Watch Review: Jekyll & Hyde


Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.”

Every once in a while along comes a watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a fun theme about it. Some watches can have a pretentious are about it that will immediately kill any appeal in my eyes. As you can notice about the watches I review, I try to stay away from those uninspired pieces. Just because a watch doesn’t cost a fortune or has an inhouse mechanical movement doesn’t mean a watch isn’t worthy of serious wrist time.


Today we will be exploring the Jekyll & Hyde watch. When I opened the box that the watch was shipped in I was greeted by a square shaped box with a white sleeve, I slid off the white sleeve and there it was, the coolest packaging to date. I will leave it a mystery though, I want others to be surprised like I was. Now onto the watch itself, ohhhhhh the macabre. As a child the classic Universal monster movies were my thing. Almost every year at Christmas my mom would by me some sort of monster action figures, I had them all. From the Creature to King Kong, they all were absolutely amazing in my eyes. When I first came across Jekyll & Hyde watches I was instantly transported back to my childhood and remembering my love of the macabre.


She had an evil face, smoothed by hypocrisy; but her manners were excellent.”

The dials on their watches are like works of art that are straight out of the haunted mansion. Dripping blood, cracked dial, blood soaked sword hands, Jekyll and Hyde text. Personally I couldn’t decide between the Roman numerals or the Arabic numeral version, so I opted for both. Both are very macabre but so different. They both have a classic appearance but vary due to the white vs black, blood vs cracked/lightning, etc… No bezel, means larger dial surface in the circumstance here on these watches also the 42mm case circumference helps here.


The dial on these watches really give them some evil wrist presence.

But time began at last to obliterate the freshness of my alarm; the praises of conscience began to grow into a thing of course; I began to be tortured with throes and longings, as of Hyde struggling after freedom; and at last, in an hour of moral weakness, I once again compounded and swallowed the transforming draught… My devil had been long caged, he came out roaring.”

The polished finish of this case adds a bit of class to this “beast”. Depending on how you look at the original story of Jekyll and Hyde, you can say that the case is Mr. Hyde and the dial is Dr. Jekyll, at least that is how I see it.



It was his custom of a Sunday, when this meal was over, to sit close by the fire, a volume of some dry divinity on his reading desk, until the clock of the neighbouring church rang out the hour of twelve, when he would go soberly and gratefully to bed.”

The “welded” wire lugs add nicely to the classic vintage feel of these pieces. Relatively short and curved allow the already thinner watch to wear comfortably to the wrist with a under to cuff low profile. The strap is connected to the lugs via quick release spring bars. The push/pull onion shaped crown is easy to grip and pull, which also operates smoothly for setting the time. I like the fact that there are no date windows to interrupt these unique dials. Another detail that I like is the small seconds subdials on both of these pieces. The small arrow tip hand with an added touch of lume. Though this hand is small, it is packed full of detail.


For $276 USD you get a unique and macabre themed watch. This watch is perfect for fans of those classic monster movies, whether if you are a fan yourself or if you have a ghoulish friend. The case back features a laser etched picture of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which is a cool little detail that adds a finishing touch of horror. The Japanese quartz movement inside keeps good time. Though the small seconds does have the quartz ticking action, I was really surprised by how the hand hits the markers with precision. You can tell that there was a definitive vision for this watch and the J&H hide team executed that vision with evidence of horological passion throughout this piece. Halloween fans can have a watch that was tastefully down, but still has that sinister macabre theme.

You can unleash the beast by visiting:

Thank you all for reading and as always your comments and questions are welcome below.

Thank you to Marcia and the Jekyll & Hyde team.

Bold italic quotes from Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson




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