Watch Review: Dufrane Barton Springs


A little blue box arrived on my doorstep last month which of course made me excited. Come on, why would it not right? Though the simple blue box did excite me, it’s contents was what my inpatient mind was focused on. As impatient as I might have been, I did take my time opening the lid. I was greeted by the instruction manual, again I removed that with the hands of a surgeon. After the success of my quick surgery, my reward was finally in my sight. Cue the choir singers, the Dufrane Barton Springs lovely blue face was staring directly into my eyes. I am not going to lie, we shared a moment which was magical that seemed to last forever. Honestly, the large blue dial was was attention grabbing goodness. Please allow me to breakdown the details of the Barton Springs dial ok?


The blue backdrop has already been established here, so let me proceed onto the other details that brings the lovely blue dial together. The next detail that couldn’t help to be noticed, were the large painted white markers. The generous sized hour markers come in different shapes on the Barton Springs. We have a triangle at 12, rectangles at 3, 6, 9 and circles at the remaining hour spots. Around this moment is when my oldest son was being dropped off, so I took the Barton Springs outside with me without giving it thought. After being greeted by my enthusiastic son, we returned into the house where we were both immediately wowed by the Barton Springs day lume. Flashlight quality day lume as a matter of fact. “Daddy is that another new watch, I cannot believe how bright it’s glowing”. Well duder, neither can I. The lume on this piece is quite incredible and speaking from my watch experience, it is the brightest day lume I have ever witnessed.


Just like any watch that I see first hand, I get an initial word that can sum up the watch pretty damn well. In the case of the Barton Springs, the word ‘CLEAN’ came to mind first. As I examined the dial, it is very crisp and clean from its minimal white printed text, to the shape markers, right down to the chapter ring. It all comes together in a very clean and organized manner. Dufrane made a smart choice with the hands that were used on this watch. Smart in the fact that they have the right amount of width, length, shape and color. The orange second hand adds just the right amount of accent color that ties in the orange on the Nato strap quite nicely. The uniqueness of having the lume on the opposite end of the second hand definitely intrigued me. The more time I actually spent with this watch, the more I appreciated this unique choice. I also want to point out something I believe a lot of companies miss on, the length of the hands on a watch. My opinion is that the tip of the hour hand should just barely reach the hour markers, the minute hnd should reach the minute track and the second hand should reach out to where it looks like it is going to scrap the outer edges of the dial. If you are using a watch to actually time something, all these components allow for a more precise measurement. Dufrane did an extremely amazing job on the Barton Springs hands.


Once I got down to business with the Barton Springs is when I started to really take notice of the styling influences throughout the case design. I began to see those styling cues of yesteryear that make those early dive watches so endearing. Three of the very first details of what I am referring on the Barton Springs in which I took notice were the lack of crown guards, the drilled lug holes and the domed sapphire crystal . These two details were a welcome nod to the early dive watches. I love that about this watch and I also love how Dufrane infused this piece with their own modern DNA. Even though they infused this piece with modern DNA, this piece remains classy and sophisticated simplicity.


When Dufrane first put out the early pics of the watch, the bezel was instantly eye catching to me. The minimalist style is beautiful that adds a touch of ruggedness. From a functional standpoint, the bezel works very well with crisp rotating action. Thankfully to my nitpicky ways, the bezel has no extra play and the triangle lines up perfect with the 12 o’clock position on the dial. As I was taking pictures, I wanted of course to reset the time to 10:10 to get all of the dial details, naturally being in the water the screw down crown would get wet. Even wet it was easily gripped and operated. The added touch of welcome detail on the crown is the engraved Dufrane logo.


The Barton Springs is a fantastic follow up to Dufrane’s pilot watch. This piece retains that same quality, but goes beyond in those little details. A sophomore piece is a hard thing to deliver in terms of continuing the first watch’s successful points, but also improving upon things and adding newness/individuality. In my opinion Dufrane has truly achieved this with the Barton Springs dive watch. This watch comes in at $656 USD which also is the amount of water resistance as well. Loving that consistency! This is a quality piece through and through which translates into my opinion of it’s well worth the price. Dufrane has a meticulous eye for details, quality control, execution which all are quite apparent when you handle this watch. I definitely wasn’t disappointed by this watch and I don’t think you will be either.

Thank you all for reading. As always your questions and comments are welcome below.

Thank you to Steven and the Dufrane team.


Technical Specifications:

  • Width (no crown) 42 mm
  • Width (with crown) 45.5 mm
  • Thickness 12.85 mm
  • Height 47.6 mm
  • Inside lug width 22 mm
  • 316L stainless steel brushed finish
  • Domed sapphire crystal with dual anti-reflective coating
  • C3 SuperLuminova pigmentation on watch hands and markers for easy visibility
  • Screw down crown
  • Spring bars
  • 656 feet water resistance
  • Sellita SW200-1 Movement
    • 26 Jewels
    • 28.8k vibrations/hour 4 Hz
    • Incabloc shock protection
    • Rhodium rotor
    • 38 hour reserve


Diving Watch – The Barton Springs



One comment

  1. Great review,
    Am lucky enough to own this watch myself, I went with the black face with date. Completely fell in love with it too, infact it may well be my favourite watch in my collection now. Worth mentioning they supply a second strap with it also, I chose the black and orange silicon version but other colors are available.
    Thanks again for the review.

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