Double curved sapphire crystal on top 3.8mm thick with anti reflective treatment

BUCKLE : Titanium Tongue buckle with engraved logo

All the CLASSIC watches and their parts are assembled and manufactured by reputable manufacturers in Switzerland. Here are some of the outstanding features:

CLASSIC watches can descend up to 300 meters underwater
Watches are equipped with a first-rate ETA2892-A2 movement, guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability
Both the base and top are made of sapphire crystal, revealing the delicate movement while offering strong protection
They feature a sandwich dial

FUNCTION : Hours, minutes, seconds 42 hours power reserve

BACK : 1.7mm sapphire crystal

DIAL : Grained texture/Sandwich


STRAP : FKM rubber strap125/80


REMARK : All watches come with box with warranty card.


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