Watch Review: Achtung Metal

2020 has definitely been a stressful, mess of a year. You turn on the TV and it’s nothing but depressing news. If you go anywhere, you are constantly reminded of the current state of life in 2020. If you are like me, you find yourself grasping onto those little things that bring even the most minuscule amount of happiness. That’s one of the reasons why Achtung watches bring a smile to my face. A company that releases small batches of unique watches that are designed to bring a smile to the wearer’s face. The kind of brand that makes the angry watch snob’s cringe, which is another reason why I enjoy reviewing the type of watches that I review. Reviewing watches is a fun release for me and is something that I do not construct in the confines of a stringent uptight format. I believe that Achtung uses the same carefree model when approaching their watches.

The Metal is one of the more recent releases in 2020 from Achtung. “Achtung [ahck-tohng] or [ahck-toong] is a Deutsche (German) word used to command attention, also implying “warning” or “alert”.” The Metal’s design is not a small by any means, it’s 53mm width is huge especially by today’s current trend of 40mm and under. Achtung watches are more of your Tokyo street style fashion and definitely not your stuffy-office type. When I first opened up the box for this watch, the initial thoughts were that it was like a G-Shock was on steroids which was cross bred with a 70’s super alloy mecha-robot. The case uses a mix of materials to make up the unique look of the Metal watch. A first for me on any watch, is the Metal’s fixed rubber bezel. A unique idea as you won’t have to worry about scratching this bezel. The rubber bezel acts like a shock absorber against those accidental “door knob hits” and other bumps that you come across during your watch wearing day.

The strap is attached to the case in a rather usual fashion. As you can see in the pictures the case was designed without lugs. It’s definitely a different approach on attaching a strap to a case but forget about any strap changes on this watch. You will be limited to the supplied silicon watch strap. Thankfully it is very comfortable and it is also color coordinated with the bezel. If you are interested in need of tracking time in multiple time zones then Achtung has got you covered. Located on the non crown side of the Metal’s case are two independently quartz controlled mini dials. A detail that I find uniquely cool but also quite useful. Being located in the US, I often find myself wondering what time it is in various countries that my friends and family are spread throughout the world. Instead of guessing, I just set each “sub dial” to the time zone that those I would be communicating with most that week. There are multiple scenarios when having close access to 3 different times can become quite handy. A unique but useful detail that I enjoyed playing around with. I was surprised how easy the tiny crowns were to use when setting the time on the “sub dials”.

As unique as the case is on the watch, it’s the dial that really pushes the unique. You definitely get a clear view of the dial through the large sapphire crystal. The dial is where my super alloy comment comes into play. The dial reminds me of the armor on those classic robots but the exposed gears remind me of the inner mechanics that are responsible for the movements of the mecha robot. I love the colors and the textures found throughout this dial. What I like about what Achtung did with this dial is the consistency throughout the chaos. There are large, very noticeable details on the dial such as the colored metal plates, some are plain and flat, while other have a bit more detail. Found on separate individual met plates is the type of movement, the water resistance, and the name of the brand. A very unique way to display this information upon the dial. Each metal plate is held securely in place by screws which doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary. The gear style border around the date window was a clever way to keep the consistency flowing. Often times a date window on a dial can disrupt the overall flow of a dial. There’s another detail I want to mention that Achtung has done to help that consistent flow continue throughout this dial. It’s quirky yet I find it quite charming. I appreciate that each screw is a different color but what I appreciate more in the commitment to detail is each screw has a different head. It’s an example of how a company put thorough thought into their design on their watch.

There is no denying that large 53mm watch is packed full of unique personality. It’s a limited edition watch that targets a limited demographic. Beneath the unique exterior of the Metal is the function of this watch. There wasn’t any sacrifices made in terms of function for the overall uniqueness of this watch. Winding this watch manually via the oversized crown is done with smoothness and with ease. Despite the busy and the textured dial, telling time on the Metal is done without obstruction. The large semi-skeletonized hands are easy to see for telling the time despite the lack of numerals on the dial. Even at 53mm, this watch is actually comfortable to wear. No lugs means less wrist overhang for those with smaller wrists. The silicon strap conforms to the wrist with it’s pliable soft nature. The Metal watch is priced at $664 USD. Only 28 were made of each color variation. It’s a fun and unique watch to wear while making a bold statement on the wrist. You can purchase the Metal via

Thank you so much for reading. Thank you Achtung.

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Stephen Tuffatore

I fell in love with watches when I was a small child and I would listen to my grandfathers pocket watch ticking. It's been an obsession ever since. Dive watches are my true love. I've been actively involved in the watch universe for over 15 years, trying to contribute what I can, where I can. Spreading my knowledge , but more importantly learning new things from other WIS. Thanks for looking at my blog. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Follow the blog via Facebook and on Instagram

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