Watch Review: Achtung Aviatore

01EABAC7-1A66-4CF3-95CB-6F0A51E9C9BCThere is such a strong connection between watches and my childhood. When I see a watch that inspires me, I instantly am reminded of something from my childhood. This has been the basis of my 2018 art project, Art Inspired By Watches series, which started as a simple idea and now has really grown into something incredibly special to me. It really helps me on a multitude of levels, but for our purposes, it helps me to connect on a deeper level with the watch. The above art piece was inspired by the Achtung Aviatore which when I saw the green dial for the first time I knew exactly what I was going to do for this project. Watches have truly helped me stay focused and helped keep my head above the chaos that life throws at you.

FE576CE7-B6DB-4C2E-A9B8-880B2D93E3ADToday we will be exploring the Achtung Aviatore together. As implied by the name, this is Achtung’s Aviatore variation that will be added to their unique catalog of watches. The stainless steel case retains that recognizable Achtung design that has crazy cool wrist presence. It definitely makes a statement when you strap it to your wrist which I personally find so refreshing and appealing.

74DC2369-2BBE-4934-9CCE-C54299E37728The 48mm x 14mm stainless steel case has complementing accents of brushed and polished finishes that are precisely done with an eye for attention to detail. What I find so appealing about this case design is that it looks like the watch was ripped off the instrument panel from a plane, refined a bit, fitted with a strap and is ready for wear. The short lugs definitely allow the watch to wear well inside the large size the measurements imply, especially the lug to lug ratio. I have 7 1/4” wrists and there is no wrist over hang whatsoever with this watch. I also like the smaller details found throughout this case, the signed crown, the screws on the exhibition caseback, and even though the four screws on the top on the case are faux screws they still add a nice touch of detail.


The green dial is what drew me into this piece initially. Gave me that Devastator influence right away for those G1 Transformer fans out there. The hands, like the case are definitely uniquely Achtung. They have so much character and charm to them which are some of my favorite watch hands out there. Team that with this killer, attention grabbing green and it makes for one hell of a dial. But with that said, my favorite part of this dial is how the hours are displayed. You have an outter circle of military hours displayed and then you have an inner circle of standard hours printed.


The dial is extremely legible and how can it not be when you have that beautiful green dial and black printed hour markers. Right? This definitely covers daytime legibility, but what about those dark hours? Well the lume on the hour and minute hands have you covered but Achtung takes it a bit further by adding applied indices to the fixed inner chapter ring. A nice added touch and a necessary one in my opinion. All treated with a good coating of Super luminova which glows nicely throughout the night. I think it would be awesome if the whole unique second hand was treated with lume, it would look really cool at night for sure.


What I enjoy about Achtung watches is their total disregard for what the masses go for, which currently is a trend of soulless rehash designs that lack originality and creativity. Yes this is were the money is at, but as a watch enthusiast and a watch reviewer this leaves me with no inspiration which translates as a lack of a desire to put on my wrist. Achtung infuses each of their limited edition watches with personality, individuality, originality, quality which makes for an exciting experience on the wrist. It is so refreshing to me that after all my years being around watches, that I still get excited by watches, and each review that I do it reignites my flame of passion for watches. If you are looking for an unique experience then look no further, this watch has wonderful, individualized presence on the wrist. If you want to read more about Achtung head to there website and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

As always thank you for reading and your comments and questions are welcome below.

Thank you to Achtung.




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