Watch Review: Heitis Pilot/Aviator

623A6887-B42B-4EB8-9B49-C8708B476A0ATaking it back to the basics. Keeping it simple. In a chaotic world in which one may live, those quotes are quite a welcome. I believe that is what Heitis has been trying to achieve with their collection of watches. It is actually what first came to mind when their Aviator watch arrived. Simple, classic and as we explore this watch together we will see if we can add gets the job done to that list. What drew me to this watch initially? The dial actually with it’s classic aviation style.


My first thought when I finally got to see this dial in person was instrument panel from a true classic of aviation. The layout of the matte black dial is very precise just like a gauge on the instrument panel. I want to talk about the date window first. This is the kind of dial where this style of date window works. I typically don’t prefer a date window, let alone a date window like this. Why do I like it in this circumstance? It holds true to the aviation theme of this watch and more importantly it looks good while remaining functional.


The unique thing about this dial is that it remains simple, precise despite everything that is printed on the dial. If you look at an instrument panel on a plane, it’s overwhelming. But the pilots ease of operation makes the abundance of dials, gauges, buttons seem like it’s simple to navigate. That is exactly how this dial works. There is an abundance of numbers, markers, etc…. but it is done with such precision that reading this dial is extremely easy and looks amazingly organized. I like that the dial works from an outside in fashion. Starting with the minutes/second track printed in bold and easy to read white, then you have printed in subtle sized red there are the traditional 12 hour track, then finally in the center of this dial you have printed in white military hour track.


The traditional aviation/pilot style minute/hour hands are the perfect length and width where they functionally point to their intended indicators on the dial and also allow you to read the dial without interruption. I really like he hands on this watch, my only suggestion though is that the second hand should be longer where it reaches to the outer edge of the dial. The red tip nicely matches up with the red print on the dial and matches the hour hand. The text itself was kept to a minimum on this dial which was a good design choice. My personal favorite detail on this dial is the star and wings logo, a small detail that makes a big impact in my opinion.


The blasted finish stainless steel case has a lot of nice little details that really surprised me especially at this price point. The signed crown caught me completely off guard because I definitely didn’t expect it to be signed and I certainly didn’t expect it to have such an ease of grip/function. When I turned the watch over, I was hit by two surprises that were not expected, again, not at this price point. The engraved logo was an added bonus on the screw down case back. It looks really good and better than I have seen on watches that sell for 5x of what this watch does. While I was exploring the case back I noticed that the brown leather strap has quick release spring bars. I thought to myself not only does this strap have some nice details with the blasted rivets and matching finished signed buckle, but now the addition of the quick release spring bars just took this strap that rare extra mile.


I really like what this watch has to offer and what it stands for. It makes no claims to be something that it’s not. It’s an honest and affordable watch that I believe has a place in watch collection. A watch that does exactly what it was designed for, does it’s job well and looks good while doing it. It’s a good every day watch, aka a daily beater with the style charm of a pilots/aviation watch. A watch that you don’t have to worry about babying while it’s on the wrist. This watch will not break the bank and it’s an great value for what you get. Ticking away inside this watch is a Ronda Swiss Quartz movement.


My suggestion for improvement on this watch is having a screw down crown instead of a push/pull style. Not that I would take this watch diving with me, but a screw down just adds a bit of extra security in my opinion. Having said that, if you compare the specifications to the $189 price, you are getting some hell of a lot of bang for the buck. You hear that a lot, but I was 100% serious when I say that here.


* Case: Surgical Grade 316L Stainless steel
* Caseback: Stainless steel, screw down
* Dial: Stainess Steel Aviator
* Hands: Sword with super lume
* Calendar: Date displayed at 3 o’clock position with unique cut
* Strap: Genuine leather, black or brown
* Clasp: Buckle
* Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with AR coating
* Crown: Push/pull
* Movement: Ronda Swiss Quartz
* Water resistance: 5 ATM/50 meters/165 feet
* Case measurements: 44 mm
* Strap measurements: 20 mm



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