Watch Review: Deltat Heavy Armor


How to stand out in this day and age is something that the watch companies are figuring out, the that decide not to follow the flock that is. There is a fine line of being unique and being gimmicky. Now if a watch embraces that gimmicky attitude from the get go, I can completely respect that. My respect will always be earned more so when a company purposely ventures away from the same old designs. When a company goes that unique route and is able to pull off something that I haven’t personally seen before, then I give my respect as both a watch enthusiast and as a watch reviewer. This was something that I was quite excited to distinguish between when I started seeing pictures of Deltat’s Heavy Armor watch. I knew that I had to get hands on with this piece as soon as possible.

When the watch arrived in it’s cool orange plastic case I had the feeling that I was in for a real treat. Upon opening the case, I was greeted by a nice layout and presentation the watch, extra strap, metal warranty card, tools and a little book with the heavy armor logo on it. I would be lying if I said that the bezel wasn’t going to be my first stop once I got into this box. The bezel on the Heavy Armor is obviously where Deltat drew it’s inspiration for the name of this watch. I opted for the blue dial, with the bezel with the blue accent.(the multi-color bezel in the pics is to show all the different options on the other models available, THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED). It is an understatement that this bezel is rugged and bad ass, it looks like it can be in the frontlines of an epic futuristic battle. When I saw the pictures of the bezel showing off all the bezel options for all the models it instantly inspired for my art piece for this review, VOLTRON! Like Voltron, protected by Heavy Armor by the Black, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow Lions.


The Heavy Armor includes 3 tools, two for changing the strap and one for changing the bezel armor plates. It does take a little getting used to when manipulating the small tool and screws, but it’s not a huge learning curve. I changed out the plates a few times now and without scratching anything. Every combination that I have done, gives the watch a different look, but every look is consistently awesome. I think this is a completely unique idea and it works in the favor of this watch both functionality and aesthetically. It not only offers added protection through the “beefier” armor plates, but it also improves the overall look of this piece as well in my opinion. Gives it an edge over the traditional dive watch aesthetics.


The crown is definitely worthy of some attention as well on the Heavy Armor watch due to the striking blue gear that creates an all around excellent gripping surface for unscrewing and screwing down this crown. The crown functions great and can be easily gripped with dry, wet and gloved hands without any slip. The crown is signed with the Deltat logo which is bordered by little holes that look pop riveting from a futuristic robot such as Voltron. This crown officially makes it on my top 10 favorite crowns of all time list. Praise the watch gods that Deltat let the fact that we can clearly see that there is an automatic gas release valve on this watch and not have to have printed anywhere on this dial.


Another point that I like about the case design here, is the curved lugs are drilled with solid screw bars which are holding the strap in place. Deltat was thoughtful enough to include two tools that make changing the strap a breeze. It is an inconvenience when a screw bar has a unique head on the screw and the company doesn’t include the tool. The screw down case back is solid which again earns points in my design book, I just wish that the helmet logo was engraved on the caseback which would have added some coolness points in my book of nit picking.


Deltat knew how the bezel was going to be a major focal point on this watch so they went with a simple dial design and execution that works in a harmonious complementary way with the bezel. The blue sunburst really plays well with lighting and the added texturing to the dial really makes it quite apparent. A design feature that I appreciate is how the applied markers and polished hands nicely complement the screws that hold the armor plates in place. Same can be said for the cool red helmet logo on the dial is a great accent piece to the dial itself but also is complementary to the red seconds hand and red armor plate. Deltat sized the hands to this dial with precision, as each hand is legible for time telling and each hand reaches it’s  point of reference nicely. I especially like when a seconds hand reaches the seconds track and I like when the minutes hand reaches the markers/indices.


The Heavy Armor watch is definitely worth taking a look at because it offers something truly different in design and doesn’t come across as gimmicky in my opinion. The build quality on this case is Deltat’s best to date, as this piece is solid and withstood the abuse I dished out at it. This watch offers a different approach to design and it makes the experience with this watch quite refreshing. I am to the point in both my professional watch opinions and my personal watch opinions, that I am so bored with rehashed designs, with no company infused originality. Yes I know designs have all been done before, but making a homage piece and just slapping your company name on it offers me nothing but an empty soul of a watch. I applaud Deltat’s approach to a dive watch.

As always thank you for reading my review and your questions & comments are welcome below.

A special thank you to Deltat.


Review Tests Passed:

*Easy grip and function of the crown, bezel with/without gloves on in wet and dry conditions
*Movement accuracy rate -17 seconds per day
*Dial legibility test in light and environments
*Lume duration test 8 hours
*Temperature test 24 hrs in below 30 degrees
*Comfortability test (rubber strap) in work environment, outdoors.
*No scratches on case, bezel or crystal during all tests(indoors and outdoors)
*crown comfort(no digging into the back of the wrist/hand

Japan Time Module (Seiko) Automatic Movement Cal. NH35

Manual/Automatic winding
24 jewels
21,600 vibrations per hour
more than 41 hours power reserve when fully winded

Lumed Hour, Minute hands
Hacking seconds

44mm diameter
49mm lug center to lug center
16.5mm thick
316L Stainless Steel
Brushed finishing
Screw-down 316L Stainless Steel Bottom Cover
Automatic Helium Escape Valve

Lumed index

8.9mm diameter screw-down crown

Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflective coating

Water Resistant
1,000m/3,300ft (100ATM) Water Resistant

120 clicks unidirectional bezel
Changeable Armor Plates
Comes with two sets of Bezel Plates

22mm width
One set of 80/120mm rubber straps
One set of Nylon Strap




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