Watch Review: Zoid Zoomeister

I was hanging out with my kids at a local bookstore last weekend. Kids being kids(myself included), we all wanted to look through the toy section. I recently got my kids into Dragon Ball Z, which started after I took the to see the Brolly movie. As we strolled through the toy section I began to realize how many of the “new toys” there were from movies/cartoons/comics that I loved as a kid. Seeing these toys of course made me feel extremely nostalgic but it was the joy in my kids eyes that was the most awesome part of this trip. Reliving my childhood through their eyes cannot be explained in words. There was a gigantic lego Voltron, Star Wars models, Marvel/DC super heroes, classic movie monsters, Dragon Ball, Astroboy, Transformers………My oldest son picked out a Rubiks cube and my youngest son picked out a Gundam robot. It was the Gundam robot that made me realize something about today’s review watch which I will elaborate more on throughout this review.

The unique Zoomeister/ Blue from Zoid arrived on my doorstep and as soon as I opened the box I was instantly delighted at what I saw. The design is completely different from anything else that I have reviewed which of course immediately grabbed my attention and interest. For starters, the majority of the case is made up of crystal which allows you to view the inner workings of this watch from all different angles. Now Zoid inspiration for the Zoomeister is automotive inspired, but my personal interpretation of this watch is rather more of a futuristic robot inspiration. Voltron, Gundam, Soul of Chogokin, are just some of the inspiration I take from my interpretation of the Zoomeister. Now this is a large rectangular shaped case but the lug design and crown placement allow the Zoomeister to wear much smaller than the (48mm x 42mm, Case thickness: 9mm..)As you can see in the pictures the crown in located above the 12 o’clock position saving space and saving from any discomfort on the back wrist/hand.

I also like how Zoid has the lugs cut into the strap itself, and secured it with a functionally strong screw bar and an aesthetically cool oversized screw-head. You can see these sort of examples throughout this piece, which makes this Zoid’s best piece to date in my opinion. I love the details found on the inside of it’s crystal case. In each of the four corners there are piston/shock absorber style stainless steel securing pins. These are definitely some of those details that reminds me more of the oversized robots of my childhood and not that of automotive inspired. The same can be said for the cut outs in the textured dial which allow you to view sections of the automatic miyota movement. The colors on this dial, along with the texture and layers give an amazing amount of depth to the dial. This is where I truly came to appreciate the majority of this case being made of crystal which allowed me to really view this dial and all of the inner workings of this watch.

I love the blade style hour and minute hands along with the added skeletonized style of the lume treatment. The orange second hand is also beautifully done in length, shape, color and overall design. The cut outs on the second hand really make it a nice focal point on the dial. I also want to mention how this hand color matches the orange accents on this dial which are located not only at the hour markers, but also on the Zoid name & logo internally but also externally on the strap. Zoid did an absolute fantastic job of matching the colors throughout this piece. I can appreciate the uniqueness of this watch and I definitely applaud Zoid for going the individuality route, instead of blindly following the masses of watch clones out there. I personally will always be attracted to the out of the box style choices. I definitely understand why the highly popular and expensive brands don’t change the looks of their watches over years and years. Do I agree with it? No, but based on looks alone, the unique watch will always get my vote. A purist I am not.

Zoid’s limited edition of just 18 Zoomeister blue is an excellent unique piece that was made for the individual who wants something different. I personally don’t have any issues with someone who loves the traditional or with the companies that also go that design route. I simply don’t buy them. It’s that easy. Like anything, there are always those negative individuals that will insult brands and designs like the Zoomeister for being different, unique, out of the ordinary. My reviews aren’t meant for those individuals nor are these styles of watches. Save the negative breath, and simply move on. The world already has enough negative winds blowing throughout it, don’t add to it.

The Zoomeister is a great watch that is very well made in terms of overall finishing/completeness of the details. Like I mentioned earlier, this is Zoid’s best work up to date. The finish and quality on this watch exceeded my expectations. I love the functionality of the oversized crown, strap/lug designs and I love the aesthetics that give this watch it’s wrist presence. It’s just a fun watch to wear. For those individuals that share my love of the unique, this just may be the watch you have been looking for. It’s packed full of wonderful little details internally and externally. It’s one of those watches that you will find yourself staring at your wrist throughout the day, and still not be aware of the actual time.


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