Watch Review: Gavox Roads


I have noticed something  interesting about watches that design are influenced by automobiles more often gimmicky than not. Which strikes me as odd because it seems it’s more so with that style of watch over other styles such as pilot/aviation themed watches, dive watches, etc. The car themed/inspired watches are quite often in your face where you can not help but to notice that it’s design was inspired by a car. Don’t get me wrong, I like unique in your face designs. There are ways though to do this where the watch doesn’t end looking like a kids watch/toy. I have reviewed some automobile themed watches that were not gimmicky, where the design features were subtle. Will the Gavox Roads watch fall into that group or will it be just another gimmicky car themed watch? 

The GR comes in 3 different dial colors as you will see in the following pictures throughout the review here. It’s not just a choice of color here either. Each dial color has it’s own unique road that can be found on the caseback. The map style engraved casebacks are definitely cool and have added some road trips to my bucket list.

Michael Happe, the founder of Gavox Watches reports that “the Gavox Roads is the ultimate road trip companion.” I was very curious to find out what he meant by this. When I first glanced at the dial on the GR, it appears to be just your standard chronograph style set up. What I mean by standard is that it has the main hour, minute hands and three small subdials. 


Typically I don’t go into great lengths about a watches movement for a number of reasons. One reason it is boring because their isn’t much new to be said that hasn’t been said before. The movement in this watch definitely is important to the dial itself. The Gavox Roads is equipped with a Ronda 5130D which counts seconds via the main second hand. You will notice that the sub dial at the 9/10 o’clock position has two hands, the longer hand has a ‘top speed’ of 30 minutes and and the shorter hand goes up to 12 hours. The small seconds dial at the 3 o’clock position which handles the ‘running’ seconds. That leaves the sub dial at the 6 o’clock position which is responsible for the alarm, which is just fun to play with but is also very useful. The alarm definitely takes me back to simple times before technology complicated my life. Michael has a very easy to follow video on how to operate all the functions on this watch which I will include the link below. The video is about 5 minutes and that’s about how long it will take you to learn to properly use the Roads functions. 


The functions operate flawlessly and are extremely easy to recalibrate if needed. As great as the functions are on this watch, it would be useless if the dial wasn’t legible in terms of the hand size/fit, numbers on the sub-dials, date window size/color, ect. Thankfully Michael is not only is a stickler for preciseness of function but he is also a stickler for design layout. The Roads is extremely easy to read both in daylight and night. It is also very legible when it comes to reading the sub-dials. The black dial Roads has a more stealth effect yet it still has that important legibility. The crispy white dial is not only has that clean streamlined appearance but it is probably the most legible of all the dial colors. The blue dial is just pretty but not in a flashy way. On the chapter ring is the tacimeter, which has small print but not too small where legibility is compromised. The blue dial has the most legible tachometer and this is due to the orange numerals that is set against a blue backdrop where the other two versions have a black chapter ring with white numbers.


Gavox always gives you great options when it comes to it’s watches and their “shoes”. The GR is no different, as you can see in the pictures that there are some nice leather straps that have stitching that matches the dial brilliantly. Everything functions with great precision and quality on the Gavox Roads. The bezel is so easy to grip and operates with a nice tight feel but not where it’s difficult to rotate. I really appreciate that the crown is a screw down style instead of the push pull style. In my opinion, push pull style crowns should become obsolete. A screw down crown just offers so much more protection from water, dust, etc. Some comments that I have received on this watch from my social media posts are “it’s a beautifully designed watch, just wish it had an automatic movement.” I get the draw of a mechanical movement, believe I do. If the Gavox Roads had a mechanical movement, that had all the features this watch had, it would put it in a completely different price group. Then the comments would become, “I love the design but damn that is expensive.”


The Gavox Roads is a great watch and it definitely is a great companion piece when on the road/go. I used it to time my treatments at work, used the alarm to remind to get my ass moving on my days off, and even managed to use the tacimeter while taking a mini-road trip. Michael’s passion and love for watches always transcends into his watches and the Gavox Roads is no different. If you are looking for a watch that will definitely assist you on your travels, the Gavox Roads is that watch. In my opinion it’s also a great vacation watch especially if you want that disconnect from your home life. Ditch the phone, the tablet, the laptop. Rely on the watch for your time needs, even in the water you are covered by the 300 feet of WR. Grab the watch, jump in your car, and just enjoy the open road.

Thank you all for reading the review and sharing my obsession of watches.

Thank you so much Michael and the Gavox team.

Gavox Roads Specifications:

Surgical stainless steel case
Sapphire Crystal
Case diameter: ø 41mm
Case depth: 12 mm
Screw down Crown
Luminescent on hands and dial (Superluminova)
Turning Bezel 120 step (unidirectional)
Ronda Movement Swiss part
Chronograph 12H
Date display
Alarm 12h
Surgical Stainless Steel Band
Water resistant: 10ATM (300 feet)

Watch Review: CREPAS Loggerhead

1707E9F4-8FA1-46B7-B885-F0333EDF74C5.jpegDo I really need another dive watch? Strangely I have never asked myself this question. I do appreciate all style of watches, yet dive watches are my personal favorite. We can broaden my question to, do I really need another watch? I used to be a one watch guy. Unfortunately I used to be very narrow minded. When I think about it now, damn one watch? That is a truly absurd thought. There are so many different/variations of styles within each style of watches. You have dress dive watches, rugged/raw style dive watches, large cases, small cases, I can go on and on. I still can’t believe that I would limit myself in such a way. I am glad I saw the lume, I mean light.


Today we are exploring the vintage diver inspired Crepas Loggerhead dive watch. When I first saw/held this watch I instantly got that cool 1970’s dive watch vibe. Short lugs, rounded case profile, curved sides, refined yet rugged design. Then Crepas decided to infuse this piece with their modern DNA, robust 44mm case, oversized 7.5mm crown, 3.5mm sapphire crystal, and a massive stainless unidirectional rotating bezel. The stainless steel case has that refined buttery smoothness when you glide your finger across the case and yet the heft of the case gives the Loggerhead that ‘I can handle adventure outside the office’ ruggedness. The case plays off of lighting really well with the combination of finishing between the polished and brushed. This combination allows the Loggerhead to play nicely in transitions of environments from the office, to weekend play, to the water, to the woods. Of course this also means it can add and blend with your personal style. You can adapt the look of this watch easily as well by switching up the bracelet to a custom leather strap or nato/ballistic strap. The bracelet is a unique combination of ruggedness and dress this is achieved by combining the brushed outer edge of the links with mesh style inner links.


The artist in me absolutely loves the majestic and magical case back on the Loggerhead. It contains a beautiful engraved Loggerhead turtle, which encompasses the wisdom and awe that turtles exude. Even the screw down case back has that buttery smooth finish, including the turtle. We all have experienced case backs that have sharp to the touch unfinished feeling detail. The details on this case not only have that finished look/feel, they all function with quality and ease. The signed screw down crown is easy to grip, operate and has precise screw down/out action. When I was photographing this watch at the water I would periodically reset the time to the magical 10:10 time, with wet sandy hands the crown was never an issue to operate.  The same could be said for this bezel and even greater there is no extra play whatsoever in this bezel. It even lines up perfectly with the dial which the OCD tendencies within me silently rejoice. I also have to mention how the precision fit of the bezel against the case itself. I personally don’t like when there is a gap between the bezel and the case itself.


Before we explore this dial together I need to get something off of my chest. I am just gonna put this out there, I totally get the teaming up with watch groups, forums, etc… but can we please keep the logos off of the dial and strictly use them on the caseback? It adds unnecessary/unneeded detail and clutter to the dial and also adds an overall cheesiness feel. Thanks! Luckily the logo on the Loggerhead isn’t oversized and done in a classy manner. I do like the simplisticity of the text on this dial though. The Crepas nautical propeller logo is also simplistic yet is bold and badass. Crepas gets bonus points for the complementing propeller on the crown. Another sign of Crepas and their meticulous eye for design detail is how the date window flows beautifully into the crown, both located at the 4 o’clock position.


Ok, back to work here, the dial on the Loggerhead is simple, yet has nice depth of detail. Let’s start with the matte finished backdrop which is my preferred finish of choice because of the resistance to glare attributes that matte finish has. Crepas then laid the applied markers on the dial, which also have a matte finish and a Swiss Superluminova C3 treatment. The markers have great legibility in all lighting situations. When I first examined the hands on the Loggerhead I thought that Crepas made a rather odd choice. Odd because of the gloss finish and the shape. The gloss finish struct me as more odd though as the shape of the hands are more unique than odd. But as I had more hands on experience with this watch is a wide variety of environments, the gloss finish made more sense to me. The contrast of the gloss of the hands set against the matte dial actually creates an increase in legibility, especially underwater. A little detail that I really love on the dial, is on the second hand. Typically the circle on the lollipop is the lumed part on the hand, but on this piece it’s not lumed. Not only does this look fantastic in daylight, but at night when the all the lume on this watch is glowing bright, that little circle looks so cool. I love little details like this.


The quality design gives an appropriate housing for the quality movement that is the ETA 2824-2 movement, which is just as reliable as the case itself. The Loggerhead is a well executed watch in terms of overall design and execution. My only suggestion would be removing the DW logo from the dial and place it on the outer ring of the caseback. The size of the dial and the size of the case are just right in my opinion, which creates nice wrist presence, comfort and legibility. Three very important details when designing a watch, which is apparent that Crepas paid close attention to when they designed this watch. The Loggerhead was extremely comfortable on the wrist at work for multiple 12 hour shifts, was comfortable while hiking and was comfortable and more importantly it is legible in the water. The rounded profile on the Loggerhead really adds to the wrist conforming comfort. What is a dive watch without water? Rest assured of this water resistance of 1000 meters because Crepas uses quality protection in the form of the tefzel I-ring and the Viton O-ring doing the sealing job.


If I am going to be completely honest here, if I was given the choice between the Loggerhead and a Doxa, I would choose the Loggerhead every time. My decision is based on my experience with both brands, based on sum of parts and based on overall execution of design. I would recommend this watch to anyone who is looking for an affordable dive watch that has vintage charm infused with modern deaign technology. It is available in multiple dial colors, the orange stole my heart personally.

Fully charged

Thank you all for reading and sharing in the passion of watches.

Thank you Ana and the Crepas team.

– Diameter of the bezel: 43,30mm
– Diameter of the case: 44mm
– Thickness: 14,55mm
– Length: 52mm
– Thickness of the lens: 3,50mm
– Diameter of the crystal: 32mm
– Space between lugs: 22mm
– Diameter of the crown: 7,50mm
– Thickness of the bezel: from 2,75mm up 3,40mm-
– Thickness of the case back: 3,40mm

– Case, bezel, case back cover and crown made of stainless steel 316L
– Sapphire lens
– 316L stainless steel bracelet
– Hands, dial and bezel with Swiss Superluminova C3
– I-ring made of tefzel and O-ring made of Viton

– Swiss ETASA 2824-2 movement.
– Water resistant 100 atmos / 1000 meters
– Screwed crown and case back cover
– Unidirectional bezel with 120 clicks
– Anti-reflective matt dial.
– Sapphire lens with AR coated on inner side

– Watch with bracelet
– Folder case
– Screwdriver to adjust links and remove bracelet
– Chamois cloth, brochure, warranty card and extra spring bars
– Personal document with the serial number, name of customer recognizing the ownership of the unit.



Watch Review: Nitron Warriors Warhawk


Last review I made mention of how for the masses the age of big watches is over for the masses, well luckily for those of us who still appreciate larger watches with unique designs Nitron came out with their limited edition Warhawks line of watches. The watch came in a metal tackle box which a very unique box and very rugged. I actually use this box as my watch carrier for transportation during my reviews/photo shoots/ect. When I first opened the tackle box I was greeted by a mini tactical flashlight, a warranty card and the watch. I have to admit that the mini flashlight was a nice added bonus. Who doesn’t like cool extras? Don’t get me wrong though, the large IP bronze watch that is sitting in this tackle box case is very much so the center of attention grabbing action. Coming in at a hefty 200 grams of a 50mm monster, this piece is definitely not for the faint of wrist.


The unique design of this piece works well with it’s size and weight, in my opinion this design in 42mm would not have the same effect at all. Nitron recognizes that the size and design isn’t for everyone, so before the negative Nacys chime in, Nitron made just 18 pieces. I love the placement of the oversized crown which is located at the 12 o’clock position. The crown has a double protective system in place, both with the screw down action and with the locking hinged bar that fits over the crown with precision. Both of these protective features function with precision as well. They are easy to grip and operate in all environments. The signed crown looks fantastic, especially when the crown protector is fully closed and all that you see from the top side down is the engraved N on the crown. 


Same can be said with the massive compass style bezel. I love the overall design of this bezel which teamed with this case/crown it creates one hell of a  attention stealing beast when on the wrist. Though this watch is a large piece, it wears quite comfortably. I wore it through my 10-12 hour shifts at work without any comfort issues. I like how Nitron tappered the case from 4mm- 17mm with a gradual slope in thickness from lug to lug. The exhibition case back, the plastic movement holder and that it is IP bronze instead of solid bronze are the disappointments of this piece. I would have loved to have seen a solid case back with a killer engraved picture of a P-40. A detail that would’ve really completed this watch that much more than the current case back.


The P-40 Warhawk that is pictured on the dial is the inspiration draw for this Warhawk Warriors line of watches. I could not have imagined a better fitting dial that would complement this case any better. The dial is just as bold as this case. I love the depth of this dial that all the details have created together. The large bold hands and hour markers create a legible yet standout style dial. The large propeller style second is very unique yet due to its size there is some minor stuttering with it’s rotation. The dial has some great depth that is created by the layers with the black date wheel/dial cut-out, the hex head screws and the oversized markers/hands. The P-40m Warhawk plane on the dial just makes this dial in my opinion. I really like how it is not in clear focus, in your face style. It’s cool that you have to really look closely at the dial to make it out, which allows you to step back and really appreciate all of the details this dial has.


This is definitely a unique watch that has some real cool features/design details. A detail that I like is how the top of the case doesn’t have traditional lugs, but the bottom of the case has this thick badass lugs. This really adds to the overall attention grabbing profile of the Warhawks Warrior. Very limited in the numbers produced and it is obviously a watch for the masses. It is a well made piece. Is it perfect? No. I mentioned what I would change to take it a step further. Are those changes deal breakers? Well that it in the eye of the beholder. Like I said this is not a watch for everyone but those who are looking for something different from the masses of submariner clones, this watch deserves their attention. It is fun to wear, fun to operate and just fun to look at on and off the wrist.

Thank you all for reading, I truly appreciate sharing my passion with you all.

Thank you to Nitron.

Thank you to TVG.

A special thanks to Alex.

To read more about TVG, please check out the included article below.


Miyota Automatic Movement


•Unique second hand with 3 propelling second hands

•Indicative second hand has a White plane

•Curtiss P-40 Warhawk on dial

•Micro bead-blasted with Brushed Bronze on Bezel, case and lugs

•Bright yellow night luminescent on hands and index

•Superluminova on hands and index

•50mm Diameter

•4mm- 17mm gradual slope in thickness from lug to lug

•Custom cut Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on top.

•Exposed back case with sapphire crystal

•Screw down crown at 12′.

•Date indicator at 4′.

•Weight @ 200grams,approximately the weight of 12 Double A batteries.

•Dark Green silicon strap with Nitron official logo embossed


Up to 100m


•18 pieces worldwide (Eg, 01/18)

•Individual numbers engraved on backcase

$965.00 USD


Watch Review: Lum-Tec Combat Field X2





  1. relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end.”as a tactical officer in the field he had no equal”
    • (of bombing or weapons) done or for use in immediate support of military or naval operations.
    • (of a person or their actions) showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action.”in a tactical retreat, she moved into a hotel with her daughters”DFE23CC6-BDE8-4680-8491-AFC347A846CF.jpeg

Just slapping tactical, military, field, ect doesn’t make it so. It’s not that easy, not by a long shot. In my opinion a watch or any other item that has those adjectives attached to it, the piece needs the “guts” in it to be able to earn that title. Today you will find out if the new Lum-Tec Field X has earned that title. I found it very hard to miss the Field X2’s titanium catbide PVD coating d/t it’s distinctive matte charcoal color. Scientific explanation “Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, is a term used to describe a family of relatively low temperature (750° F) vacuum coating processes that involve the generation of positively charged ions through various methods. Reactive gases are introduced into the chamber to create various compounds. The positively charges ions are attracted to a negative bias given to the tool substrates. This attraction results in a dense thin-film layer with an extremely strong physical bond to the tool substrate.” My interpretation, science helps not only make this case look badass, but also functionally badass by adding a protective layer. My inner nerd explanation is in this instance, the Eddie Brock is 316L stainless steel and the Symbiote is the Titanium Carbide PVD hard coating. The Field X2 case looks completely badass. 


Another detail that I could not overlook is the double curved sapphire crystal with military grade anti-reflective coating. I am telling you that this watch has one of the most badass profiles that I have seen. The military themed wire style lugs just perfect the look. The lugs are 22mm spaced and have a nice amount of curvature to them. The oversized crown located at the 3 o’clock position not only look good, but it also functions smoothly. Better yet, it has some reliable, rugged technology behind it with the screw lock action with it’s double diamond sealing system. So far, the Field X2’s case is earning that tactical title, let’s continue to see more. The 44mm is a great size for this piece in my opinion in terms of wearability in all environments. I found it to translate amazing between work, out in the field, outdoors, in the water, the X2 handled it all like a champion. The X2 has a stainless steel threaded solid caseback which makes me so happy to see. Why? Because if you are designing a watch that is supposed to be a tactical watch, don’t have a pussed out exhibition case back please. Thank you Lum-Tec for going with the functionally correct choice and not going the weakass looking crystal case back.


The swiss sellita sw200 movement inside the X2 is well protected by a series of insurance policies that Lum-Tec has placed inside of this case. Those insurance policies are in the form of high tech Viton® gaskets, an anti-Shock movement mounting system, antimagnetic protection, and able to resist 330 feet of water depth. Lum-Tec extends that insurance policy as well with their amazing customer service by offering you not only lifetime free movement timing regulation, but also lifetime free pressure testing and seal lubrication/cleaning. 


The dial on the X2 starts with a solid ‘root’ system with it’s bead blasted black PVD dial base. This base creates the perfect backdrop in my opinion, especially with the matte black finish. A Lum-Tec dial would not ever be complete without the amazing MDV Technology® on the dial and the hands with grade X1 LOR Super-Luminova® that glows like a flashlight, even when you are in a environment that isn’t completely dark. Ever hear of daylume? I am pretty sure if you looked this up in the dictionary, a picture of the X2 would be pictured there. Wanna annoy your light sensitive significant other in bed? Just give the X2’s lume a nice charge up before bedtime. Wanna wow the kiddos after tucking them in? Same thing applies, charge it up from a light source. I was wowed for sure! I think Lum-Tec nailed it in terms of the simplicity of this dial and with not adding anything unnecessary. The large hour markers are absolutely ideal in both daylight and nighttime hours. I had not a single issue reading what time it was both in light, dark and underwater. I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about the shape of the hands on the X2. I was out in the rain enjoying the peacefulness when I looked at this dial, at the hands specifically, they reminded of the hands on a compass rose. Love it.


The dial is very crisp and extremely clean with only the necessary details. The numerals and rectangular hour markers are neatly printed with sharp edges and no accidental spill over. Very minimal text on the X2 dial also helps keep it looking clean and uncluttered. When you need a quick glance time check when time is truly critical, you don’t want a cluttered mess of a dial. The X2 dial allows for extremely easy legibility at a quick glance. Lum-Tec really stepped it up with this watch. I have had the privilege to review quite a few watches from Lum-Tec. They have all been quality pieces in terms of design and delivery, but the X2 shows that Lum-Tec doesn’t want to stay static, the X2 shows that they are striving to improve upon a solid foundation that they have spent years building upon. There are no recommendations that I can make that would improve this watch. Reaching deep into my personal nit picking I would have made the wired lugs solid and not with spring bars. Yes this would limit you to only military/nato style straps, but there are endless options out there. Having the solid piece wired lugs would just be a cool throwback to the field watches that inspired the X2.


There are two field watches out there that are very different but both definitely have a well earned place in any collection, one being the Aquator Corp and the other being the X2. Throughout my review and testing, the X2 definitely earned the honor to use the terms tactical, rugged, badass, combat ready to describe it’s capabilities to handle such activities.

Thank you all for sharing in my love and passion for watches.

Thank you to Chris, Bes and the Lum-Tec team.


Assembled by hand in Ohio

44mm case width excluding crown

22mm lug width, but accepts a 24mm military style strap

Surgical grade 316L stainless steel

Threaded solid caseback

Bead blasted finish

Titanium Carbide PVD hard coating (charcoal color)

Double curved sapphire crystal with military grade anti-reflective coating

Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement

Anti-Shock movement mounting system

100 meters/330 ft. water resistance

Bead blasted black PVD dial base

MDV Technology® dial and hands with grade X1 LOR Super-Luminova®

Screw lock crown with double diamond sealing system

High tech Viton® gaskets

Black nylon military strap with 316L bead blasted hardware

Brown leather military strap with 316L bead blasted hardware

Lifetime free movement timing regulation

Lifetime free pressure testing and seal lubrication/cleaning

2 year international limited warranty (fully transferable)

Limited and numbered series of 100 worldwide