Watch Review: Ocean 7 LM-7

Homage watches are definitely a touchy subject. Love them or hate them, they are a reality of the watch industry. I’ve heard both sides of the argument and there have been times when I agree with both sides of the debate. That is basically all that I am going to say about the subject for now because I am not here to talk in depth on the debate. We are here to explore and to discuss the Ocean 7 LM-7 titanium watch so let’s dive right into this.

The O7 mission statement: “OCEAN7® design objectives are simple: to create beautiful watches that are tough and functional. We use variations on styling cues such as “Plongeur” (French for diver) hands made famous by historic, collectible dive watches of the past. OCEAN7 dials are simple and pleasing to look at, uncluttered by specifications relegated to the back of the watch. Most of our designs are influenced by watch enthusiasts worldwide. Our guiding philosophy is simple – we have to be different to be better!”

When I opened up the box to get to the watch itself, the first detail I noticed was the finish on the case. The finish on the case has a dark grey matte color that gives off that utilitarian feel. The finish on this case is two parts, not only is it sandblasted titanium but the LM-7 is DLC hardened to approximately 1250 vickers. Therefore, you not only have the lightweight & ruggedness of titanium but you also have the resilience of the 1250 vickers of the DLC. This case did receive a lot of abuse during my review and it held up remarkably well. I was not only surprised by the scratch resistance of this case, but what did surprise me was how light it was on the wrist. I took the LM-7 with me on several hikes. These hikes included a lot of up cliff climbing and equally the same amount of sliding down because of mud, snow and ice. The LM-7 only weighs 93 grams so comfort was never an issue. Also worth noting is this watch wears much smaller than the dimensions imply. Take a look at the lug design because that has a lot to do with the watch wearing smaller. You don’t have those long lugs creating that substantial wrist overhang, instead you have this lug design that helps create a manageable lug to lug measurement/fit. The LM-7 is 55mm x 46 mm x 17mm.

I like that the lugs are drilled on the LM-7. Why? In my experience/opinion drilled lugs not only add strength with the screw lug bars but it also makes changing the strap easier helping to avoid scratching up the case. The LM-7 comes on a 24mm black poly sport strap with a signed Ti pin buckle. The buckle is signed ‘Ocean 7’. The LM-7 feat an easy to grip, screw down crown. The oversized crown operates without any issues. It is easy to operate whether you are setting the time/date or if you are manually winding it. During my hike, I would reset the time to 10:10 for picture purposes. I found that even with wet, cold fingers I was able to accomplish the task at hand with ease. The crown is located on the 9 o’clock side of the case. The reason for the crown position is so that it could give way to the large protruding section on the 3 o’clock side of this case.

Wondering what the orange button does? When you press it down and hold it, it depresses a lock located under the bezel which then allows you to freely rotate the bezel bi-directionally. To lock the bezel you simply release the orange button. This ensures that there isn’t any accidental movement. This is especially important if you are using the bezel to time something that requires critical precision. The bezel and button both operate as they should. I do wish that the bezel rotation was a little more smooth. The LM-7 does comes with two bezels that can be changed easily with the supplied tool. This is done by simply loosening the 4 screws on the outer edges of the bezel. One bezel has a black sapphire insert with all the markers treated with lume and the other bezel is all titanium with black filled markers & a lume triangle.

The LM-7 has a helium release valve that is located on the bottom of the orange button housing unit. The screw in style case back features engraved specs about the LM-7. Flipping the watch back over brings us to exploring the dial. There is no denying the legibility of the LM-7’s dial. The matte black dial creates an ideal backdrop that allows the painted lume coated markers to stand out for greater legibility. The markers have a slight green tint to them. They really “shine” in low light and dark environments. Just like the bezel, the markers and hands are coated with generous amounts of Swiss super luminova. Each one of the three hands are proportioned exactly right for this dial. I personally prefer when the hands extend out enough to touch the markers. This is both a personal preference and it allows for ease of use for more precise timing. We do live in an age of where we all have phones with us pretty much 24/7, but it’s not always the most convenient way to time things. This is especially true when an activity involves the use of both of your hands. I like how wide the hour and minute hands are. Of course I like the width for the obvious reason of increased legibility and the other reason being the overall aesthetics the wide hands add to the dial itself.

As with any watch purchase, the question of the why always comes into play. I think that it’s a bit more complicated of a question for watches that of paying homage to a different piece. The why here could be a matter of financial details because not everyone has a budget of $10k to buy the watch that inspired the homage pieces. Ocean 7 created a quality watch that is budget friendly for those watch enthusiasts who want to get the experience of owning a watch without having to sell a kidney to afford it. There are several details about the LM-7 that separates it from about 75% of the other homage watches out there. One of the most important details is quality. This is my second review of an Ocean 7 watch and quality is definitely a consistent detail on their watches. The quality is apparent in every function of the watch especially where it matters most. Movement aside, the details on a watch where quality is of the upmost importance is the bezel and the crown.

The LM-7 is a well built watch that has a “tough as nails“ hardened titanium case which offers great protection for the ETA 2824-2 movement that is ticking away inside. It’s a comfortable watch to wear in all situations and environments that I put it through. It’s surprisingly lightweight but doesn’t have that “toyish” feel that some titanium watches have. The LM-7 is available at for $799.00. Ocean 7 is currently running a 25% off sale on their website. The LM-7 comes with two bezels (sapphire and engraved) that can easily be changed with the included tool. If you get bored of one look, you can switch it up to refresh that “honeymoon” feel. I recommend the LM-7 to those who are on a budget looking for that dive watch of yesteryear experience but can’t afford the original watches. The LM-7 can handle a lot of abuse and still clean up for a night out…..well a night in these days.

Stay safe!

Thank you for reading. Thank you to Ocean 7.

  • Swiss Made with Swiss Automatic Movement
  • Black Dial with Matching Black Sapphire Bezel Insert
  • Extra Easy to Change, Engraved Bezel Included
  • Sandblasted Titanium Case DLC Hardened to Approximately 1250 Vickers
  • Weight – 93 Grams without Strap (35% Lighter than the Original LM-7)
  • Diameter – 55mm x 46 mm
  • Height – 17mm
  • Swiss Super Luminova
  • Flat Sapphire Crystal with Inside AR Coating
  • Water Resistance – 1250m
  • 24mm Lug Spacing
  • Screw Down Crown with Etched O7 Logo
  • 60 click turning Bezel with Locking Pushbutton
  • Black poly Sport Strap

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