Watch Review: Neminus Master Diver 1000

Seasons change, people change, times change, tastes change, and with those changes comes new experiences. I used to fear change, fear the new, but now I embrace it. Embracing it allows me to experience new things in life. Stainless steel used to be my preferred watch case metal of choice. I have to say that now my new favorite material is bronze. Bronze is a metal that is always changing as it ages. Bronze also wears scratches like a true champ. I love that about bronze.


The Master Diver was birthed from a block of CuSn8 bronze which was given shape through CNC machining, 44mm x 18.4mm shape to be exact. Weighing in at 162g, the Master Diver won’t weigh down the wrist, but also doesn’t have the lightweight “cheapness” feeling either.

The details found throughout the Master Diver watch illustrates the great respect and admiration Neminus has for the deepest depths of the sea. With the rugged CuSn8 bronze, I expect equally rugged qualities to be found throughout the rest of this watch that is geared for the abuse that comes along with life at sea. The angular thick bezel features a scratch resistance ceramic insert which is a tougher material as opposed to commonly used aluminum bezel inserts. The angles of the bezel allows the wearer to easily grip and to easily rotate, even in all weather conditions. The same is true for the screw down crown and helium release valve.

Signed helium release valve which is located at the 10 o’clock position.

The dial is my favorite detail of this watch. The uniquely painted dial reminds me of the scales of the mythical Kraken. Green, textured and beautiful and the best part is that it’s unlike any dial I have ever seen. Neminus nailed the dial itself and thankfully they also nailed the hands as well. The trident second hand is campy, but it works regardless. A nice tie-in on this dial is the hands and the applied markers, both similar in design and both have BGW9 luminous treatment. The large hands and dial are extremely legible in daylight and in darkness.

The screw down case back of the Master Diver certainly did not disappoint me either. I have been obsessed with the depths of the sea and all of it’s hidden creatures since I can remember. I had a Fisher Price deep sea diver play set when I was a kid. That was the start of my love for old diving helmets like the one found on the Master Diver case back. The case back doesn’t feature a simple flat laser etched picture, what it does feature is a raised, textured diving helmet that has great depth, depth of detail like the sea itself.

The beautiful details of the Master Diver’s case back

$599 USD gets you a watch that is packed with unique details and details that I personally don’t see on a watch at this price point. The details alone made this watch a “no brainer” decision. The pro’s heavily outweigh the cons. My cons are the date window and the bezel in lay. The reason the date window is a con for me is because the textured dial’s beautiful flow is sadly interrupted by the ugliness of the intrusive window. The reason why the bezel inlay is a con for me is because it doesn’t match the watch. A solid bronze bezel with protruding markers would have been much more cohesive with the design of the Master Diver.

The pro’s of the Master Diver are the unique dial, the large hands, legible dial, the case(shape, size, case back, drilled lugs, materials). The watch is very well made and held up remarkably well throughout my review process. It got some light scratches from the waves knocking it against the rocks, but who cares? I certainly don’t care about scratches on my watches. The 5mm thick double domed sapphire crystal is quite resistant to scratches and is treated with 4 layers of anti-reflective coating.

The Master Diver wears comfortably on the wrist and has great wrist presence. That wrist presence is due to the fact that Neminus wasn’t afraid to go outside of the rehashed design box that is currently plaguing the watch industry. If you are looking for your first bronze piece or if you are looking to add another to your collection then you should consider this watch. I guarantee you that you haven’t seen a dial like this one before and yes that’s a good thing. The Master Diver is available for purchase on Neminus’ website:

Thank you all for reading and thanks to Neminus for allowing me to review this watch.

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