Watch Review: Andersmann 1000m Bronze Diver

Andersmann watches are definitely not a stranger to my blog . I have reviewed almost every model that CEO Raymond Chan has released. Each of those models contain well thought out functional details and each model was an example Raymond’s attention to strict quality control. My personal favorite was the 47mm giant, the Deep Ocean diver. When Raymond first shared the pictures of his upcoming 1000m bronze diver I was immediately attracted to it. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I heard that it was 44mm. I really thought that 47mm would do the bronze case more justice. As I spent more time with this watch though, I found myself appreciating the size of the case. There’s no denying the absolute comfort of this watch. The weight (155grams) and the height (16mm) of this watch are not an issue whatsoever. It will fit easily under the cuff of your dress shirt if you are a desk diver at the office.

The case is made from bronze alloy CuSn8, which blends copper and tin in their pure states. Both copper and tin are structurally strong and highly corrosion-resistant. “Bronze, historically associated with ships, diving equipment, and various nautical pursuits, has developed a growing fan base in the watch-collector community for its warm, gold-like tone and its tendency to develop a unique patina from exposure to air, humidity, heat and wear — rendering each watch individual to its owner and his or her experiences.” Like most Andersmann watches, the lugs are relatively straight with very minimal curvature. The lugs are drilled which is definitely a preference of mine because not only do screw bars provide more stability than spring bars, but they also cut down the risk of scratching the lugs during a strap change.

I was surprised by how quickly the natural patina started to appear on this watch. It enhanced the depth of the raised dive scale numerals on the unidirectional bezel actually making them more legible. Like it’s titanium big brother, the bronzo features knurled edge detail on both the bezel and on the screw down crown. The knurl detail is quite beautiful but more importantly the knurl detailing on the crown and bezel add ease of function. Both the bezel and the crown are easy to grip ahold of and operate. The bezel has a tight, precise ratcheting action that has none of that disappointing extra play or wobble. The crown doesn’t disappoint either with it’s easy to grip knurl edges, it’s smooth screwing action and it’s strong crown stem. I like that the crown is signed with Andersmann “A” logo that adds a level of cohesion with the dial.(more about that in a bit)

The two details that I could have down without on this watch are the exhibition case back and the engraved Andersmann on the flank side of the case. Raymond does add some of his own detailing to the ETA Automatic movement to give you something to look at. It’s just a personal preference of mine to have a solid case back that features a detailed engraving. Aesthetically speaking, the engraved Andersmann name of the case disrupts the flow of the case. As patina forms around the engraved letters, this will definitely help enhance the look. These two details are just me trying to make the watch more appealing to my personal taste. There are no details on this watch that disappoint me from a functionality standpoint.

The dial is definitely the show stealer on this watch though. The distressed detail is a prime example of Raymond’s attention to fine details. Each dial is individually scratched making each piece uniquely different. The dial and the scratches appear to magically change depending on the angle and on the lighting that it is viewed under. The large luminous coated hands and numerals allow for optimal reading of the time is all lighting situations. Whether you are driving through a tunnel on the highway or diving in the murky depths of your favorite diving spot, you will have no issues with quickly acclimating to the dial layout to read the time.

The semi-skeletonized hands are perfectly sized to the dial. It’s such a disappointment when a dial is fitted with inadequate sized hands. A detail that has been a deal breaker for me in the past. Each of the three bronze models featured it’s own uniquely colored second hand.(yellow, blue or white) The sandwich style dial gives a nice head nod to the Italian divers that made this detail ever so popular. Allowing you to truly admire the dial on this watch is a thanks in part to the double curved sapphire crystal. The top crystal is 4.4mm thick and is treated with anti-reflecting treatment. The case back sapphire crystal is 2.9mm and is tinted grey.

The bronzo comes on a super soft, comfortable FKM rubber strap (125/85) that features a bronze CuSn8 tongue buckle(engraved). Not only does the soft rubber conform to your wrist comfortably but it’s also extremely easy to keep clean. Working in healthcare nowadays having stuff that is easily cleaned is definitely appreciated. I wash this watch and strap in between seeing each of my patients. Right now personally I wouldn’t wear a leather strap to work because leather acts like a moisture sponge.

The Andersmann 1000m bronze diver is a well executed dive watch that is packed full of those Andersmann functional details that I have come to love and expect from Raymond. Some will complain about the $1800 price tag on this watch. Those who complain about the price will find it extremely difficult to find this type of quality/specs on anything under the 1k price point. There’s a watch for every person’s budget. Instead of complaining about the price of a watch, go and find a watch that works for your personal budget or save up for one.

The watch is definitely one to consider if you thought the Deep Ocean watch was awesome but the 47mm size turned you off. This watch is also a great option for those looking for a quality bronze diver. The watch is extremely accurate and that is thanks to the tried and abused workhorse ETA2892-A2. The watch comes in a nice secured pelican case that is as rugged as the watch inside. This review piece was worn to work, during multiple hiking and climbing trips and survived many trips to the sandy beach. It functioned flawlessly, kept it’s appearance and even developed some beautiful natural patina. I definitely recommend this watch to anyone looking to add a bronze diver to their collection.

Thank you for reading. Thank you Raymond for allowing me to review this watch.

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