Watch Review Aevum Advance

Aevum Advance Specs

  • Case– Ion plated for hardness and brushed stainless steel 42×48 mm with 22mm lugs
  • Dial– Clean no-date sandwich dial with lumed hour markers
  • Crown– Screw down double gasket with cam gear design
  • Movement – NH35 automatic with 40 hour power reserve
  • Case back– Exhibition style to view engraved rotor
  • Lume– Swiss Superluminova BGW9 (blue at night)
  • Crystal – Anti-reflection coated sapphire
  • Water Resistance– 20 ATM or 200 Meters
  • Strap– 22mm genuine leather strap handmade by us in-house

“We are petrolheads. We design and build our watches with passion, including automotive aesthetics in a way that includes all types of enthusiasts.” That is definitely the feeling that you get when unboxing the Aevum Advance watch. It’s a watch that is for watch and car fans alike but it doesn’t give that over the top gimmicky feeling. I initially took notice of the Ion plated brushed finish on the stainless steel. The Ion plating adds hardness to the case as a extra form of protection against scratches from every day use. The Advance watch is a moderately sized 42×48 mm with 22mm lugs which you can see wears well on my 7 1/4” wrist. The Advance case has a distinctive Italian cushion style shape which in my experience not only wear comfortable but also have good wrist presence. This holds true with the Advance and with the curved lugs, the watch hugs the wrist well.

The Advance is fitted with an exhibition case back that allows you to take a peek into the “engine” of the watch. The “engine” inside this watch is the NH35 automatic that when it’s tank is full has a 40 hour power reserve. The movement under the hood looks like your standard NH35 movement but Aevum added a touch of detail by engraving the movement’s rotor with their signature logo. Aevum is a Canadian based company and they show their Canadian pride on the case back with the cool engraved maple leaf 🍁

If/when you find yourself needing/wanting to manually wind the Advance via the screw down crown there’s a few things worth noting here. The screw down crown is protected by a double gasket system that helps protect the Advance by ensuring a water tight seal.(200m) Though the crown isn’t oversized, the design allows the wearer to easily grip and operate when screwing/unscrewing/winding. If you are like me, a crown should have an engraved detail and Aevum didn’t leave this box unchecked. Not only did they laser engrave the crown to look like an adjustable camshaft gear but they also cut the crown grip into half moon flat top teeth to mimic the look of a belt drive cam gear. When a design can seamlessly combine both function and detail, the end result typically is a winner. This is exactly what Aevum has achieved with the design of the Advance’s crown.

Aevum is consistent with including those “petrolhead” details without crossing the gimmicky line and they continue this as you move from the case closer to the dial. The chapter ring on the Advance is marked by a series of numbers which Aevum cleverly designed it to include cam timing degrees and crank positions. If you are wondering what TDC and BDC represent, I will explain what those abbreviations stand for. TDC is the abbreviation for Top Dead Center and BDC located above the 6 O’clock position represents Bottom Dead Center. In between these abbreviations along the circumference of the chapter ring are marked with numerical degrees. For those non-petrolheads, TDC is the point when the piston of the number one cylinder in an engine is at its highest point, and on the compression stroke of the engine’s four-stroke cycle. Bottom dead center is the point at which the piston of an engine is nearest to the axis of the crankshaft. On a vertical engine, this is the lowest point that the piston reaches. When the piston reaches BDC, it starts to move upwards.

The dial can definitely be the making or breaking point for watch. We have all experienced this whether it’s hands that aren’t proportional to the dial or a date window that is oddly placed or hour markers that are not cohesive to the rest of the dial design. Sometimes even the smallest of poorly designed/thought out details can’t be overlooked. Fortunately for Aevum and the Advance watch, the dial was well thought out and executed without any of those “deal breakers”. The sandwich style dial is a great starting point for creating an appealing to the eye kind of dial. The bottom layer is the layer that fueled by Swiss Superluminova BGW9 which in daylight is ivory in color and at night glows a beautiful blue. No matter what lighting environment that you find yourself in.

The large numeral markers that are perfectly paired with the proportional hands make the dial a pleasing to the eye focal point whether if you are looking at the time or just admiring your wrist candy. The text on this dial is kept to a minimum with just the Aevum name, logo, model name and type of movement. The color combinations used on the Advance assist in the overall pleasing aesthetics on this dial (black, white and a touch of red).

I am not a petrolhead by any means. Most of the time I hate driving all together but that doesn’t affect my opinion of this driving themed watch. Like I mentioned before, the “Easter eggs” found throughout this watch are not done in a gimmicky fashion. They are done very subtly and they are done with beautiful execution. The Advance is a watch that anyone can wear and if you are a petrolhead then you will just appreciate those details a little bit more. The only detail suggestion that I have is that the second hand needs some sort of lume treatment like the hour and minute hands. The second hand is not major in terms of disappointment but something that can just make the dial that much better.

The Aevum Advance is a watch that is extremely comfortable to wear. For those size conscious people the 42×48 mm falls in between the “happy spot” 40mm to 44mm. The design of the case and dial are tastefully executed. I personally would like the case back more if it was an engraved solid case back. That’s just a personal preference of mine that doesn’t affect the function nor the overall aesthetics of this watch whatsoever. The Advance comes in at a very affordable $280 usd price tag which allows the buyer to get a lot of nice details at a great price. With Christmas fastly approaching this would be a fantastic gift for that car and watch lover.

Thank you for reading and thank you to Aevum for allowing me to review this watch.

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Stephen Mazinger

I fell in love with watches when I was a small child and I would listen to my grandfathers pocket watch ticking. It's been an obsession ever since. Dive watches are my true love. I've been actively involved in the watch universe for over 15 years, trying to contribute what I can, where I can. Spreading my knowledge , but more importantly learning new things from other WIS. Thanks for looking at my blog. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Follow the blog via Facebook and on Instagram

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