Watch Review: Trifoglio Italia Millimetro


So much in our lives can be translated so differently because of our own personal interpretation. I find it fascinating when two people can look at a piece of art and come away with two completely different interpretations of that same art piece. This is something that I also find very interesting with watch design. Give two designers a blank canvas and ask them to create their interpretation of a watch and I guarantee both designs would be completely different, neither design better than the other, but still they will be completely different. That’s a beautiful thing that I see in watch designs every day, designers personal interpretation of what a watch is and means to them. It fun to watch the progression when the vision is taken from the design phase to when it is made into an actual production piece. Today I will be exploring a piece that is just that, the Trifolgio Millimetro watch.


What I found immediately interesting is my interpretation of this watch at first sight when I opened up the box. The dial and time telling display is very new and unique to me, but for some reason this watch has an old world feel to it. This is the type of watch I would imagine to be found inside a piece of antique furniture that was bought at a second hand shop. The watch placed in the furniture and forgotten about for generations.


The dial is made up of 3 different discs which are responsible for displaying the time components. I will break it down simply working from the inner most disc out, the smallest disc displays the seconds, the next disc is the minute display and the outermost disc is the hours. Keeping this mass of rotating numbers in a readable, time telling order is the job of the little “hoop” located at the 12 o’clock position which is printed on the underside of the crystal. Initial look at the dial you feel overwhelmed with all the numbers, but it’s quite easy to understand the working of the dial. The white discs with black printed numerals really help the legibility of this dial as well.


I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the case material (Stainless Steel 316L in IP Rose Gold) for this watch, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by how well it works. I believe that the case material and finish adds to my own personal interpretation of how this piece has that old world feel which is almost like this watch is an old type of measuring device used to aid in exploration. The brushed finished helps the rose gold in a positive manner in terms of overall appearance because if Trifoglio went with a high polished finish it would have changed the whole look and feel of this piece in my opinion.


I appreciate the consistency of flow on this piece in terms of the case, crown and strap buckle, all match perfectly. I did have a little difficulty operating the crown because of it’s size, though a larger crown would assist this, but I believe it wouldn’t look right on the watch itself. The smaller crown doesn’t go without a touch of detail though, the push pull style crown is signed with Trifoglio’s logo. Even the stainless caseback has a vintage feel to it with it’s simplicity and with the fonts used for the engraving.


The Millimetro is a watch with a very interesting and unique way of telling time which I can appreciate especially for Trifoglio’s interpretation of the watch dial. At $395 the Millimetro is an affordable piece that has a place in a collection that is missing that unique watch. It is definitely a conversation starter as well. During this review I had many interesting conversations about watches with people asking questions on how I use the watch to tell time. These interactions were actually quite fun, who doesn’t love talking “shop” about watches right? I am definitely interested to see this watch on different straps, not that there is anything wrong with the brown leather strap the watch came on in terms of quality and design. I just like to see how a watch’s appearance can change with a simple strap change, a distressed, aged leather would be my first choice.


There isn’t much of a learning curve to telling the time on this piece and quite honestly once you get the time set correctly you are pretty much good to go. I expected a bit more initial difficulty but there really wasn’t which is a good thing. The Millimetro wears very comfortable at 42mm x 8mm, and wears true to it’s measurements. A highlight of this piece aside from the dial of course, is the acrylic domed crystal has such vintage charm. I really appreciate what this piece is and it is a very refreshing watch in terms of design and execution. I was definitely surprised on how much I like this piece, this like grew as I spent more time with this watch. It’s definitely a unique and different piece, which when opening the watch box to pick a watch for the day, the Millimetro would definitely standout.

Thank you all for reading and as always your comments and questions are welcome below.

Thanks to Trifoglio.



Case Size: 42mm
Case Thickness: 8mm (Excludes Domed Crystal)
Case Material: Stainless Steel 316L in IP Rose Gold
Crystal: Acrylic Domed
Dial: 3 Independent Rotating Discs
Movement: Miyota 8215 (Automatic)
Strap: Genuine Italian Leather in Brown
Strap/Lug Size: 20mm
Strap Length: 125mm x 75mm
Water Resistant: 5ATM
Warranty: 2 years





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