Watch Review: Achtung Galaxy

“The mystic world of time, a whole new galaxy on your wrist, with an impeccable luminescence on the dial, a unique way of time telling”NH35 automatic movement

Black IP case

Width of 44mm

3 Time Zone

Date window

40 hour power reserve

Sapphire crystal watch glass

Complimentary leather watch strap

Quick release calf leather strap

5ATM, 50 meter

Exclusively Limited to 28 pieces

2 Years Warranty

Unconventional time telling. The Achtung Galaxy’s dial is anything but conventional and that’s one of the reasons why it caught my attention. The Galaxy’s theme is centered around space, astronomical centered to be exact. Drawing inspiration from the moon and stars, Achtung designed a rather unique dial. I was intrigued by the overall design and was quite curious on how the time display is read. There isn’t a traditional hour, minute and second hand layout here on the Galaxy. Instead, what we have here in terms of time telling layout is a moon, a plane and a shooting star. “That’s no moon” actually Ben, this time it is a moon. The moon is the “head cheese”, as it’s main responsibility is for pointing to the hour. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t much of a learning curve here once you understand what the key “players” are responsible for in terms of reading the time. The red plane is the pilot of telling the minutes. Next is “le petit prince” shooting star is the second hand. The shooting star is the most “traditional” display in the sense that it’s an actual hand centered on the central axis point of the dial. The tail of the star has a good amount of curvature which plays well with the rest of the dial. The amount of devotion that Achtung is quite apparent with the unique design uniformity that is found throughout this dial. In terms of functional details, this dial received some very cool lume treatment that glows bright like the night sky in the country. The Galaxy is just as legible in the daytime as it is at night, perhaps more so at night 🤔

There isn’t much going on in terms of text on this dial. The only text on the dial is the Achtung name/logo. I could have gone without the date window on the Galaxy but you know, personal preferences. The only numbers that are found on the dial are 1 through 12 that are displayed along the perimeter on inner chapter ring. The detail that really makes this dial a win for me are all of the little lume stars that scattered throughout this dial. In the dark is when I truly appreciate these little details because that’s when they are allowed to truly “shine”. The dial is made up of three layers that make it functional for displaying the time. There are clear discs for each layer and each layer is designated for that specific time telling duty. The bottom disc has the moon(hour), the top disc has the red plane(minutes) and sitting above the discs is the lone shooting star(seconds). Each of the discs features the painted lume treated stars and both discs are set against the sunburst dial. All combining together to make that expansive galaxy effect. The sapphire crystal gives you the view to the dial and that porthole view is framed by the polished fixed bezel.

The Galaxy comes in different variations but this one is the black case model, the model with the dark mood of space itself. All the case variations come in the 44mm square case. It is a quirky watch to wear that has quirky wrist presence. That’s one thing that is always a welcome guarantee with Achtung’s watches, they always possess that fun, quirky wrist presence without that serious pretentious BS.

Ticking away inside the Galaxy is the NH35 automatic movement with a 40 hour power reserve. Whether you are viewing the dial or the movement, both are completely visible through the sapphire crystal which are located on the front/back of the Galaxy. The screw down case back is framed with stainless steel that has information about the specs of the Galaxy around the outer perimeter. The Galaxy comes on a black leather strap that features red stitching and quick release spring bars. Finishing out the strap is a traditional pin buckle that is signed with ‘Achtung’. The short angled lugs allows the Galaxy to wear smaller than what the measurements imply which can be seen in the wrist shot below. It really is a comfortable watch to wear and the watch does sit nicely upon the wrist. It definitely won’t overhang on most wrist sizes, even on those with smaller wrists the Galaxy will conform without looking oversized.

The finishing on the case is uniformly smooth throughout the entire case itself. The black case is gives the Galaxy a sleek and stealth appearance which allows the dial to become even more pronounced because of the strong contrast that is created here. The case is finished by a combination of both brushed and polished finishes. Adding to the overall detailing there are four hex head screws decorating each of the corners. The screws aren’t functional for any reason as they are purely for decorative purposes. The push/pull crown is also decorated. The crown features the Achtung ‘A’ logo. As for the function of the crown, it operates smoothly for both winding and for setting the time/date. There isn’t any extra wobble on the crown that can be found on watches with flimsy crown stems. From a purely personal preference standpoint, I would have preferred a screw down crown. The brushed, matte sections of the case of my personal favorite highlights of this watch which allows the smaller polished areas to standout.

The Galaxy’s dial is one that I could not keep my eyes off of, especially at night. I would charge it up fully with a flashlight before going to bed. While laying in bed, in a completely darkened room, I would admire the brightly glowing mini galaxy on my wrist! One thing that was a surprise to me about this watch was how many complements it received from random people. The average person doesn’t typically notice a watch someone is wearing. Normally it’s only other watch enthusiasts that take notice of a watch on a strangers wrist. People would comment first on the case shape and but when they would get close enough to notice the dial is when I would get comments like “Wow that’s cool but how do you tell the time?” These conversations would always turn into a mini tutorial of how the watch actually functions as a time telling device. I didn’t mind whatsoever as I love talking about watches with anyone that is interested.

The Galaxy is priced at $530 USD. Who is the Galaxy watch intended for? I would recommend this watch to someone who is a sci-fi fan or space enthusiast. It’s limited to just 28 pieces in each case/color variation. If fun, limited edition watches are your thing then the Galaxy might be an excellent option for you. Mechanically speaking, the Galaxy functions as it should without any issues whatsoever. The only suggestions I have to make this watch better is one, rid the dial of the date window. This dial is uniquely cool in my opinion, the disruption of the flow for a date window is blasphemy! The dial would be more aesthetically appealing without a date window. I also would have liked to see the stars on the case back to be lumed or the crown. Just some of my suggestions to improve upon what is already a unique watch. My suggestions are only to take the Galaxy to the next level of design. These suggestions all come from an opinion based origin. Obviously the design isn’t for everyone and I get that, but if you are that person who is interested in a different kind of time telling experience, the Galaxy is definitely a watch to consider.

The Galaxy is available for purchase on Achtung’s website:

Achtung Galaxy / Black

Thank you all for reading.

Thanks to Achtung and TVG!


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