Watch Review: Andersmann Ocean Master AN813


There is a lot of beauty in this world if we just stop a minute from our busy, overly complicated lives and admire what is around us. This year has taught me many lessons, and stopping to smell the roses is one of those lessons I have learned. It doesn’t have to be on the magnitude of the Grand Canyon beauty, beauty can be found in all things, big and small. When the Andersmann Ocean Master arrived it made me stop to admire a different kind of beauty, dive watch beauty. My 4th review of an Andersmann watch and I kind of have certain expectations because of my past experience with Raymond Chan’s watches. He is a very passionate dive watch enthusiast whose passion has been quite apparent in my past reviews;therefore, I had a certain expectation of the Ocean Master before it even arrived. 


Allow me to get back to when this watch arrived in the traditional plastic Andersmann box. I still want to see one of their handmade wooden boxes in person by the way. A few quick releases of the snapping style buckles on the box and I was ready to dive right into handling this watch. With the lid flipped open, there was that large, gleaming stainless steel beauty. 47mm of badassery in terms of case design and case execution. This Ocean Master has a finish that is a combination of both polished and brushed ss. Personally a watch of this magnitude and style, I would prefer all brushed. During my photo shoot the polished portions of this case did sustain some light scratching from the rocks/waves.


That being said, watches are made to be worn and scratching of the case builds personalized character. Some will say that the watch is too big and heavy for them, which is fine because they don’t have to buy it and this watch wasn’t made for them in mind anyway. Andersmann made this watch for the select individuals like myself who appreciates a large, well designed, heavy, quality dive watch. I want to know, see and appreciate a watch when it’s on my wrist, especially when I am in the water or doing outdoor activities. I believe in wearing a watch that is correct for the situation. That’s where the naysayers always get it wrong, “this watch is grotesquely big and won’t fit under my dress shirt cuff”. Well pretty boy, this watch wasn’t designed for your dainty ass wrist for office use, it was designed to be used in the office that’s located in the ocean. 


The meticulous attention to detail on the case design is apparent throughout. For example take a look at how the edges of the bezel perfectly match the edges of the crown. That kind of meticulous detail is also thoughtfully carried over the the case back. Andersmann even wanted to give the wearer something pretty to look at with the decorated ETA movement. The matte ceramic bezel insert is badass and beautiful all at the same time. Seeing the carefully planned out quality of detail is awesome and all but it doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing……..I mean quality of functionality. Well I wasn’t let down in terms of how the bezel and the screw down crown function on the AN813. Both are easy to grip, both operate smooth and both line up nicely.  It really is the super hero of crowns with the raised A on the crown. A little detail that adds to the overall great finish the AN813 has. As for the lugs, they didn’t want to miss out on the quality/design party because their angles consistently match the angles on the bezel and on the crown. Passion made apparent.


The AN813 dial is a simplistic work of horological art which I what I have become accustomed to on Raymond’s watches. The details instantly identifiable as an Andersmann are the textured black dial, sandwich style, balanced, simplistic which combine into a beautiful and legible dial. This dial is what I want when it comes to a dive watch. It’s large, simple and legible. A legible dial in all lghting conditions and environments thanks in part to the lumed markers and the lumed hands. Speaking of the hands, the hands are proportional to the dial itself which is an important detail in my opinion, especially when diving. Eliminating the chance of timing errors is crucial when it is a matter of life and death. Andersmann always keep their text to a minimum on all of their dials which I can appreciate the lack of unnecessary bullshit on the dial. The double domed sapphire crystal allows the wearer the ideal window for gazing into this dial.


There are definitely different tiers when it comes to ‘microbrands’ (a title that I never cared much for). Some closed minded watch snobs would disagree by stating all are the same. Andersmann falls into the upper tier of the small brand watch world. The quality and finishing definitely puts them into that upper tier. Raymond Chan’s passion for dive watches translates so well into his watches. He has a very meticulous eye for quality and for execution of his passionate vision. Every piece that I have reviewed from Andersmann thus far has not disappointed me in terms of quality, design and functionality. Andersmann watches are made for people who share Raymond’s passion for large, quality dive watches. The 47mm case isn’t for everyone and I definitely get that. Those of you who love big, heavy divers know what you want and except from this kind of dive watch. Yes these watches are big, but they are also surprisingly comfortable for their size. They have awesome wrist presence that always brings a smile to my face when I look down at my wrist. Andersmann Watches definitely deserves a closer look at for those fans of larger dive watches, who demand quality and want peace of mind that their watch won’t fail them.

As always thank you all for reading and your questions and comments are welcome below.

Thank you Raymond and the Andersmann team.




OCEANMASTER I 1000m ANN0813 (Free Shipping)







Watch Review: Undone Aqua Vintage Full Lume Dial


Some old is something new these days. I have mixed feelings on the faux aging/faux patina trend. If it’s not done right it ends up coming across gimmicky. When I first saw the pictures of the new Undone Aqua I actually thought it looked promising. Not only was I intrigued to see the new vintage dial but I was also looking forward to customizing process. Out of the whole process though, it took me longer to decide what I wanted to put on the dial and caseback.  As I discussed in my first review of the Aqua, the customization on Undones website is extremely easy to navigate through. What I like about it is that you can see what the watch looks like throughout the whole process. It’s kind of addictive actually, playing around with all of the different options. There are a ton of options and there are even more possible combinations. If the website wasn’t so organized then it could be extremely overwhelming. Instead it is easy to navigate, easy to use, but not so easy to decide on what looks best. So many possibilities.


From my past experience with Undone, I knew that I wanted to go with the Cerakote case. For those of you who don’t know, Cerakote is a protective coating that is typically used on firearms. ‘Cerakote coatings are durable corrosion-resistant and provide unparalleled levels of hardness and adhesion. These coatings are also resistant to most solvents and chemicals.’ Not only does the coating protect, but it always gives the case of the watch a badass matte look and textured feel. The Aqua case is the same quality 45mm case that I have come to know. One difference I noticed is that Undone has made some definite improvements to the bezel. It has a much tighter feel, with smoother rotating action. It is a much welcome improvement. This time I went with a different bezel inlay, I went with the K1 glass. I like the contrast of the gloss of the inlay with the matte of the case. I also like the rounded shape that the K1 inlay has.


The star of this piece of course is the dial. I chose a theme for this piece since it has the badass case, it needed a badass theme. It doesn’t get more badass than Cthulu. Originally I had the pic for the dial as solid black, but I realized that it wouldn’t look right on the vintage style dial. I worked closely with the artists at Undone to tweak Cthulu into the vintage beauty that you see in the pics below. They made it extremely easy to work together and for a small up charge why would I not want a custom, individualized dial? We also worked together on sizing the graphic for the dial and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I mentioned earlier about how faux vintage can come across gimmicky, but this dial is just the right amount. The markers and hands look fantastic. It would be awesome if Undone could age the metal on the hands to complete the look.


As you can see in the pics thus far, the dial looks incredible in natural light. How does it look in the dark? I should say, how does the flashlight of a dial glow? Well check out the pic below to see. This dial is so beautiful in the dark. A top 5 contender of the best lume I have experienced list. I opted for the sword style hands for this watch to stay consistent with the theme I was going with here. One thing that I wish that I would have changed was to go with the no date version, it would have allowed for better flow on the dial. I am happy with my choice though for the case back. The picture of Cthulu rising came out a thousand times better than I imagined it would. I love how the eyes seem like they glow. What I really like is the picture it is not transparent at all which allows for deeper color and for clearer picture. It couldn’t have come out any better in my opinion and it added so much more individuality to the watch. 


I always enjoy the customization process that Undone has worked really hard on to make it an awesome experience. The Cerakote coating adds a badass toughness element to this watch. The watch was smashed against rocks by waves during the review and not a single scratch. The professional custom made quality Horween leather strap completes the look of this watch. It was awesome to see the improvements made to the Aqua from my very first review of it until this newest version. The bezel and screw down crown operate/function with precision movement and accuracy. The full lume dial is definitely worth a look, especially when it is fully charged from a strong light source. The bright glow of blue and green is absolutely beautiful. Undone stepped it up on quality control and it is apparent throughout this piece. My suggestion to make the customization process even more personal is to have the crown customizable including a custom laser etched option to  pick your own picture. My other suggestion is having aged hands, aged dial and and aged case option. If you are looking for an individualized watch for yourself or for a gift, then Undone is an option worth checking out. My 5 year old loved his custom watch that I got him for his birthday.

Thank you all for reading and as always your questions and comments are welcome below.

Thank you to Crystal and the Undone team. This was a really fun project. I appreciate all of the patience and help throughout. The watch turned out better than I had anticipated.


SII by Seiko – NH35A-Black Date Disc
Automatic winding with ball bearing
Date display with quick set
24 jewels
Shock resistance Shock-absorber device for balance staff
Power Reserve > 40 hours





Watch Review: Dufrane Barton Springs


A little blue box arrived on my doorstep last month which of course made me excited. Come on, why would it not right? Though the simple blue box did excite me, it’s contents was what my inpatient mind was focused on. As impatient as I might have been, I did take my time opening the lid. I was greeted by the instruction manual, again I removed that with the hands of a surgeon. After the success of my quick surgery, my reward was finally in my sight. Cue the choir singers, the Dufrane Barton Springs lovely blue face was staring directly into my eyes. I am not going to lie, we shared a moment which was magical that seemed to last forever. Honestly, the large blue dial was was attention grabbing goodness. Please allow me to breakdown the details of the Barton Springs dial ok?


The blue backdrop has already been established here, so let me proceed onto the other details that brings the lovely blue dial together. The next detail that couldn’t help to be noticed, were the large painted white markers. The generous sized hour markers come in different shapes on the Barton Springs. We have a triangle at 12, rectangles at 3, 6, 9 and circles at the remaining hour spots. Around this moment is when my oldest son was being dropped off, so I took the Barton Springs outside with me without giving it thought. After being greeted by my enthusiastic son, we returned into the house where we were both immediately wowed by the Barton Springs day lume. Flashlight quality day lume as a matter of fact. “Daddy is that another new watch, I cannot believe how bright it’s glowing”. Well duder, neither can I. The lume on this piece is quite incredible and speaking from my watch experience, it is the brightest day lume I have ever witnessed.


Just like any watch that I see first hand, I get an initial word that can sum up the watch pretty damn well. In the case of the Barton Springs, the word ‘CLEAN’ came to mind first. As I examined the dial, it is very crisp and clean from its minimal white printed text, to the shape markers, right down to the chapter ring. It all comes together in a very clean and organized manner. Dufrane made a smart choice with the hands that were used on this watch. Smart in the fact that they have the right amount of width, length, shape and color. The orange second hand adds just the right amount of accent color that ties in the orange on the Nato strap quite nicely. The uniqueness of having the lume on the opposite end of the second hand definitely intrigued me. The more time I actually spent with this watch, the more I appreciated this unique choice. I also want to point out something I believe a lot of companies miss on, the length of the hands on a watch. My opinion is that the tip of the hour hand should just barely reach the hour markers, the minute hnd should reach the minute track and the second hand should reach out to where it looks like it is going to scrap the outer edges of the dial. If you are using a watch to actually time something, all these components allow for a more precise measurement. Dufrane did an extremely amazing job on the Barton Springs hands.


Once I got down to business with the Barton Springs is when I started to really take notice of the styling influences throughout the case design. I began to see those styling cues of yesteryear that make those early dive watches so endearing. Three of the very first details of what I am referring on the Barton Springs in which I took notice were the lack of crown guards, the drilled lug holes and the domed sapphire crystal . These two details were a welcome nod to the early dive watches. I love that about this watch and I also love how Dufrane infused this piece with their own modern DNA. Even though they infused this piece with modern DNA, this piece remains classy and sophisticated simplicity.


When Dufrane first put out the early pics of the watch, the bezel was instantly eye catching to me. The minimalist style is beautiful that adds a touch of ruggedness. From a functional standpoint, the bezel works very well with crisp rotating action. Thankfully to my nitpicky ways, the bezel has no extra play and the triangle lines up perfect with the 12 o’clock position on the dial. As I was taking pictures, I wanted of course to reset the time to 10:10 to get all of the dial details, naturally being in the water the screw down crown would get wet. Even wet it was easily gripped and operated. The added touch of welcome detail on the crown is the engraved Dufrane logo.


The Barton Springs is a fantastic follow up to Dufrane’s pilot watch. This piece retains that same quality, but goes beyond in those little details. A sophomore piece is a hard thing to deliver in terms of continuing the first watch’s successful points, but also improving upon things and adding newness/individuality. In my opinion Dufrane has truly achieved this with the Barton Springs dive watch. This watch comes in at $656 USD which also is the amount of water resistance as well. Loving that consistency! This is a quality piece through and through which translates into my opinion of it’s well worth the price. Dufrane has a meticulous eye for details, quality control, execution which all are quite apparent when you handle this watch. I definitely wasn’t disappointed by this watch and I don’t think you will be either.

Thank you all for reading. As always your questions and comments are welcome below.

Thank you to Steven and the Dufrane team.


Technical Specifications:

  • Width (no crown) 42 mm
  • Width (with crown) 45.5 mm
  • Thickness 12.85 mm
  • Height 47.6 mm
  • Inside lug width 22 mm
  • 316L stainless steel brushed finish
  • Domed sapphire crystal with dual anti-reflective coating
  • C3 SuperLuminova pigmentation on watch hands and markers for easy visibility
  • Screw down crown
  • Spring bars
  • 656 feet water resistance
  • Sellita SW200-1 Movement
    • 26 Jewels
    • 28.8k vibrations/hour 4 Hz
    • Incabloc shock protection
    • Rhodium rotor
    • 38 hour reserve


Barton Springs 656 Diver


Watch Review: Ocean Crawler Shipwreck Hunter



It is really amazing how much our minds influence our choices in life. I have been focusing on bettering myself in a more positive way in all aspects of my life. How does that pertain to watches? Well I used to be pretty closed minded when it came to what I preferred in watches which made me miss out on experiencing some really fantastic pieces. Today’s watch that I am reviewing is an example of a watch that I would have missed out on had I not opened my mind to experiencing things outside my comfort zone, my personal preferences, ect…..

That watch is the  Shipwreck Hunter from Ocean Crawler which arrived in a beautiful wooden storage box. I actually took a few moments to admire just how beautiful the box was before rushing into it to see the watch. This actually says a lot for me because usually I just want to see the watch as fast as possible. Relatable to that kid on Christmas. When I finally did open the box, I wasn’t disappointed on what I initially saw. Let me tell you based on looks alone the blue sapphire bezel and the blue dial are stunning. This made me even more excited to get right down to business and get this watch dirty. Off to the beach we went with the Shipwreck Hunter strapped to my wrist. I have to say that the 43mm titanium case makes the Shipwreck Hunter extremely comfortable on the wrist while maintaining some great wrist presence. The included blue canvas strap with the orange stitching made for the ideal combo for this beach adventure. I took quick notice of the detailing on the rounded lugs (see pic below) and I really appreciate the fact the lugs are drilled with screw bars. While driving to the beach I couldn’t stop staring at this watch especially when it was playing in the direct sunlight. The rounded sapphire bezel and the blue dial are so incredibly beautiful in all lighting, but especially so in sunlight.


When I arrived to the beach I couldn’t wait to get this watch down to the water. It was a really interesting day weather wise. The sun was out and there were clouds on the horizon. As time went on the sound of thunder could be heard in the distance. I was thinking oh great just what I need. It did rain for a little while and cloud up quite a bit but then the sun came out with force. The beautiful clouds did stick around as well to my delight. Of course before taking pictures I had to set the time to that infamous 10:10 setting. Using the main crown located at the 3 o’clock position was easy to grip and operate because of the overall size of the crown and because of the edges of the crown. The crown unscrewed smoothly and easily. Smooth rotation while setting the time and smooth screw down as well. I am sure that you noticed the two other crowns both of which function without fault. The top crown is used for rotating the inner chapter ring/solar compass and the bottom crown is used for a manual helium release. Of course with all this crown rotation the bezel was begging for some attention and it was not disappointing for either of us. The bezel has nice rotation, with easy to grip edges and rotates with no extra play at all. Much to my OCD delight the triangle lines up perfect with the 12 o’clock position on the dial.

5D9B8B3E-AF15-4281-9103-D3AE6F805A81 I have absolutely no problem with the legibility of the Shipwreck Hunter in all the different lighting I came across. The large markers and the beautifully shaped hands create the ideal combination for optimal legibility. I like that the second hand and the minute hand both have the touch of orange. This not only adds detail to the dial, but it always adds consistency because the orange matches just right with the orange  stitching. Even with a crashing wave, the dial can be read and the orange details throughout this piece can be seen as evidenced by the picture below. I think it would be quite unique if the numerals on the white date wheel would have been printed in orange instead of black and that the date wheel would have been blue. A detail that I have never seen before on a watch, but Ocean Crawler did include a detail that I have never seen before. (see the lume pic below)9399ED5E-D9FC-4763-BD39-E34354B46E9B

As I was spending time with this watch on the beach, I realized just how much detail is packed into this piece. At one point a wave flipped the watch over to expose the cool screw down case back with its raised engravings. Not that this is necessarily an added detail but the shade of grey that the titanium case has is beautiful in its own regard. Packed with the solar compass, the Shipwreck Hunter is quite the tool watch.  With more than enough water resistance that a person can actually handle, the 2000 feet just adds a badass element to the watch. The only area on this piece that I need to mention for improvement is the manual helium release crown is a bit loose feeling when fully unwound. I know it’s not set up like a standard crown with the added stability of an stem tube, ect, but I would be more comfortable with if it felt a bit sturdier.


The Shipwreck Hunter is a quality made piece that is a real tool watch infused with the soul of a dive watch. I found myself appreciating the titanium case a lot more than I anticipated. Actually this is probably the one of the first titanium cases that I really appreciate since my time with the Tudor Pelagos (honorable mention to the Deep Ocean and the RAD). My personal issues with titanium cases is that they often feel too light, which for some reason translates to feeling cheap in my opinion. Seeing this dial and bezel in every lighting situation imaginable, I have to say they are absolutely stunning no matter what. The blue is what makes it so beautiful in my opinion, which just radiates right off of this watch. This is truly a watch that was made with passion for the water and executed with quality. It did not disappoint me at all and it definitely didn’t fail me out in its intended environment. I had fun figuring out the solar compass and putting it to use. It became pretty addicting. The Shipwreck Hunter has stunning wrist pressence and is a fun watch to wear regardless of what environment you wear it in.

Thank you all for reading and as always your questions and comments are welcome below.

Thank you to Ocean Crawler.

If you want to know more about this watch then head over to:

Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator – Blue

Technical Specs:

Case Diameter (excluding crown): 43.1mm
Case Thickness: 14.8mm, Lug-To-Lug: 50mm, Lug Width: 20mm
Case Material: Titanium
Bezel: Unidirectional Rotating Sapphire Bezel with 120 Clicks and Swiss SuperLuminova Markers
Movement: Swiss Made STP1-11
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour
Water Resistance: 600 meters, 2000-feet or 60 ATM
Power Reserve: 44 hours



Watch Review: Zelos Mako


My sick and twisted love affair all started with the Breitling Seawolf Avenger aka the watch RESPONSABLE for my obsession with dive watches. Big, heavy, thick dive watches. We all have that “sweet spot” in our preferred size. Right? Mine is not one size per say but a rather a range which is 43-47mm. I know the current trend is going to smaller diameter watches and those guys and gals who’s sweet spot is 43mm and under range have every right to experience watches to. I can’t be selfish. I have said it before, when it really comes down to it, the diameter of a watch really doesn’t matter. It is the design, quality and execution that truly makes a watch special.

Zelos has listened and given those with the smaller diameter preferences something to consider with their new Mako watch. The watch comes in at 40mm Diameter, 20mm Lug width, 46mm Lug to Lug Length, 13.5mm thickness without crystal. It is very comfortable on the wrist and you almost forget that you are wearing a watch. That comfort was carried throughout my wearing of this piece from the work environment to my outdoors play environment. The Mako never became an uncomfortable hindrance at all. I will talk about it’s wrist presence later on in this review.


CUSN8 bronze case which arrived shiny and glowing, just begging for use to start the patina process. A detail I absolutely love about bronze watches because it is always constantly changing with your personal use. That personal use then becomes individualized during the patina process. I think it is awesome when you wear a bronze watch for awhile, then place it in your watch box for awhile as you work through your rotation. When you go back to wear that bronze piece again it’s like it is a whole new watch because of that ever changing patina.


I am going to first start with the two areas of improvement on the case of the Mako because there is a lot more that I think Zelos got right to discuss. The two areas of improvement are the bezel that doesn’t align perfectly with the dial and the crown that the diameter/size makes it difficult to grip and operate. Those with even bigger fingers than mine are really going to have a difficult time operating this crown. The crown does look awesome from a design standpoint with the signed Z and the machine gear edges. They look even more impressive once patina starts forming in the ‘nooks and crannies.’ Don’t worry about the lack of crown guard protection either, by locating the crown at the 4 o’clock position, Zelos used the case itself as the protection service. The bottom lug and the gradual jetting out of the side of the case is the crown protection service I am talking about.  The bezel looks amazing as well from the patina around the edges to the “Batman” style ceramic inlay. The 120 individual clicks of the bezel are crisp, and there is absolutely no extra play. I went absolutely goo-goo when I ran my fingers across the domed sapphire crystal and it didn’t stop there. The crystal has the vintage box style which is raised from the case/bezel itself adding to the beauty of the Mako’s profile.


Speaking of added beauty, the detailing on the Mako’s lugs are a work of horological beautiful art. Art, specifically beautiful art, can be used to describe the stainless steel case back on the Mako. “The Mako Shark: the fastest shark in the world. Smaller and streamlined, it was an ideal image for our latest diver’s watch compared to our previous ‘Hammerhead’ model.” I believe this case back is perfectly executed is every way. The pic below really shows this off in my opinion.


I have seen plenty of watches with beautiful designed cases like the Mako, that missed the mark when it came to carrying that beauty over to the dial. Fortunately Zelos did not make that mistake here. The textured grey backdrop creates the perfect ‘canvas’ for this dial. The texture of this dial comes and goes depending upon the lighting and the angle in which you are looking at it. Texturing of this dial also adds depth, then Zelos added the applied markers creating a degree of even more depth. I appreciate the unique use of both the circular and triangular applied markers on the Mako. At night this dial really glows with unique beauty. See if you can spot the other unique detail about this dial from the picture below. Zelos nailed the hands on the Mako in my opinion, they remain consistent with the overall design of this piece in terms of size, appearance and overall execution.


The second hand is my preferred length because it extends to the chapter ring which makes timing things easier and more precise. Even in dark situations the lume on this dial glows like flashlight and with all the markers on this dial, chapter ring and bezel makes is easy not only to see the time, but also to use it for timing. I would like the Mako to have a no date option but that being said, Zelos did some things that I like with the date window. I like that it is at the 6 o’clock position on the dial and I like that it is a black date wheel with white numerals. The Mako’s date window is only 10% intrussive to the overall flow of the dial.


I mentioned earlier about the comfort and wearability of the Mako. Well both of the included straps add the the comfort of this watch. A tropic rubber strap and a vintage waxed leather strap are included. For this review I used the rubber strap as one would expect with the location of my photo shoot. The short lugs, lower profile and shorted lug to lug distance all play a key role into the comfort and wearability. The main point though that I found intriguing is that despite this being a smaller watch, it still retains that Zelos wrist pressence that their much larger pieces possess.  So people who have the same sweet spot with their prefeffed size of watch as I do, will find the Mako surprisingly nice in terms of it’s overall wrist pressence. Those people who have begged for a watch that is more in their preferred size will be happy to finally experience that Zelos quality and execution in a smaller piece. I do think that too much emphasis is placed on a size of a watch. If I like the overall design of a watch and it is executed with quality, then the size of the case does not make a difference to me whatsoever.


The Mako is a nice watch overall with some nice design features. It has a few areas of improvement that I pointed out earlier, but I would not consider them deal breakers. The overall package is very nice with two quality straps, a strap tool, wooden box and leather watch roll. The Mako comes in at just under $800. I definitely recommend this watch to those who want to experience a Zelos dive watch who prefer a smaller case. I also recommend this piece to those who prefer larger cases as this piece is rather refreshing and every collection needs a bronze watch or a few, and watches in all sizes. It’s always nice to have options in all shapes and sizes.

Thank you all for reading and as always your questions and comments are definitely welcome below.

Thank you so much to Zelos!



Case : 40mm Diameter, 20mm Lug width, 46mm Lug to Lug Length, 13.5mm thickness without crystal

Water Resistance : 500m

Crystal : Sapphire, 2.5mm thick vintage style ‘Box’ crystal

Bezel insert : 120 Clicks, Bronze or Ceramic insert with 2000 Vickers hardness, brushed and fully lumed.

Movement : Swiss Sellita SW200

Material : CUSN8 Bronze

Dial : Textured with C3 and BGW9 lume

Crown : Signed crown with lume