Watch Review: Nitron Warriors Warhawk


Last review I made mention of how for the masses the age of big watches is over for the masses, well luckily for those of us who still appreciate larger watches with unique designs Nitron came out with their limited edition Warhawks line of watches. The watch came in a metal tackle box which a very unique box and very rugged. I actually use this box as my watch carrier for transportation during my reviews/photo shoots/ect. When I first opened the tackle box I was greeted by a mini tactical flashlight, a warranty card and the watch. I have to admit that the mini flashlight was a nice added bonus. Who doesn’t like cool extras? Don’t get me wrong though, the large IP bronze watch that is sitting in this tackle box case is very much so the center of attention grabbing action. Coming in at a hefty 200 grams of a 50mm monster, this piece is definitely not for the faint of wrist.


The unique design of this piece works well with it’s size and weight, in my opinion this design in 42mm would not have the same effect at all. Nitron recognizes that the size and design isn’t for everyone, so before the negative Nacys chime in, Nitron made just 18 pieces. I love the placement of the oversized crown which is located at the 12 o’clock position. The crown has a double protective system in place, both with the screw down action and with the locking hinged bar that fits over the crown with precision. Both of these protective features function with precision as well. They are easy to grip and operate in all environments. The signed crown looks fantastic, especially when the crown protector is fully closed and all that you see from the top side down is the engraved N on the crown. 


Same can be said with the massive compass style bezel. I love the overall design of this bezel which teamed with this case/crown it creates one hell of a  attention stealing beast when on the wrist. Though this watch is a large piece, it wears quite comfortably. I wore it through my 10-12 hour shifts at work without any comfort issues. I like how Nitron tappered the case from 4mm- 17mm with a gradual slope in thickness from lug to lug. The exhibition case back, the plastic movement holder and that it is IP bronze instead of solid bronze are the disappointments of this piece. I would have loved to have seen a solid case back with a killer engraved picture of a P-40. A detail that would’ve really completed this watch that much more than the current case back.


The P-40 Warhawk that is pictured on the dial is the inspiration draw for this Warhawk Warriors line of watches. I could not have imagined a better fitting dial that would complement this case any better. The dial is just as bold as this case. I love the depth of this dial that all the details have created together. The large bold hands and hour markers create a legible yet standout style dial. The large propeller style second is very unique yet due to its size there is some minor stuttering with it’s rotation. The dial has some great depth that is created by the layers with the black date wheel/dial cut-out, the hex head screws and the oversized markers/hands. The P-40m Warhawk plane on the dial just makes this dial in my opinion. I really like how it is not in clear focus, in your face style. It’s cool that you have to really look closely at the dial to make it out, which allows you to step back and really appreciate all of the details this dial has.


This is definitely a unique watch that has some real cool features/design details. A detail that I like is how the top of the case doesn’t have traditional lugs, but the bottom of the case has this thick badass lugs. This really adds to the overall attention grabbing profile of the Warhawks Warrior. Very limited in the numbers produced and it is obviously a watch for the masses. It is a well made piece. Is it perfect? No. I mentioned what I would change to take it a step further. Are those changes deal breakers? Well that it in the eye of the beholder. Like I said this is not a watch for everyone but those who are looking for something different from the masses of submariner clones, this watch deserves their attention. It is fun to wear, fun to operate and just fun to look at on and off the wrist.

Thank you all for reading, I truly appreciate sharing my passion with you all.

Thank you to Nitron.

Thank you to TVG.

A special thanks to Alex.

To read more about TVG, please check out the included article below.


Miyota Automatic Movement


•Unique second hand with 3 propelling second hands

•Indicative second hand has a White plane

•Curtiss P-40 Warhawk on dial

•Micro bead-blasted with Brushed Bronze on Bezel, case and lugs

•Bright yellow night luminescent on hands and index

•Superluminova on hands and index

•50mm Diameter

•4mm- 17mm gradual slope in thickness from lug to lug

•Custom cut Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on top.

•Exposed back case with sapphire crystal

•Screw down crown at 12′.

•Date indicator at 4′.

•Weight @ 200grams,approximately the weight of 12 Double A batteries.

•Dark Green silicon strap with Nitron official logo embossed


Up to 100m


•18 pieces worldwide (Eg, 01/18)

•Individual numbers engraved on backcase

$965.00 USD



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