Watch Review: MTM Special Ops H-61GIID


MTM Special Ops Watch | H-61 Hypertec Watch

I have been fortunate to have this watch in for review as it is my 4th review of a MTM Special Ops watch. On a personal level I do tend to gravitate towards tool watches and dive watches. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, climbing, etc… so I like to wear the appropriate watch that I know can handle what I dish out. I certainly don’t worry about hitting my watch into rocks or getting it covered in mud, that’s why I always chose a watch that can handle it. Unless it’s a dress watch, all other watches in my collection know that they aren’t going to get babied. That’s why I can appreciate what MTM does because they make watches that are meant for adventure.


Today we will exploring the MTM H-61 watch together. The Hypertec series is part of MTM’s luxury line. Though it is part of their luxury line, the Hypertec series are still made “combat ready timepieces are GSA approved, Mil-Spec compliant and limited edition. Each MTM military watch is individually numbered and fabricated from a solid block of Titanium or 316L stainless steel.”


What I thought at first when I saw the black PVD case was how cool would this watch look with a distressed case and bracelet, like it was begging “please abuse me”. I never purposely abuse watches, but I certainly don’t baby them. Scratches and dents tell a story and I would never deny a watch of having an opportunity to tell a story.


The black pvd case and matching bracelet finish is done with precision and is even throughout. One noticible improvement is the bezel function, it is much tighter with far less play than any other MTM watch that I have experienced. The bezel is extremely easy to grip and operate in wet and dry conditions. I like that the bezel has engraved numbers on it, but without any type of filler. This keeps a stealthy appearance to the watch and if you are using this watch in a combat type of situation the last thing you want is a lighthouse glowing on your wrist. I have read some criticism of the lume on MTM watches, but like I said those who are using these watches in combat situations the lume is more than enough of what’s needed, flashlight lume is definitely not an allie.


The Hypertec has two crowns, a larger screwed down crown which is responsible for setting the both time features and the date, the smaller crown is responsible for rotating the inner chapter ring. Both the crowns are easy to grip and function with a precise crispness that you would expect. Something else that I have come to expect with MTM watches is the drilled lugs with solid screw bars. I like how the bracelet doesn’t have solid end links. The angled, squared lugs teamed with the bracelet style gives the H-61 a real rugged appearance. I appreciate that MTM went with a matching caseback instead of going with a stainless steel case back. This caseback features an engraved MTM logo which is very cool in my opinion. The caseback screws down and locks into place adding a bit of extra security.


This version of the H-61 has a day/night style brass dial, which the day portion is the textured bottom half of the dial and the night section is the matte black top section. All of the main numbers on the dial are slightly raised which like the textured portion of the dial, also adds the the depth of this dial and adds to the legibility. The legibility on this dial isn’t an issue regardless if the numbers were raised or not because the numbers are large and have a green tinted white color which of course has lume treatment applied. If you look carefully you will notice smaller grey numbers printed next to the main numbers, these smaller numbers are for the small red hand which is for 24hr function. I have always appreciated a 24hr dial, especially when its split into a day/night style dial like the H-61 is.


A few of the other details on the dial that are definitely worth mentioning starting with the date window located at the 3 o’clock position. MTM got this detail 50/50 and by that I mean they didn’t eliminate the 3 on the dial which keeps a nice flow of symmetry, but I suggest that they should have used a black date wheel with white numbers instead. Another suggestion is that insted of removing the 6 o’clock marker for the applied logo, I would have moved the applied logo to under the 12 o’clock position, kept the 6 o’clock marker in place and placed all the dial text above the 6. The hands on the H-61 are great and I wouldn’t change anything about them. MTM went with matte style hour and minute hands with lume treatment, as for the seconds and 24hr hand they both are red with a gloss finish. All the hands extend out reaching their intended destinations making it easier for the wearer to use the functions.


The H-61 is MTM’s answer of merging civilian life with the tactical life, a watch that can make a seamless transition back & forth between the two. The bracelet can easily transition as well, but there are a so many options for straps, and options for the case, dial as well. You can go full on dress style or full on tactical style and even go middle of the road. The control is in your hand and you can play around on MTM’s website to see what all the combinations will look like. The H-61 is also MTM’s way of making a more affordable option to those who have been interested in MTM, but didn’t want to go in fully to the tactical route, which can be pricey for the everyday watch enthusiast. Though the H-61 is an affordable option make no assumptions on the quality, all of that MTM rugged quality has not been sacrificed here.

Thank you all for reading and as always your comments and questions are welcome below.

Thank you MTM.



MOVEMENT | Swiss Quartz, 24 Hour/ GMT Indicator, Date Window
CASE | 316L Solid Stainless Steel
BAND | Choose From 30+ Different Types/Colors/Sizes
FINISH | Available Black PVD, Brushed Silver, and Sand Blasted Gray
BEZEL – OUTER | Unidirectional Ratcheting Bezel
BEZEL – INNER | Dual Directional
CROWN | Locking, Screw Down
GLASS | Sapphire Crystal; Anti Reflective & Scratch Resistant
DIAL | Brass – Available in 7 Colors to Choose From
HANDS | Super Luminous
WATER RESISTANCE | 330 Feet / 100 Meters W / Locking Case Back
CASE SIZE | 42 mm (12 mm Thickness )
WEIGHT | 4.7 oz.
BATTERY | Silver Oxide, Manufacturer Rated 4 Years Maximum
WARRANTY | 3 Years
PACKAGING | Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Case




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