Watch Review: Valhalla Orm

“Why is he always late to our meetings?” Asked Tony. Steve replied“I certainly can’t answer for him, what about you Bruce you seem to know a lot about everything?” “Even science cannot explain why is he always late” Bruce replied in a know it all tone. “Well perhaps he is still on Asgaurdian time?” Chuckled Peter. “Maybe we can buy him a watch so that he may have some control over time” said Dr. Stephen Strange in the most cocky of tones. In other words, don’t be a Thor and praise to Odin that Valhalla decided to help the Avengers out. This opening paragraph is dedicated to the great Stan Lee.

The stainless steel case at first glance looks like your standard watch case, long curved lugs, even polished finish, solid screw down case back. But under closer inspection the real beauty of this case shines through more so that the light reflecting off the high polished finish. This watch has a fixed bezel which I had mix feelings about initially but those feelings quickly vanished like the Invisible Girl once I saw the killer details on the bezel. By killer details, I mean the dragon that decorates the entire circumference of the bezel. This dragon has that cool, old Viking/Norse feel to it that absolutely looks fantastic. I admit that this is one of my favorite bezels that I have ever experienced. I love the look of the overall look of the dragon and I also love how when it plays with the light it changes appearance. What I mean by this is sometimes you can tell that it’s a dragon and other times it looks to be an edged design. The reason that I had mixed feelings about the bezel is I am a fidgeter by nature;therefore, I like having a bezel that I can rotate/fidget with during the day. Thankfully the push-pull crown allows me some fidget time.

The crown is signed with the hammer logo which adds a smashing bit of detail and overall cohesive styling that pulls the details of the case together with the details of the dial.(which we will discuss in a moment) I like how Valhalla integrates the crown protection on the Orm which adds unique detail to this case and offers a break from the traditional crown guards. The non-crown side of this case also has a touch of detail giving the Orm a touch of profile detail with a nod to the Florentine Italian case design. The Orm’s case definitely has charm with all of the unique and beautiful details that Valhalla managed to add but managed to keep it all in an organized cohesiveness. Rest assured because I believe that they managed to pull off the same Norse magic on the dial. Let’s start with blue dial and it’s waffle detail which adds a level of depth especially when the light catches it. It creates a great backdrop for the Orm and the other details on this dial. Following in that cool Norron mythology the indices used on the Orm are absolutely perfect. I really like the look of these symbols and the fact that they are lumed just adds so much to this dial.

The hammer logo that you see on the crown is also carried over to the dial as you can see in the picture above. I personally think that the second hand is a fantastic design. What I think would make this design even better is if the hammer portion of the second hand was treated with lume. If Valhalla used the same hammer design on the logo located under the 12 o’clock position, the white portions would be the parts of the hammer that I would lume. Just my personal suggestion. As for the hour and minute hands, well they are just perfect. Perfectly proportioned, perfectly shaped and perfectly lumed. Valhalla definitely knew what they were doing when they picked these hands for the Orm. There is a date window located at the 3 o’clock position on the dial which is a detail that I can live with or without. I know some old school guys who prefer to use the date window instead of referring to technology and I also know some who prefer the clean look of a dial without a date window. At the end of the day it comes down to your own personal preference. Just like watch movements, which in the case of the Orm, it houses the 8215 automatic movement.

The Orm is a great piece that is definitely a break from the norm/current trends. I love this piece. It really inspired me as a watch geek, as a reviewer and as an artist. The execution of vision is quite apparent in all of the Orm’s details. I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a unique wrist experience. My only areas of improvement that I would suggest would be my above mentioned lume second hand and my other would be making the crown screw down. The Orm is a great under $400 USD option especially if you are looking for a gift idea for the upcoming holidays. You get a beautiful designed case, a cool dial, a nice domed sapphire crystal, all at a good price in my opinion. There are some nice strap details on available on I personally liked the black ballistic for the Orm, which I used from my personal collection. It’s always addicting to try new shoes on a watch and the Orm is no different. The watch wears incredibly comfortable and has great wrist presence. The case is the perfect size in my opinion/preference at 44mm.

Thank you all for reading and sharing my love for all things watch related……and comic related.

Thank you so much Valhalla. ⚡️🌈🌩


Automatic 8215, Sapphire, 44 mm, 10 ATM, Date at 3, screw down case bac, secondhand like hammer of Thor, Genuine leather strap


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