Watch Review: Zoid Dual Face

ED766E6F-19B5-4F1E-81C7-C5ECB9FF5DEFI went to an all boy private high school, which was a school that really focused on sports. I had a great high school experience but it was always a bit funny to me. Here I was, a kid obsessed with skateboarding, music, art, girls, at an all male private sports high school. In other words, I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. This applies to my taste/appreciation for watches. Yes I appreciate the classics, but the unique and the obscure capture my heart. When a company goes against the majority, against current trends, this is something that I can truly respect, especially considering the risks involved. This explains why my excitement was ramped up high for the watch I am reviewing today.

When the watch was delivered into my hands I was initially intrigued by the size of the shipping box. It was larger than most watches that I have received in the past; therefore, I needed into this cardboard box like right now. Of course I was also impressed by the size and the quality of the storage box. As impressed as I was, it didn’t slow me down with getting to the watch itself. The Zoid Dual face definitely didn’t disappoint me at the first impressions game. The large 54x52x14 bronze case was extremely impressive to see in person. The case definitely is wider than it is long. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this watch was the cockpit of a Gundam robot. There is no denying the badass wrist presence that this watch has. Those who will complain about the size/style of this piece, just move on. I was really surprised on how good this watch felt on my wrist. It’s definitely unlike any watch that I have worn before and I mean that in a positive way.

As the name implies, there are two faces/dials on this watch. I like to define one side as a more dress style and the other as a more casual dial. Both sides have some details that I really like and that I think really work in favor of this piece. I really like the small detail that the hexagon head screws that can be found throughout the case

The highlight of both dials are the exposed rotors of the automatic movements. The dress side of the Zoid DF is your standard style rotor as opposed to the unique rotor featured on the casual side. The turbine style of the rotor adds to the Gundam feel that this dial has. My only complaint about the exposed movement is the plastic movement holder. From a function standpoint becomes brittle over time and from an aesthetic standpoint it cheapens the look of a pricey watch. Of course the orange stenciled nurmerals that are printed on the carbon dial also adds to that mecha-robot style. I really like how small the date window is on this piece and I also like the orange crosshairs that border it. A small detail that adds a nice touch/completed look. Both sides have unique style hands that complement the unique dials.


Though the style of the “dress” side of the watch is clean with a 1950’s classicfeel, it reminds me of a watch that Roger Smith would own. For those who don’t know who Roger Smith is, he is the Pilot of the Mecha-Robot Big O. If you want add a touch of funkadelicness to the dress side then you can reverso the strap via the hinge system. Simply pull down on the strap and flip it to either the orange or black side. Don’t fret, as the bucklke has the same hinge system. Zoid’s thoughtfullness to design is apparent, which you can see in the above pic, the rubber gasket that protects the case from getting scratched by the metal on the strap.

I really like the case design on this piece, but there are some areas that could be improved upon in terms of finishing. Under the two crown locks, specifically the areas of the case that surround the crown are areas that look roughly finished. These areas are only viewable when the crown locks are in the open position, but nevertheless these areas are in need of some smoothing out. The signed crown locks add a nice touch of thoughtfulness detail though. As for functionality, the crown and crown locks work without any problems whatsoever. This can be said for all physical functions on this watch, all work well, without problems of any kind.


The Zoid Dual Face is a extremely unique piece that was made for those admirers of the out of the box experience for their wrists. Despite the size of this piece, it wears comfortably. These pieces are very limited, only 10 of each style were produced. The odds of you coming across another Zoid Dual Face is highly unlikely, but you will definitely get attention from people with this watch on your wrist. I am a huge fan of unique watches that break free from the monotonous retentiveness that bores down the watch industry and the watch community.

Thank you all for reading and as always your questions and comments are welcome below.

Thank you to the Zoid team. 🙏😊🤝

• Case: 316L Stainless steel case and brush finish with brown ion-plating.
• Movement: Japanese Miyota Automatic self winding mechanism and up to 42 hours power reserve.
• Water Resistance: Up to 50m/ 5ATM
• Winding cown: Pull out crown with custom embossed ZOID logo.
• Dial: Compressed carbon fibre.
• Hands: Custom hands applied with super luminova.
• Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.
• Strap: Genuine calf leather with embossed croco pattern with twisting mechanism.
• Buckle: 316L Stainless steel with Brown ion-plating and Special cast buckle with laser engraved logo and twisting mechanism.
• Case size: 54 x 52mm
• Case thickness: 14mm.
• Fits wrist up to: Diameter of 75mm.
• Limited edition of 10 pieces.




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